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Maximising Your Language Learning Experience while Working Abroad as a Pakistani Expat

20 Jul 2023

Many Pakistanis travel abroad for education and work to send money to Pakistan online to support their families, but they encounter language difficulties while doing so. You want to maximise your language skills because you intend to study or travel in a country where a foreign language is spoken. After all, for your reason, there can be no better way to learn Spanish than to immerse yourself in Madrid. Indeed, you simply immersed yourself in the culture of native speakers to learn your first language, so why should it be any different this time?

This isn't quite true, though, because unless you're a very bright 3-year-old, you're probably too old to just "pick up" a language the way you did when you were a toddler. Even if you're abroad and constantly exposed to the target language, learning a second language after nine or ten is noticeably more difficult, as any adult studying a foreign language can attest to. 

However, you can do several things to make the most of your time abroad and significantly advance your language abilities. By using these suggestions, you can quickly speak the language like a native speaker with a little effort.

Tips to Maximise Your Language Learning Experience

Set Aside Your Worries

It can be very intimidating for language learners to converse with native speakers. You are concerned that they will make fun of your grammatical errors, become impatient with your slow speech, or, worst of all, not understand a word you say and just stare at you. But you'll need to put these fears to rest if you want to advance your language abilities significantly. 

The majority of native speakers will actually be grateful and impressed that you are trying so hard to communicate with them in their language. Even though mistakes are unavoidable, don't let your fear keep you from conversing with native speakers; it's the best way to improve.

Engage In Cultural Immersion

Learning a new language is about more than just picking up vocabulary and grammar; it's about developing a completely new way of thinking. Indeed, social and cultural factors play an important role in shaping each language and dialect, providing a wealth of information about the past and culture of speakers. 

To make the most of your time abroad, avoid engaging in tourist-oriented activities and instead fully immerse yourself in the local culture. Put yourself out there because that is the best way to learn a language. In the end, you'll be able to communicate with a new group of people, but — and this is perhaps more significant — you'll also broaden your horizons and improve your perspective on the world. If, being an expat, you're concerned about the fastest money transfer to Pakistan; then ACE is there for you. 

To Get Started, Use Translation Apps

Even if you don't speak the target language well, you can communicate with others by translating one word at a time on your phone. Instead of having to look up every unfamiliar term, use it when reading signs or other visual cues while travelling.

Learning basic phrases through Google Translate is another way to get some exposure if you find it difficult to get much speaking practice or want to use your time abroad to improve your comprehension abilities. Speak into your phone or tablet while the app is set to the voice set to record what you're saying and play it back. ACE Money Transfer app helps you to select your preferred language; that's why learning multiple languages is not a concern if you want to send money to Pakistan.

Find New Media In The Target Language

It's surprisingly simple to avoid using the target language as a foreign resident. You can use Skype to communicate with friends back home when you're at home, and you can use your iPod to listen to native-language music while riding the bus. Avoid allowing this to happen! Find a film or TV program in the target language that interests you to watch instead of watching repeats of your favourite shows on Netflix. 

Instead of listening to music from your favourite artists, make a new playlist with songs in the language you want to learn. This will accomplish two things at once: first, you'll get in some extra language practice, and second, you'll give your new friends you meet abroad something in common to talk about.

Don't Spend All Of Your Time With Other Travellers

Every day, the world is becoming more interconnected. Wherever you go, you'll probably find a sizable population of people from your own country (or at least who speak your language). Be aware that although this community is wonderful and encouraging, it has the potential to become a bubble. 

You could miss out on a potentially eye-opening cultural experience and useful language practice if you spend all of your time abroad conversing with people from your home country in your native tongue. Limit your time with expats and try to make as many connections with the locals as you can (or, at the very least, make an effort to speak the language when you are with them). 

Keep It Real

The allure of international travel is sometimes deceptive. Travelling is a fantastic way to learn a language, but it's impossible to become fluent in a foreign language in just one month. Instead, make realistic goals like being able to place a phone order for pizza or reading a comic strip without consulting a dictionary. Learning a language is a difficult, protracted process that often leads to frustration. But keep trying! Your effort will eventually be rewarded.

The most important advantage of learning a new language is that it can increase your opportunities. In addition to helping Pakistani expats develop their language skills, studying and working abroad helps them develop into self-assured individuals with global experience who are prepared for success in a lot of careers. 

Bottom Line 

Travelling abroad can greatly enhance your language abilities, whether it's for study, work, or pleasure. You must put some effort into it because it won't come naturally. You'll be well on your way to mastering the target language if you pay attention to the advice above and put in a little extra effort. Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself while you're abroad. When you're motivated and eager to learn, you learn languages best, so have a great time, and your language abilities will follow. It leads to establishing the best careers that will help you earn more, and you can make a quick and economical online money transfer to Pakistan to your loved ones whenever needed using ACE’s trusted remittance solutions.


What are some effective strategies for Pakistani expats to quickly learn a new language while working abroad?

Effective strategies include immersive learning, regular practice, using language learning apps like Duolingo, and finding a language exchange partner or tutor. Additionally, try to interact more with the locals in their native language.

How can a busy work schedule be balanced with language learning goals?

Integrating language learning into everyday tasks is key. Listen to podcasts or language learning materials during commutes, use language learning apps during breaks, and practice speaking with colleagues or locals during lunch hours or after work.

As a Pakistani expat, how can I overcome the fear of making mistakes while speaking a new language?

Remember that making mistakes is an integral part of learning—practice in a safe environment, like language exchange meetups or with patient friends. The more you practice, the more comfortable you'll become. Remember, locals usually appreciate your efforts to learn their language.

What resources are recommended for improving pronunciation and accent while learning a new language?

Language learning apps, YouTube channels, and language podcasts often provide pronunciation guides. You could also invest in a language tutor who is a native speaker or use speech recognition software to identify areas for improvement.

How can Pakistani culture and language help in learning a new language while working abroad?

There are several ways your native language and culture can aid in your language-learning journey. Identifying cognates between your native language (like Urdu) and the target language can be a useful starting point. Also, sharing your culture can be a great conversation starter, providing opportunities to practice the new language.

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