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Classrooms Beyond Borders: A Deep Dive into Life and Culture as an International Bangladeshi Student

26 Sep 2023

As globalisation continues to connect people around the world, the international student population in various countries has seen a significant rise. Among these students, a diverse group hails from Bangladesh in the hope that they get better job opportunities and can send money to Bangladesh back to their loved ones. 

Studying abroad as a Bangladeshi student means leaving behind the familiar and venturing into the unknown. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, over 85,000 Bangladeshi students were studying abroad in 2021. It is an opportunity to expand one's horizons and gain a global perspective on education, society, and personal growth. 

This article takes a deep dive into the experiences of Bangladeshi students in international classrooms, exploring their unique perspectives and the impact it has on their education and personal growth.

Life Outside Classroom

When Bangladeshi students leave their home country to pursue higher education abroad, they embark on a journey marked by new environments, unfamiliar faces, and a different education system. For a Bangladeshi student, this experience can be both exciting and challenging. The transition involves adapting to a new culture, communicating in a different language, and adjusting to academic expectations, among other things.

Career Development

Classrooms beyond borders also bring forth opportunities for career development. International experiences, combined with a diverse skill set acquired through studying abroad, make Bangladeshi students highly marketable in today's global job market. This helps them to send money to Bangladesh online and make the lifestyle of their loved ones better. Companies now value individuals who can navigate diverse work environments, communicate effectively, and understand different cultures and perspectives.


One of the most striking aspects of being an international Bangladeshi student is the opportunity to gain exposure to a new way of life. University campuses become melting pots of cultures, fostering understanding and acceptance. Students from Bangladesh often find themselves surrounded by classmates from various backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives. This multicultural environment not only enriches their academic experience but also broadens their horizons.

The diverse classroom dynamic allows Bangladeshi students to engage in discussions that unveil different cultural practices, beliefs, and values. It enables them to compare and contrast their traditions with those of their peers, leading to a deeper understanding of both themselves and others. This exposure encourages critical thinking and enhances communication skills as students learn to express their opinions and listen actively to others, fostering a global perspective. 

Valuable Skills

The experiences gained as an international Bangladeshi student equip individuals with valuable skills for their future endeavours. The ability to navigate through cultural differences, communicate effectively, conduct a global money transfer and adapt to various situations becomes an asset in a globalised world. These students contribute to the fostering of international relations and the promotion of cultural diversity and inclusivity.

Cross-Cultural Friendships

Studying in a foreign country grants Bangladeshi students the chance to develop strong cross-cultural friendships. Sharing meals, participating in extracurricular activities, and collaborating on group projects offer opportunities to build connections and form lasting bonds. Through these interactions, students get to appreciate not only the similarities but also the differences that exist between their own culture and that of their international friends.

Hardships Faced By Bangladeshi Students

Living abroad as an international student also presents its fair share of challenges for Bangladeshis. Many face homesickness due to being away from their families and the familiar surroundings they have grown up in. Additionally, language barriers can pose difficulties in classrooms and even in money transfers to Bangladesh, requiring extra effort to hone their language skills and integrate effectively.

However, rather than succumbing to these challenges, Bangladeshi students often show resilience and adaptability. They make use of the resources available on campus, such as language centres and international student associations, to overcome barriers and enhance their learning experience. Through perseverance and a strong support network, they thrive academically and personally, building the foundations for success.

If you want to learn more about how to overcome the language barrier as an expat, here's our article about how you can maximise your language learning experience while working abroad.

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Bottom Line

“Classrooms Beyond Borders” provide international Bangladeshi students with unique platforms to dive into life and culture. It goes beyond traditional education, offering them a chance to grow academically, personally, and culturally. Through these experiences, Bangladeshi students become global citizens equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. Whereas if you're concerned about how to send money to Bangladesh. Don't worry; ACE Money Transfer has got you covered with the most secure and economical transfers. 


What challenges do Bangladeshi students face when studying abroad?

They might find it difficult to adjust to a new language, especially if the medium of instruction is not English. Cultural differences and homesickness are a big challenge in itself. One might face financial constraints in managing expenses and the affordability of education as well.

How do Bangladeshi students overcome language barriers?

Bangladeshi students overcome language barriers by taking language courses before or during their studies to improve their language proficiency. They can practise by engaging in conversations with native speakers or joining language exchange programs by utilising resources such as online tools, apps, or language learning platforms to enhance language skills.

How do Bangladeshi students adapt to a new culture?

Bangladeshi students can adapt to a new culture by participating in cultural orientation programs and participating in orientation sessions organised by educational institutions to provide insights into the local culture. Making local friends can help to understand their customs and traditions.

Seeking support can also come in handy for connecting with international student support services universities offer.

How do Bangladeshi students deal with homesickness?

They can get rid of homesickness by staying connected and regularly keeping in touch with family and friends through phone calls, video chats, or social media. They can also deal with it by building a support network, forming friendships with fellow Bangladeshi students or joining student organisations representing their culture. Students can also eliminate it by exploring hobbies and interests and engaging in activities that bring comfort and happiness.

How can Bangladeshi students balance their studies and finances?

Availing Scholarships and grants, exploring various scholarship options specific to international or Bangladeshi students. Students can do part-time jobs to cover living expenses.

They can seek guidance from university financial aid offices on available resources or assistance programs.

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