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An Overview of ACE Money Transfer's Promotions for Overseas Filipino Customers

An Overview of ACE Money Transfer's Promotions for Overseas Filipino Customers

21 Dec 2023

Did you know that the poverty rate in the Philippines rose to 18.1% post-pandemic? This mainly happened because a significant amount of the nation’s GDP is dependent on remittances which declined.

ACE Money Transfer has always stood firm with its users and their nations. It aims to boost the remittance inflows by offering several promotions to its Filipino users. The business is dedicated to helping Filipino workers abroad and their families by giving them a quick and simple option to send money to Philippines

ACE Money Transfer is aware of the significance of giving Filipino people easily accessible and reasonably priced remittance services. The firm's objective is to make it simple for Filipinos living abroad to send money to their family members in the Philippines. ACE Money Transfer runs several promotional campaigns all year long to meet this objective.

Benefits of Supporting Remittance Inflows in the Philippines

Remittances from Filipinos living abroad are essential to the Philippines' economy. 1.83 million of the nation's citizens are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), who are employed abroad. These workers make significant financial contributions to the economy of the Philippines by sending money back to their families there.

Reduces Poverty

Remittances from Filipinos living abroad also aid in eradicating poverty in the nation. For families that might not have access to other kinds of income, remittances offer a reliable source of income. By giving the recipients the resources to pay for necessary services like healthcare and education, this money raises their level of living.

Supports Entrepreneurship

Filipinos who live abroad send money home to assist local small businesses. Several small firms can start or grow their operations thanks to the remittances that OFWs send. These companies then boost production, offer job opportunities, and support the nation's general economic expansion.

Increases Consumer Spending

Remittances from overseas Filipino workers considerably increase consumer expenditure in the nation. The majority of the money sent by OFWs as remittance is used to support their family back home and a sizeable amount of that money is spent on necessities like food, shelter, and education. This increased spending, in turn, stimulates the economy and generates employment possibilities across a range of industries.

Increase of Foreign Reserves

The nation's foreign reserves are also boosted by remittances from overseas Filipino workers. Most OFW remittances are made in foreign currency, which increases the nation's foreign exchange reserves. This larger foreign reserve strengthens the nation's currency's stability and increases its resistance to shocks from outside sources.

How ACE Money Transfer Supports the Remittances Inflows to the Philippines Through Its Promotional Offers

Here are some ways through which ACE supports its Filipino users in making affordable and convenient money transfers to Philippines.  

Discounted Rates for Sending Money to the Philippines

ACE Money Transfer's exceptional rates for sending money to the Philippines are among its most well-liked promotional offerings. When sending money to the Philippines, the firm regularly offers discounted rates, making it more reasonable for Filipino expats to do so.

The exceptional rates offered by ACE Money Transfer for sending money to the Philippines are created to maximize benefits for customers. Users can save a sizable sum of money on their transactions because the rates are typically lower than the conventional rates. ACE Money Transfer encourages more people to use its services by allowing expats to benefit from this offer. 

Cashback Promotions

For Filipino users, ACE Money Transfer also runs cashback incentives. Users can receive cashback as part of the cashback offer's advertising campaign in the form of a percentage of their transactional amount. This is a great way for customers of ACE Money Transfer to save money on their transactions.
The cashback offers by ACE Money Transfer are usually time-bound and can be availed by users who send money to the Philippines during the promotion period. The cashback amount varies depending on the transaction amount, and users can get up to a certain percentage of their transaction amount as cashback.

Referral Initiatives

Another strategy to boost remittance inflows and help Filipino users is ACE Money Transfer's referral program. The referral program encourages customers to recommend ACE Money Transfer to their friends and family. Users can receive compensation for each successful recommendation in return.

ACE Money Transfer's referral program benefits both the business and its customers. By referring their friends, users can get rewards, and the business can gain more clients and remit more money. ACE Money Transfer builds a devoted user base by providing referral incentives.

Festive Deals

Moreover, ACE Money Transfer runs holiday promotions for Filipino customers. Promotional campaigns known as festive offers are introduced during holidays like Christmas, New Year's, Easter, and other festive seasons. These initiatives typically reward customers with discounted prices, cashback deals, and other incentives.

ACE Money Transfer's holiday specials are made to benefit customers as much as possible over the holiday season. With its festive deals, the company helps people send money to the Philippines more affordably and easily because it recognizes how important it is during these important events.

Zero Fees Transfers

To facilitate remittance inflows in the economically challenged Philippines, ACE Money Transfer has recently waived fees for transfers to the Philippines. This means your friends and family can receive more funds than they would have gotten before. Utilize this offer to help the Filipinos in need of necessities. 

Wrap Up

All of these promotional offers not only increase the number of remittances sent to the Philippines but also promote the legal channels for sending remittances. Sign up on ACE for free to send money online to Philippines with unimaginable ease and rates. 


What types of promotions does ACE Money Transfer typically offer to its overseas Filipino customers?

ACE Money Transfer provides various promotions, including special exchange rates, fee discounts, referral bonuses, seasonal offers, loyalty programs, and exclusive partnerships. These promotions aim to make money transfers more cost-effective and convenient for Filipino customers.


How can I stay informed about ACE Money Transfer's ongoing promotions and special offers for Filipino customers?

To stay updated on ACE Money Transfer's promotions, you can visit their official website, subscribe to their newsletters, follow their social media accounts, or download their mobile app. These channels often share information about the latest offers and discounts.


Are there any eligibility criteria or requirements for Filipino customers to participate in ACE Money Transfer's promotions?

Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific promotion. While some promotions may be available to all customers, others might have certain requirements, such as a minimum transaction amount or participation within a specified time frame. It's essential to review the terms and conditions of each promotion.

Do ACE Money Transfer's promotions include special benefits for new customers, or are they also available to existing customers?

ACE Money Transfer's promotions can cater to both new and existing customers. Some promotions may target new customers as a welcome offer, while others may reward the loyalty of existing users through loyalty programs and referral bonuses.

How can Filipino customers benefit from ACE Money Transfer's loyalty programs and referral bonuses, and what are the advantages of participating in these programs?

ACE Money Transfer's loyalty programs and referral bonuses allow Filipino customers to earn rewards, discounts, or cash bonuses based on their transaction history and referrals. By participating, customers can reduce transfer costs, earn extra money, and enjoy exclusive benefits while sending money to their loved ones in the Philippines.


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