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Beware of Scams: Protecting Yourself from Online Remittance Fraud in Germany as a Filipino Expat

25 Mar 2024

What would you prefer when you send money online to Philippines from Germany to offer financial support back home to your family – a secure transaction or other benefits like low fees, speed, and so on, at the cost of safety?   

Well, the safety of your funds and transactions takes precedence over all else, wouldn’t you agree?

Imagine you initiate a financially cost-ineffective transfer that ensures the safety of every penny involved versus a fee-free transaction with unconfirmed safety.

Sounds scary, right?   

But the question is: do you know how to protect yourself while sending money online?

Well, it seems unlikely because if you knew, you would not have known about several Filipinos of a million-strong Filipino diaspora lodging complaints about getting fleeced online.

Let’s unearth the steps to ensure your online safety.

Prime Tips to Ensure Your Safety While Sending Money Online

As technology advances and brings ease in life in different aspects, so are the downsides of this technological onslaught. One of the biggest challenges tech-driven online money transfers face nowadays is the presence of online threats and scams.    

Ironically, in certain cases, scammers seem to be a step ahead of the security parameters of some of the service providers, which leaves your funds and transactions vulnerable.

Therefore, you need to take a closer look at the simple tips explained below to ensure that your every money transfer from Germany to Philippines remains fully protected.  

Make Sure that You are Using a Secure Internet Connection

One of the first rules to stay safe online is to avoid using an internet connection that is not secure. You may find it pretty hard because, in developed countries like Germany, you will find open internet connections in buses, rails, restaurants, etc. Since using your internet incurs charges, the temptation to avoid using an open internet connection is hard to resist when you are out and about and want to share with your family what you enjoy using the internet.   

But remember that it is a sure recipe for a disaster.

Because an open internet connection is easy to crack and hack. If you are connected to an open Wi-Fi connection, which is, as stated earlier, prone to hacking, you are likely to surrender your data to scammers preying on that open internet connection.     

Always Use Strong and Awkward Passwords

Most activities are done through smartphones, making it compelling to protect the devices through passwords. However, there is a problem with creating passwords. To remember your passwords, you tend to add information that belongs to you or your family, such as birth dates, pet names, and so on.    

This practice is dangerous.

Never use any letter, let alone a word or phrase, that belongs to you in any way. Instead, create an awkward combination of symbols, letters, and digits, automatically adding strength to a passcode.  

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication 

You will find the option of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in almost every smartphone. MFA refers to different layers of security and scrutiny, such as passwords, biometrics and fingerprints. You can enable this type of authentication to unlock your phone and access certain apps.  

Therefore, make sure to apply multi-factor authentication on the apps you might use to send money to Philippines from Germany to offer financial support back home. 

Keep Updating Software and Operating Systems

Make sure to update your software and operating system always. You can go to the software and operating system settings to enable automatic updates or do it manually by allowing updates every time a message to this effect appears.

Check a Website Thoroughly Before Visiting

During your online presence, you will see several websites appearing before you. Make sure never to visit a website simply because it appears alluring and fascinating or makes some amazing offers to you. Check its authenticity thoroughly and ask if you need to go there before visiting.    

Understand Privacy Policies and Review Policy Settings

Your phone and the apps you install on it have different privacy policies. This is a tricky area, although not one. But make time to read and understand the privacy policies of your phone and apps and set those according to your comfort levels because this is where scammers can know a lot about you. 

Be Wary of Suspicious Links and Click Links Carefully

Scammers are in the habit of sending you links, which, if you click, will trap you. These suspicious links carry certain threats like viruses, which can help them hack your phone and get the information they need to fleece you. 

Know About Online Scams

You will find several types of online scams and fraud. Although their titles and modus operandi are different, they commonly aim to fleece you financially. Therefore, to ensure your optimal protection, know about the different types of scams and simple tips to guard against these.

Regularly Backup Your Data

You tend to keep memories, your data and your family’s data saved on your phone for quick and ready access. Avoid this practice. Keep backing up your data regularly and save it on an external drive. It will protect you from Ransomware attacks in which a scammer will break into your computer and phone to steal the data.  

Use Different Passwords for Different Platforms

Many people are in the habit of using the same password for different apps and platforms that they may use to unlock their devices. It is a dangerous practice. Make sure to use completely different passcodes for different platforms and ensure these passwords are not even connected.

Oh! Well… Do not just worry about remembering them all. Simply install an app like Password Manager and save all passwords there.   

Now, you must remember only one passcode to access the app with several codes!

Sending Funds with ACE Money Transfer is Safe as well as Cost-Effective

Choosing ACE Money Transfer to make an online money transfer from Germany to Philippines  offers you immense benefits, including safety. 

The firm will offer you immense safety in online transactions through its impenetrable security layers. In addition, the speed at which the firm will deliver your funds is far beyond the reach of the seemingly fastest scammer! Apart from allaying your safety concerns, the firm offers you live and market-competitive currency exchange rates for a low fee, swift and safe transfers, a wider network and 24/7 service access and availability in over 100 countries across the world.

The best part is that every service feature listed here is available in its best form. You get all these without having to pay extra for, maybe, extra speed or added safety, which is a practice with many online money transfer service providers. 

Therefore, choosing ACE Money Transfer is the safest bet holistically when sending funds across borders.


What is online safety?

Online safety is about protecting yourself against online threats during your online presence for any purpose. You become vulnerable to online attacks whenever you go online, whether to transfer funds or for any other task. Online safety refers to protection from these attacks.

Why is online safety important?

Online safety is important because life has largely shrunk and is now confined to smartphones. Therefore, you do almost everything online. So, staying safe online ensures the protection of your data, login credentials, and other important data saved on your phone and gadgets.

What are the different types of online threats?

Online threats take many forms and come in different ways but with a common aim of fleecing you. Some of the most common online threats are phishing, identity theft, account takeover, remote access fraud, vishing, investment fraud, lottery fraud, online shopping scams, and romance fraud.

How do I stay protected in my online presence?

You can stay protected online by using a safe internet connection, using strong passcodes, checking websites thoroughly, and keeping the software and operating systems updated. It also includes reviewing privacy policies and settings, knowing about online scams, and regularly backing up your data. Lastly, you can use different passwords for different platforms, enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and so on.  

How can funds be safely delivered online?

With the ever-present threat of online scams, you must choose your service provider with utmost care. You need to check its service features like speed and security parameters thoroughly. Therefore, sending funds online through reputable and credible remittance transfer service providers like ACE Money Transfer can ensure the safe delivery of your funds.


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