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Building a Green Home: Utilizing Remittances from Italy for Eco-Friendly Housing in India

28 May 2024

Have you ever wondered how your online money transfer from Italy to India could help construct eco-friendly homes in India? Technological advancement has brought people near and made this world a global village where everything is connected. As global awareness grows toward environmental sustainability, it's time to question why many expats aren't using their money sent back home to make the world greener. Remittance plays a vital role in supporting a country's economy. Only countries with strong economies can make their environment eco-friendly.

In 2022, India was one of the most polluted countries worldwide. The air quality index of India was 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air. It was ten times higher than the limits set by the World Health Organization. According to the census in 2022, more than 162,492 Indian expats live in Italy. India receives more than $83.15 billion in remittances every year. This amount of remittance can be used to promote an eco-friendly environment in India. You can invest your money in different projects and activities to reduce pollution in India and to make it a green home. Explore the article to learn how to utilize your remittance to make India a green homeland:

Develop Eco-friendly Houses in India through Online Remittances 

You can develop eco-friendly houses in India, but it will require considerable money. India is an underdeveloped country with fewer resources. So, managing and introducing new techniques will take a lot of work. Following are some ways to develop eco-friendly greenhouses in India:

Encourage Rooftop Gardens

Plantation is the most essential step for developing greenhouses. Usually, the rooftops of Indian houses are vacant and contain a lot of free space. Utilize that space and turn it into a garden. Apart from fulfilling your familial responsibilities such as education, health, utilities, and accommodation, you can also send money to India from Nepal to turn your house into a Greenland by making rooftop gardens.

Select a Suitable Site

Selecting a suitable house is crucial for building eco-friendly houses. You must ensure a site where sunlight is accessible so you can practice eco-friendly activities easily. Try to choose a location away from an industrial area so you can prevent smoke. Avoid selecting huge buildings with apartments because they will block the sunlight and also lack peace.

Use Green Building Materials

Always use eco-friendly materials when constructing your house. You can also use recycled material, wood, and non-toxic materials. Non-toxic materials include natural insulation made with materials like wool or cotton. Natural flooring with hardwood, bamboo, and cork is also safe for the environment. Also, sustainable materials should be used because they can be replaced easily without causing damage to the environment.

Replace Local Bulbs with CFL and LED Lights

Replace your standard light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights. You can also invest in producing CFL and LED lights because they are expensive. Making instant money transfers from Italy to India is now very easy, and your one remittance transaction can change the future of India.

Grow Plants

Try to plant as many plants as you can around your house. Cover the three sides of your house with plants and trees. Installation of plants will improve the air quality around your home and cool air, which will protect you from global warming. Dense plantations will rectify the sound pollution and promote a peaceful and healthy environment.

● Avoid VOC Paints

Start from the interior of your houses and avoid using Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Paints. They are used for the smooth application of paint but contain harmful substances which destroy the environment. They are harmful to human health, so alternative and organic paints are preferred.

Develop a Greywater Harvesting System

A greywater harvesting system involves reusing wastewater. Instead of wasting water from sinks, showers, baths, and washing machines, it is used for irrigation, toilet flushing, and outdoor cleaning. It involves a series of filtration and treatment steps to remove impurities. It can be costly, but your money transfer from Italy to India can help develop a greywater system.

● Use Renewable Sources of Energy

Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power generate electricity without emitting pollutants and gases. So, renewable sources can purify your environment and protect it from release of harmful gases. Moreover, they are less costly than other energies and can be transferred into other forms of energy.

● Install Indoor Plants

The concept of indoor plants is uncommon in India. Indoor plants are best for creating greenhouses. They keep the atmosphere of the house fresh and clean. It will improve air quality by acting as a natural air purifier and will remove harmful environmental pollutants. Moreover, it will keep a fragrance in your home, giving you direct access to oxygen.

● Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is one of the best ways to create an eco-friendly environment. India is suffering from numerous issues, and electricity production is costly, which can have a significant impact on its economy. So using eco-friendly ways like wind and solar energy for electricity production will be helpful. Installing solar panels will reduce the cost of electricity and people. Moreover, its production will bring no harm to the natural environment.

How to Utilize Your Remittance in Making India a Green Homeland

As an Indian expat, you can send money to India from Italy and save your country's natural environment. India is equally suffering from air and water pollution due to a lack of proper care and maintenance.  As an expat, you can use your remittance to invest in Plantation Drives. Trees are disappearing in India. You hardly witness trees on the roadside. As plants are beneficial for eradicating pollution and cleaning the environment, a little investment in green drives can help build eco-friendly land in India.

You can also contribute to government water storage programs or start your own campaign to raise funds. Low-flow taps and greywater harvesting benefit the production of greenhouses and eco-friendly environments. Investing in awareness programs is crucial because a single greenhouse can impact the environment. 

Learn how Leveraging Remittances from Italy for Sustainable Development in India works.

As an Indian expat, you can use your remittance to build eco-friendly houses in India. India stands among the top 10 most polluted countries. Therefore, greenhouses are urgently needed to protect nature and promote natural living. Indian expats usually send money to their family members in India for financial support. But you can also use your remittance to promote an eco-friendly environment. It would be more worthwhile if you sent money to India from Italy. You can say Indian receivers will get a double amount. So, you can invest in awareness campaigns or install eco-friendly systems like greywater harvesting, use renewable energy sources, and promote indoor plantations.

Building a Green Living Space with Remittances

Remittance plays a vital role in lifting a country's economy. But, using remittances to bring positive changes naturally requires constant investment and effort. Your remittance from Italy can help Indians make eco-friendly housing choices. Look for the cheapest way to send money to India from Italy using a reliable remittance service. Some remittance services offer compatible currency exchange, a solid source from which to initiate your investment projects and plans in India. You can raise funds for environmental awareness projects, and replacing electricity with solar and wind energies can help you set an ideal environment.

Greenhouses effectively maintain the environment by including temperature, humidity, and light levels in eco-friendly ways. When building a greenhouse, start with indoor housing, avoid VOC paints because they can harm humans immensely, and place indoor plants. You can convert the vacant space of your house rooftops into gardens to remove toxic pollutants outside because green plants are natural cleaners. All these steps will make your environment clean and help you control the polluted atmosphere of India.


What are eco-friendly ways of building a house?

You can build a house using nature-friendly products and avoiding harmful toxicants. Use renewable energy sources to conserve water, avoid VOC paints, and encourage indoor and outdoor plantations.

What is a green home?

A green home is constructed in eco-friendly ways that cause no harm to nature. They are used to save natural resources using renewable sources like solar and wind energy. A green home usually contains a greywater harvesting system, solar panels, and Low-E stands.

How do you use remittance to make an eco-friendly environment in India?

You can use your remittance by investing in eco-friendly projects like plantation drives. You can also raise funds to encourage people to make eco-friendly houses.

What are the benefits of investing in eco-friendly housing projects?

Investing in eco-friendly housing will purify nature. It will remove toxic environmental pollutants so you can breathe freely without suffering from respiratory or lung issues.

How does ACE Money Transfer support an eco-friendly environment?

ACE Money Transfer raises awareness among its customers about environmental issues and encourages sustainable practices, such as recycling, reducing waste, and conserving resources.

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