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Building a Financial Safety Net: Savings Tips for Filipino Expatriates in the UK

30 Sep 2023

Helping family and friends back in the Philippines requires careful financial planning and resource management for UK-based Filipinos. Making savings for future emergencies, managing your finances effectively, and finding the best ways to send money to Philippines from UK are crucial. Here to guide you, this article covers both financial remittances and personal planning.

To help you build a strong financial foundation while staying connected to the Philippines, we'll share practical tips, investment strategies, and valuable insights. Step by step, let us explore how to build a robust financial safety net.

How To Save Money as A Filipino Expat in the UK

Expat life is replete with several challenges that can lead to financial stability if undertaken with proper planning. Below are some effective strategies to manage finances and make savings while living in the UK as an overseas Filipino.

Set Clear Financial Goals

First and foremost, it is crucial to establish clear financial goals. To remain on track and motivated, having well-defined goals in mind is essential when saving up for a specific goal, such as a new home or education fund. Maintaining saving energy can be difficult if there is no clear goal.

Create a Budget

Your budget acts as a financial GPS. With its help, you can monitor your income, expenses, and savings. First, record your monthly expenses before listing all your sources of income. Specifics like rent, mortgage, food, and even casual cups of coffee should be accounted for. Once you have a clear view, adjust finances by cutting back in some areas and allocating more to savings.

Open a Dedicated Savings Account

It is crucial to have a separate savings account. With this approach, you can build emergency funds or savings for the future of your family. Having funds in hand, you can quickly support your family through an instant money transfer from UK to Philippines. Your money will work for you when you choose an account with a competitive interest rate. In the UK, accounts for savers are offered by many banks, with some also providing benefits for expatriates.

Automate Your Savings

How to save continually? Set up transfers from checking to savings accounts. To ensure consistency, choose a fixed amount or percentage to transfer monthly. By doing this, spending what's left after covering expenses will be minimised.

Take Advantage of Employer Benefits

If employed in the UK, your company may offer retirement plans and other perks like a 401(k) or pension scheme. Especially if your employer matches, contribute to these plans. Explore other benefits, including health insurance and employee stock purchase programs, to secure your financial future.

Embrace the Gig Economy

Demand often exists for the skills and talents of Filipino expatriates. Side gigs and freelancing can help increase your income by adding value. Great options include Upwork, Fiverr, and Uber for exploration. Income, in addition to your savings, can be substantial.

Cut Unnecessary Expenses

To achieve financial security, it's essential to identify and cut unneeded expenses. Assessing your spending habits can help you determine where to cut back. Apart from basic necessities and money transfers to the Philippines, almost everything should be secondary. When you think about it, cooking at home can save you lots of money compared to dining out.

Besides, you can also cut down your expenses of transferring funds home by choosing a provider wisely. For example, if you send money to Philippines online from UK via ACE Money Transfer, you benefit from the lowest transfer costs, competitive exchange rates, and several opportunities to win enticing rewards that further add to your savings.

Shop Smart and Look for Discounts

Always search for sales and discounts when shopping, whether for food, clothes, or technology. To get discounts or cashback on your routine purchases, use loyalty cards and apps. You may put every pound you save into your safety net.

Monitor Your Credit Score

Your financial future may be impacted by your credit score, particularly if you intend to buy a home or a car or other major expenditures. Monitor your credit score and, if required, take steps to raise it. Reduce your debt, pay off your obligations on schedule, and refrain from submitting needless credit applications.

Build an Emergency Fund

Since life is unpredictable, unforeseen costs may interfere with your financial objectives. Create an emergency fund to be protected against unforeseen events. Save enough money to cover your own living expenses for three to six months or perform UK to Philippines money transfer in case of emergency within your family. This fund will give you peace of mind and stop you from using your long-term assets as a last resort during an unforeseen event.

Invest Wisely

Once you've established a strong base of savings and an emergency fund, you might want to look into investment opportunities. To comprehend your options and develop an investing strategy that supports your long-term objectives, speak with a financial advisor.

Stay Informed and Seek Financial Advice

It's fine to seek professional guidance when dealing with complicated financial issues. Join online forums or communities where other expatriates discuss money-related topics. As a Filipino expat living in the UK, ACE Money Transfer also provides helpful materials and advice for good money management.


As a Filipino expat in the UK, creating a financial safety net needs commitment, self-control, and a well-thought-out plan. Remember that every penny you save now will help you secure your future and reach your financial objectives. You may confidently tackle the financial hurdles of living abroad by keeping informed and using these saving methods. Take the first step toward financial security by starting today. Your route to safe and secure online money transfer from UK to Philippines and financial success is supported by ACE Money Transfer!



How can I find the most affordable way to send money to the Philippines from the UK?

Compare and research different money transfer services based on their fees and exchange rates. Competitive rates and low fees are what ACE Money Transfer offers for sending money to the Philippines.

Should I send money back home regularly or in larger lump sums?

It is dependent on the financial situation and family needs. Regularly sending money can help with budgeting, and larger payments save on transaction fees.

What are some safe investment options for growing my savings as an expatriate?

Options to explore include fixed deposits, mutual funds, or insurance policies. To pick the best investment strategy, consult with a financial expert.

Are there any government programs or benefits for Filipino expatriates in the UK?

To determine eligibility, research UK government benefits and assistance programs. Find out if the Philippines grants financial aid to its overseas workers.

How can I protect myself from currency exchange rate fluctuations when sending money to the Philippines?

Larger sums can be sent with favourable exchange rates secured through forward contracts or limit orders. With this in place, rate changes become more predictable.


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