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Beyond London's Landmarks: Understanding the Everyday Life of Modern Britons as a Moroccan Migrant

Beyond London's Landmarks: Understanding the Everyday Life of Modern Britons as a Moroccan Migrant

27 Oct 2023

The UK is one of the top migrant destination countries worldwide. If you ask any migrant which country they would want to visit. Their spontaneous answer will essentially be the UK. Moroccans are no exception to this. A report by the Morocco World News said that about 25,000 Moroccan migrants live in the UK, earn a living and send money to Morocco from UK to offer financial support back home.

This is what migrants travel to other countries for – better jobs with reasonable incomes.

In fact, in another report, the Moroccan World News said that the Moroccan diaspora constitutes about 15% of the country’s total population, comprising 1.5 million migrants living in different countries worldwide.

A World Bank report said they make significant contributions to the Moroccan economy through inward remittances amounting to $11.17 billion in 2022.

Where the economy of the UK is strong enough to take almost all job seekers in its folds, did you know that there is an important factor that you need to know and understand to ensure you excel professionally abroad?

Remember that it is other than your education, experience and skills. Can you guess it?

Well, it is understanding the local lifestyle and how well you integrate into it.

In Focus

The UK has many claims to fame, including its robust economy, top-notch and globally recognised education, famous landmarks, and several opportunities to excel and progress both as a student and as a professional.

But this is not all.

You will have to ensure you understand the lifestyle of the locals in the host country that you are going to, whether the UK or elsewhere. And it gains primary importance when you have to go to the UK to earn a living as a Moroccan migrant and send money online to Morocco from UK.

Therefore, this blog focuses on helping you understand the lifestyle of the Brits so that you can connect with them easily and integrate into your host country’s environment conveniently.

What is the Need?

Well, you cannot look the other way and think it’s okay to not understand the local lifestyle because you are new in the society and have gone there because you needed to.

It is your financial stress that pushes you to the UK instead of them inviting you. Right?

In Western societies, how you respect their lifestyle, culture and norms is valued more than anything. Particularly when you are a migrant wishing to seek education or work to earn a living, how you conduct yourself in their society is closely observed.

In addition to this, your career progress also depends largely on how well you understand the local lifestyle and immerse yourself in it.

Therefore, the need to understand the local lifestyle of modern-day Brits cannot be overemphasised especially when you go there to work and earn a living.

Let’s now look at the lifestyle of modern-day Brits.

Understanding the British People

One of the benefits of the world becoming global is that hardly anything is unknown. Whatever you want to know about is just a few clicks or taps away from you.

Therefore, knowing about the culture and the lifestyle of the people of the UK is easy but equally important.

This understanding will help you immerse in British culture, which will open up more opportunities for you to excel and progress in your career, find better opportunities, and earn a higher income, enabling you to send more back home in your every money transfer to Morocco.

The following two approaches, however, can be of great help in understanding the people of the UK.

  • To develop a personalised awareness and understanding of your own culture and its orientation
  • To develop a personalised understanding of your host country’s culture and its orientation

Before proceeding, get your answer here to how to adjust to life in the UK as a migrant.

Let’s now try and understand the British people.


In the UK, individuals and their rights hold paramount importance. Everyone is supposed to look after themselves and their immediate families, with an individual’s interests taking precedence over a group’s.


As far as communication is concerned, the people of Southern England are reserved and rather not demonstrative in an emotional sense. The people of Northern England, however, are often described as open, direct, expressive and even blunt.

Personal Space

The proverb, ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’, shows how much importance Brits attach to personal space. Brits are pretty private when they are alone. When they come out, however, they conform to the social norms of the society easily.


Different segments of British society wield different levels of power based on how different classes have been shaped within the British culture. But now, society is looking more towards establishing a uniform society rooted in merit.


The people of the UK are more inclined towards actions and doing the tasks within the given deadlines. They pride themselves on taking quick actions and completing their tasks on time instead of indulging in dilly-dallying tactics.

This is primarily how the Brits are in their day-to-day lives. Therefore, while you are in the UK as a Moroccan migrant, try to align your lifestyle along these lines.

Adapting to British Culture – A Few Quick Tips

As a Moroccan migrant, adapting to British culture is critically important because, as mentioned earlier, your objective is to earn a living and find some of the best ways to send money to Morocco to offer financial support back home. Right?

So, immersing in the culture of your host country is of paramount importance; otherwise, you will face certain challenges, impeding your professional and financial progress.

Here’s how you can adapt to the British culture.

Easy Steps to Adapt to the British Culture as a Moroccan Migrant

The following few easy steps will help you a long way in this regard.

  • Stereotypes about British culture no longer exist
  • Understand the difference between different regions
  • Learn to live in small spaces
  • Visit pubs regularly
  • Be polite and gentle
  • Accept jokes and fun
  • Learn to drive and get used to driving yourself
  • Learn the language difference
  • Understand and enjoy cultural diversity
  • Experience the history and antiquity
  • Explore the whole of the UK

Through these steps, you can easily adapt to the UK culture and life.

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Given that you have understood the British lifestyle, adapted to the British culture and excelled in your career. Would it mean that you should send money to Morocco without considering how much the process would cost? Well, you know the answer. Right? Therefore, find a service provider like ACE Money Transfer that offers you live and market-competitive currency exchange rates, speed, safety, wider and 24/7 service access and availability and much more from just one stop for a low fee so that you can save and send more back home.


What are London’s famous landmarks?

Some of the famous landmarks include Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, The London Eye, Madame Tussauds London, Westminster Abbey, Churchill War Rooms, IFS Cloud Cable Car, London Dungeon, and Sea Life London.

Why should I know about the lifestyle of the Brits?

You should know about the lifestyle of the Brits because this will help you integrate and communicate with them better, expand your network, make new connections, and mingle with the locals easily.

How does understanding the UK’s culture benefit me as a Moroccan migrant?

Understanding the British culture helps you in many ways. For example, it helps you win the hearts of the locals as you learn to understand and respect their culture and try to colour yourself in their colour. All of this is essential for your career growth and excellence.

What is the general lifestyle of the Brits?

The British people firmly believe in individualism; their communication is indirect, expressive and blunt, all at once. They also believe firmly in personal space, and they are action-oriented people and are proud to accomplish tasks timely.

How do I adapt to life in the UK?

You can adapt to life in the UK by being polite to the locals, forgetting about the stereotypes, visiting pubs, living in small spaces, understanding the regional differences, accepting jokes, understanding the language differences, and exploring the whole of the UK.


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