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Banking on the Go: Top Mobile Banking Solutions for Bangladeshi Migrants in Ireland.

18 Sep 2023

With a massive 13 million diasporas and expatriate population, Bangladesh ranks 4th among the 20 countries with most migrants living in foreign countries. Besides other developed countries, Ireland also hosts a strong Bangladeshi diaspora community, most of whom have migrated here to earn better and send money to Bangladesh from Ireland so their families can enjoy a financially stable life. Modern and advanced technology helps expat workers handle their finances seamlessly in a world that is becoming more and more linked. Mobile banking has become an essential tool for these migrants. They use it to send money back to their families in Bangladesh and check on their funds. This blog looks at the top mobile banking solutions for Bangladeshi migrants in Ireland who want to send money to Bangladesh quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Challenges Faced by Bangladeshi Migrants in Ireland


Language Barriers and Lack of Familiarity with the Irish Banking System

Bangladeshi immigrants in Ireland can have a hard time because they do not speak Irish and need help understanding how the banking system works there. Complex financial terms and procedures can be hard to understand, so travellers must choose mobile banking solutions with easy-to-use interfaces and support for multiple languages. Also, getting help from local immigrant support groups and community networks can help bridge these gaps and make sure that migrants can handle their money well and send money to Bangladesh without having to go through extra steps.

High Remittance Fees when Sending Money Back to Bangladesh.

When Bangladeshi migrants in Ireland want to send money to Bangladesh, high remittance fees can take a big bite out of the money they worked hard to make. Migrants should look into mobile banking options that offer affordable exchange rates and lower transaction fees to reduce these costs. Migrants can also find cost-effective ways to help their loved ones while minimising the effects of remittance fees by keeping up with the latest remittance choices and getting advice from financial experts.

The Importance of Mobile Banking for Bangladeshi Migrants

When it comes to managing their money, the Bangladeshi community in Ireland, like many other migrant communities around the world, meets unique challenges. They often need to send money back to their families in Bangladesh, pay for day-to-day costs, and save for the future while figuring out how to handle their money in a new place.

Mobile banking has emerged as a lifeline for these migrants, addressing their banking needs in several ways and streamlining every global money transfer from Ireland to Bangladesh. Here are a few key benefits of advanced mobile banking for expatriates:


Mobile banking apps allow users to access their accounts, make transactions, and pay bills from the comfort of their smartphones. This convenience benefits those juggling work, family, and community responsibilities.


With mobile banking, access to financial services is no longer limited to traditional banking hours. Bangladeshi migrants can manage their accounts and send money online to Bangladesh from Ireland anytime, day or night.


Mobile banking often comes with lower fees than traditional remittance services. This can save migrants significant money when sending funds back home.


Leading mobile banking apps prioritise the safety of their users' financial data. This reassures migrants that their hard-earned money is safe.

Financial Inclusion 

Mobile banking has the potential to bring financial services to those who may have been excluded from traditional banking systems, especially migrants with limited access to physical branches.

Now, let's delve into the top mobile banking solutions available to Bangladeshi migrants in Ireland, focusing on sending money to Bangladesh.

Top Mobile Banking Solutions for Bangladeshi Migrants in Ireland



ACE Money Transfer is one of the best ways for Bangladeshi immigrants in Ireland to use mobile banking. It has a mobile app that is easy to use and designed to meet expats' needs. This app makes an online money transfer to Bangladesh from Ireland and other countries quite hassle-free. ACE Money Transfer has reasonable exchange rates and transparent fees, which means that more of your hard-earned money gets to where it needs to go. With robust security measures and an extensive network of payout partners in Bangladesh, ACE Money Transfer gives workers a safe and easy way to help their families back home while making it easier for them to deal with their money in Ireland.

ACE's Top Features 

ACE Money Transfer offers a range of impressive features that make it a top choice for Bangladeshi migrants in Ireland looking to instantly transfer money to Bangladesh. 

Competitive Exchange Rates

ACE Money Transfer provides competitive exchange rates, ensuring that your money's value is maximised when converted to Bangladeshi Taka.

Transparent Fees

The platform is known for its transparent fee structure, allowing users to know exactly how much they will be charged for each transaction.

User-Friendly Mobile App

ACE Money Transfer offers an intuitive mobile app that is easy to navigate, making it accessible to users of all levels of tech-savviness.

Fast Transfers

The platform facilitates fast and efficient money transfers, often delivering funds to recipients in Bangladesh within hours.

Multilingual Support

Recognising the diverse needs of its users, ACE Money Transfer provides multilingual customer support, making it easier for migrants with language barriers to get assistance when needed.

Secure Transactions

Security is a top priority for ACE Money Transfer, and they employ robust measures to protect users' financial data and transactions.

Wide Network of Payout Partners

ACE Money Transfer has an extensive network of payout partners in Bangladesh, ensuring that recipients have various options for receiving funds.

Tracking and Notifications

Users can track the status of their transactions in real-time and receive notifications at every stage of the process, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Regular Promotions

ACE Money Transfer often runs promotional campaigns, allowing users to save on fees or get special deals when sending money. Our most famous campaign for Bangladesh is the 'Salam Bangladesh' campaign.


Revolut is another famous mobile banking app that lets you exchange currencies and send money to other countries. It is an excellent option for Bangladeshis living in Ireland who must return money to their home country. 

Revolt allows users to:

  • Exchange currencies at competitive rates.
  • Transfer money abroad with low fees.
  • Create multiple currency accounts, making managing the Euro and Taka easy.
  • Monitor exchange rates and set rate alerts for optimal timing.
  • Receive real-time notifications for every transaction, ensuring complete transparency.


N26 is a mobile bank that offers a wide range of financial services. This makes it a good choice for Bangladeshi people who moved to Ireland and need to manage their money. N26 does not just focus on foreign money transfers, but it does offer:

  • A user-friendly mobile app for account management and transactions.
  • A free Euro account for everyday expenses.
  • Low fees for international ATM withdrawals and currency conversions.
  • Easy integration with other money transfer services for sending money to Bangladesh.


PayPal is a well-known and widely used platform for online transactions and money transfers. While it may not be the cheapest option for sending money to Bangladesh, it is a trusted and convenient choice for many migrants.

 PayPal offers:

  • The ability to send money internationally, albeit with higher fees than specialised remittance services.
  • Integration with various online marketplaces and retailers, making it easy to make purchases.
  • A mobile app that allows for quick and secure transactions.


Skrill is a digital wallet and online payment platform that provides international money transfer services. It is another option for Bangladeshi migrants in Ireland looking to send money to Bangladesh. 

Skrill features:

  • Competitive exchange rates and fees.
  • The opportunity to send money to mobile wallets in Bangladesh.
  • A mobile app for convenient account management and transfers.

The Way Forward

Mobile banking has changed how Bangladeshi immigrants in Ireland handle their money, especially when sending money back to Bangladesh. These apps are easy to use, cost-effective, safe, and easy to access. They meet the specific banking needs of the diaspora.

It is crucial to think about exchange rates and fees and how easy it is to use when picking a mobile banking solution. Revolut, N26, PayPal, and Skrill are all good choices, but the best one for each person relies on their preferences and priorities. ACE Money Transfer stands out among the rest as the 

In the digital age, the Bangladeshi community in Ireland can easily manage their money, send money online to Bangladesh from Ireland and other countries, and meet their financial goals. With the right mobile banking option, the diaspora can handle their finances with confidence and ease, ensuring that their hard-earned money gets to their loved ones back home safely and on time.


What is the most cost-effective way to send money to Bangladesh from Ireland?

Several mobile banking solutions like Wise, Revolut, and ACE Money Transfer offer competitive rates and lower fees for international money transfers, making them cost-effective options.

How long can money sent through mobile banking take to reach Bangladesh?

The transfer time varies depending on the service provider and chosen delivery method. Some services offer fast transfers that can reach recipients within hours, while others may take a few days.

Can I send money to a mobile wallet in Bangladesh using mobile banking apps?

Yes, some mobile banking apps, like bKash, offer the option to send money directly to mobile wallets in Bangladesh, providing a convenient way for recipients to access the funds.

What documents do I need to open a mobile banking account in Ireland as a Bangladeshi migrant?

Typically, depending on the bank's requirements, you'll need identification documents such as a passport or residence permit, proof of address, and possibly additional documents. Check with the specific mobile banking provider for their documentation requirements.

Are my financial transactions through mobile banking secure?

Yes, mobile banking apps prioritise security. They employ encryption and authentication measures to protect your financial data and transactions. Using a secure and up-to-date app and practising good password hygiene to enhance security further is essential.

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