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Best Food for Ghanaian People in Australia - All You Need to Know

Best Food for Ghanaian People in Australia - All You Need to Know

03 May 2023

Does Australia have the best food options for Ghanaian people? Of course, there are many. Australia's vibrant, enticing culture and seasonal climate make it an ideal location for people from all over the world, including Ghana. There are thousands of Ghanaian people in Australia who have been living for decades with families. Many Ghanaian students, Ghanaian expats, and skilled workers live in Australia and send money to Ghana, their homeland. Let's find out healthy, affordable, and the best food for Ghanaian people in Australia.

Ghanaian People in Australia 


The term "Ghanaian Australian" refers to citizens and residents of Australia who are of Ghanaian ancestry or descent. More than half of these individuals born in Ghana currently make their home in Sydney. A lot of people from Ghana live, study and work in Australia. That's why Australian universities used to be eager to attract even more students from Ghana. Living in Australia from Ghana opens the door to a quality lifestyle and Citizenship in Australia. Many educational resources and promising job opportunities lead these people to a better life and help send money to Ghana.

What is Ghanaian Cuisine?


Ghanaian cuisine includes the food that is popular among the Ghanaian people. Ghanaian main dishes are organised around a starchy staple item, a sauce or soup, and a protein source. Tomatoes, spicy peppers, and onions are the main ingredients in most soups and stews. As a result, most Ghanaian soups and stews are red or orange.

The three central portions of cereal in Ghana (yam, maise, and beans) are consumed by nearly everyone. Cocoyam and sweet potatoes play significant roles in the Ghanaian diet. Grains like rice and wheat have become more common in Ghanaian cooking since the advent of globalisation. Dishes prepared using these ingredients are representative of traditional Ghanaian cuisine.

What Type of Food Do Ghanaians Like Mostly? 


Foods made with cassava, rice, beans, yam, and maise are trendy among Ghanaian people. Soups and stews, sweet dishes, and also street food are appreciated by Ghanaians as well. Some typical Ghanaian dishes are:

  • Fufu
  • Kenkey
  • Jollof rice
  • Banku
  • Puff-puff
  • Okra Soup
  • Fried Plantain

Knowing about local foods in a foreign country makes Ghanaian expatriates feel connected with their homeland while staying abroad. Besides, it gives pleasure and lasting energy, which is essential to work hard and earning more. And undoubtedly, a good remittance provider is as essential for these expats as local food is. Do you know why? Transferring funds home is the primary reason for working abroad, and to fulfil the goals of helping your family back home, you need a reliable service. Like several other Ghanaians, you may also choose ACE Money Transfer to make an instant, secure, and economical online money transfer to Ghana from Australia or other foreign countries whenever needed. The firm offers exceptional exchange rates, the lowest transfer fees, and the most secure remittance platform.


Best Food for Ghanaian People in Australia


Many west African restaurants in Australia specialise in Ghanaian cuisine that you may dine at. Here we discuss Ghanaian foods in Australia's different cities.

Ghanaian Best Food in Melbourne


Melbourne is quite famous for healthy & energetic living among Ghanaian people. They live here in large numbers. So, many food places exist here with the best Ghanaian food options. The best areas for Ghanaian food in Melbourne include:

  • Savanna African Restaurant & Cafe
  • AKWAABA Restaurant & Bar
  • Little Africa Restaurant
  • Safari Restaurant
  • African Taste Cafe

Ghanaian Best Food in Sydney


Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is located on Sydney Harbour. Its fast-paced economy and excellent quality of life provide a dynamic and enjoyable environment for all city buffs. There are also some fantastic places to find the best Ghanaian food in a beautiful setting.

The most famous places in Sydney for Ghanaian food include:

  • Jumbo-jumbo Africa
  • Naija Jollof
  • African Feeling Restaurant
  • Little Lagos Bistro & Bar
  • Armani Restaurant

Ghanaian Best Food in Brisbane

Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland. If you want a less packed atmosphere than megacities like Melbourne, this subtropical city is an excellent place to reside. So that you can live peacefully and work to earn as much as you possibly can. Luckily, you have ACE Money Transfer to send money to Ghana online from Australia 24/7 from the middle of your comfort zone. Ghanaian people can also find some outclass places here to taste Ghanaian cuisine.

Some of these places include:

  • Westafricanbaianafood
  • Yeshi Buna Ethio-African Cafe and Restaurant
  • Mu'ooz Restaurant & Catering
  • Wau kitchen
  • Mama Nitiliye The Taste Of African Food

Ghanaian Best Food in Adelaide


A charming and highly livable city near beaches, surrounded by world-renowned farmlands producing some of the best wines and food. It can be called foodie's heaven. There are some excellent food places for Ghanaians in Adelaide. The areas or restaurants famous among Ghanaians include:


  • African Village Centre Restaurant
  • Africola
  • Abyssinian Restaurant
  • OzAfrican Delights Cafe
  • Adulis Restaurant

Ghanaian Best Food in Perth


Perth, our only large city on the west coast, is known for its beaches, mining sector, and welcoming attitude. Ghanaian people also love to live here with great careers and options for sending money to Ghana. They can find some of the best Ghanaian food choices in Perth. The best food for Ghanaians can be found here:

  • Injera House
  • Kalahari-A Taste of Africa
  • Nubia Cafe
  • Village Hut Cafe
  • Mamma Africa

Ghanaian Best Food on The Gold Coast


The Gold Coast is a well-known region in Southern Queensland. It is a popular destination for Ghanaians who want to settle down because of its beautiful beaches, laid-back culture, and beach nightlife. Ghanaian people can find different traditional food choices here.

The best Ghanaian food places on The Gold Coast include:


  • The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar
  • Gold Coast Kenkey
  • Buka Restaurant Osu Accra
  • Papillon Restaurant
  • Azmera Restaurant

In a Nutshell


Ghanaian people love to live and work in Australia. As so many Ghanaians contribute to almost every field of work in Australia. They find nice comparative living, working, and food choices in all cities of Australia. The above guide provides ample information on the Ghanaian local foods in Australia, which you must try to feel the taste of your motherland. If you are a Ghana citizen living in Australia, you must also be interested to know how to make an economical and secure money transfer to Ghana from Australia. The only most trusted and straightforward way is ACE Money Transfer Service, which has significantly built its trust in expats worldwide.



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