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Capturing the Spirit of Festivals: How Italy's Festival Thrive Global Chinese Expats

Capturing the Spirit of Festivals: How Italy's Festival Thrive Global Chinese Expats

19 Dec 2023

Are you a culturally enriching festival enthusiast Chinese expat working in Italy? As an expat, you may feel alone or miss your cultural celebrations with your people. It is not a worry anymore because in this article you will learn about global festival celebrations in Italy. You can also earn while celebrating your festivals and supporting your family by making money transfers to China from Italy. 

The vibrant atmosphere of Italy attracts everyone, and people crave to enjoy the pleasant weather conditions. So, festival celebrations are widespread in Italy. These wholesome events grasp the attention of everyone, including local and international people, and they get together to celebrate their cultural festivals. 

Many Chinese festivals are celebrated in Italy to keep the Chinese residents engaged. As an expat, you may face challenges while working in Italy. You may get anxious about finding ways to support your loved ones in China. Read ahead to explore cultural spirits in Italy. 

Cultural Fusion: How Italy Embraces Chinese Expats with Thriving Festivals

Italy is a land of cultural fusion. People from different countries live in Italy because of the comfortable environment and standardized life of Italy. From 2010 to 2022, there has been a significant increment in the number of foreign people residing in Italy. Almost 5.2 million foreigners are living in Italy. There has been rise of more than one million people in Italy. Here, you will read about some exciting fusion festivals held in Italy to admire Chinese expats:

New Year

New Year holds great importance in Chinese culture. Chinese do not celebrate this event according to solar calendars but follow a lunar calendar. So, they celebrate their new year according to the moon's rotation, which is why it does not come on any specific day. This festival comes in February and continues for 15 days. 

The Lunar New Festival is widely celebrated in Italy, especially in the cities of Italy where a large number of Chinese live. It includes various cultural activities like dance performances and singing. Chinese communities meet and greet each other and strengthen their bond with the people of Italy.

Game of the Bridge

Italy holds a tremendous historical festival, "Games of the Bridge, "every June." It is a game in which two opposite teams face each other to conquer the other side of the bridge. It includes a parade and pushing a long vehicle on the opposite side. A huge crowd gathers in this game, and more than 700 people participate in the game of the bridge.  

As a Chinese expat, you can participate or visit the Pisa to be involved in this event. By participating in it, you can build many connections because this event gets people's attention worldwide. Moreover, participating in such events will lower your anxiety and make you feel more associated with Italy. Peace of mind will lead you toward success, reduce your stress about helping your loved ones in China, and help you find ways to send money to China from Italy.


  • Carnevale

One of the most famous festivals celebrated in Italy is Carnevale. It is recognized worldwide, and people love this cultural celebration. It takes place in Italy. As an expat, you can experience this world-famous festival in Italy. It is a mind-blowing event within which parties are held in Italy. Italian people wear code-customized clothes and wear confetti and masks to enjoy it. It is celebrated 40 days before fasting days to prepare for Easter. 

People worldwide crave to attend this event because it is one of the most exciting festivals. There is an arrangement of varieties of food and drink that people cherish and enjoy. Being a Chinese expat in Italy, you should take advantage and participate in the event.

Infiorata Festival

Another great festival celebrated in Italy is the Infiorata festival. It catches the attention of anyone because it is all about art, nature, and flowers, which no one denies. At this festival, artists from Italy choose their favorite flavors to make flower designs. It takes a lot of effort and time. There's a pleasant scent of flowers everywhere because many flowers are used to organize the event. 

It is a refreshing festival that catches the spirit's attention and is a therapy for the mind. Working for weeks may make you dull, but participating in such events will make you feel good and relaxed.

How Celebrating Cultural Festivals Will Drive Your Journey in Italy as a Chinese Expat?

Italian people are very hospitable and strongly believe in moral and cultural values. Many religious and culture-based festivals are celebrated in Italy and are renowned worldwide. The people of Italy are very enthusiastic and energetic. For Chinese expats, adjusting to the environment of Italy is relatively easy. Italy has nothing like boredom because it is full of fun activities. Let's discuss the impact of Italian culture on a journey as a Chinese expat; 

Ultimate Success & Peace of Mind

Celebrating festivals is the ultimate source of eliminating stress and pressure from your mind. You become happy and refreshed. Hence, it enables you to start things again with a new spirit. A relaxed mind will ultimately lead you towards success because you can pay more attention to your work. In this way, you can have a successful career path, enabling you to support your family in China. 

You can easily send money to China online from Italy. Most expats face issues handling things at home because they need help finding proper means to send money to their people. Money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer provide you with the facility of transferring money. You can transfer money by using the ACE Money Transfer app and enjoy its latest version, in which you can choose a Customized Dashboard, quick money-transferring options, tutorials for your help, and much more. 

Opening Opportunities

Participating in cultural activities will increase your interaction with the Italians. It will help you in forming new bonds. Using these new bonds, you can have help in an emergency. Your network will expand and open new pathways for settling in Italy.  

You will explore facilities and opportunities to succeed more. Furthermore, every festival leaves an incredible mark on your personality. Hence, participating in the festival will shape your character by grooming your behavioral skills. So, if you are thinking of moving abroad, learn about the most popular countries for moving abroad. 

Cultural Adaption

Italian culture of celebrating festivals will help you adopt the Italian lifestyle. You will get adjusted there easily. Moreover, you will learn and explore different things about their culture and religious practices. You will make new bonds and will understand your Italian friends more easily.  

Leaning culture will remove your communication barriers and allow you to address your problems with people efficiently. You can make an instant money transfer to China to stay connected with your roots. You can ask the people of Italy to share their experiences to help you. 

Italy is one of the best countries to explore, grow, and have a successful career. It is a culturally woven country with many international people. As a Chinese expat, you can live in a culturally enriched region. You can participate in festivals, enjoy new food, and explore restaurants. 

Bottom Line

Cultural festivals serve as vibrant threads weaving together the diverse experiences of individuals in a foreign land. For Chinese expats living in Italy, these festivals are not mere celebrations but understanding and shared joy. Celebrating cultural festivals in Italy enriches the experience of an individual. It works as a gateway to success.  

These festivals open doors to friendships, reduce anxieties, and create cherished memories. They become a way towards harmonious life in Italy, bridging cultures and fostering a sense of belonging. You can make your way to progress while staying connected to your roots and helping your family by making online money transfers to China from Italy. Moreover, you will feel good to help your relatives by sending them money through online money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer. 


Which events are commonly celebrated in Italy?

Italy celebrates various numbers of events every year. They are based on cultural and moral values. Some common events include the Inforiata festival and Carnevale. 

What challenges a Chinese expat might face in Italy?

Making progress in the market might be challenging for Chinese expats. It requires a lot of skills and effort. Moreover, if you are skilled, you can have a successful career. 

What is the importance of Italian festivals?

For Italians, celebrating festivals means preserving their culture and its value. Celebration of national and international festivals also increases a particular culture's prestige. 

What are some of the best ways to send money to China from Italy?

There are many ways to send online money from Italy to China, like online banking, mobile phone apps, and money transfer services such as ACE Money Transfer. They can provide fast money transmissions at low rates. 

Is it challenging to live in Italy?

It is easy to live in Italy, it varies up to you. If you are in a suitable position and are working on your skills, you can make a standard living in Italy. 

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