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All You Need to Know About Sending Money Online to Pakistan from Europe

All You Need to Know About Sending Money Online to Pakistan from Europe

26 Aug 2022

The majority of the people of Pakistan have always been in the financial doldrums due to the government’s unfriendly monetary policies. There has always been soaring inflation, rampant unemployment, and many other reasons pushing people into abject poverty.

This poverty then leads Pakistani people to travel to the West and Europe to find employment. On finding work, these Pakistani expatriates earn better and send money to Pakistan from Europe to help support the financial needs of their families. 

Many reasons push Pakistanis out of their countries and go to other countries. You will learn some of the most critical reasons below. So, keep reading!

European Employment Statistics

Upwards of 227.4 million people were employed in the European Union and the UK towards the end of 2019. But, owing to Covid-19’s arrival, this number dropped by 6 million in the first half of 2020. Furthermore, the employment rate fell to 66.9%. It was the lowest employment rate since 2018. But, the good news is that the employment rate had risen to 7.7% soon after falling to as low as 6.4%. 

EU Employment Rate in 2021

There are a little over 195.7 million people employed across the 27 states of the European Union. The drop in employment rates was recorded due to the impacts of Covid-19 on international travelling and the global economy. 

Let’s now look at the reasons behind going to the EU for work and other purposes.

Reasons behind going to Europe and sending money to Pakistan online

Due to the following few reasons, most Pakistani expatriates go to Europe to find work. 

Sharply Focused Work

In Europe, there is no room for a lax attitude at work. It is all about getting things done. Meetings have innovative agendas. If you disagree with a point, your opinion will be appreciated on speaking. And if someone disagrees with you, take it positively. Do not get offended. You will not have a margin to talk about anything but work and business in meetings. 

Honesty is Appreciated and Encouraged.

You will be appreciated and encouraged at your workplace if you act honestly and straightforwardly present your ideas and thoughts. You will likely offend your employer and colleagues if you dubiously conduct yourself. 

Healthy and Enjoyable Commuting

You can enjoy your commute to your workplace and your residence from there. The favourite mode of commuting in Europe is cycling. In Amsterdam alone, about 800,000 bikes are plying the roads daily. Traffic can get chaotic sometimes, but you will enjoy it once you get used to it. Cycling includes multiple benefits such as avoiding traffic load, saving money, saving the environment and staying in shape.

Balanced Work-Life

Your European employers have a fair idea that life has many aspects except work only. An employee in Europe cannot work for over 60 hours a week. Working in Europe will give you a strong sense of working and playing hard. Every hectic day will end up for you with many opportunities to enjoy yourself.

Multiple Opportunities to Explore Europe

As a human being, you have different instincts to satisfy. For example, you will have the chance to soothe your yearning to visit a historic area with historic significance buildings. And besides, you will also have an opportunity to visit places closer to nature to listen to the chirping birds and whooshing wind sounds.

High Living Standards

A report by the OECD Better Life Index revealed that the standard of living in general in Europe is relatively high. This ranking is based on employment opportunities for Pakistani expatriates who work there. Several Pakistanis live and work across European countries due to having high living standards and fascinating employment opportunities.

English is the Medium of Communication for Studies

No matter which country of Europe you study in, you will find English communication medium in educational institutions. If you want to learn another language that is the native language, you will have a chance and option to study it as an additional one. 

Create and Expand your Global Social Network

You will also have a chance to create new friendships as an expatriate and as a European student. This way, you can develop friendships worldwide by staying in one part only!

Let’s now look at the necessary points to keep in mind for sending money to Pakistan from Europe. 

Important points to bear in mind for money transfers to Pakistan 

As a Pakistani expatriate, you must consider the following points while sending your remittances to Pakistan online. 

Finding a reputable online money transfer company   

The first step is to look for a reputable company that provides online remittance transfer services. You can do this by searching online or physically visiting the concerned service providers. 

Drawing comparisons

Once you have chosen a few credible companies, such as ACE Money Transfer, you must draw deep and thorough comparisons between their services. And focus on fees, exchange rates, security of transactions, service availability, etc. This will help you arrive at a sound conclusion about which company to choose to send your money to Pakistan. 

Customer reviews will be helpful.

A visit to the official website of the concerned company will help you establish a fair idea about the company. Of course, technology has made it easier for all to write a review on the official website for others to get ideas about the company.

Service charges or transaction fee

Many online money transfer companies charge you an exorbitant fee. And you, as an expatriate, are likely to pay the service provider more than the intended recipient. This is a norm with almost all the companies barring ACE Money Transfer. 

ACE charges a minimal fee and usually provides the option to send money to Pakistan online absolutely free of cost. 

Currency exchange rates

Many companies keep their currency exchange rates static for a day at least, if not more. But, you know that the currency exchange rates keep fluctuating in the international market. Only a few companies, including ACE Money Transfer, have ensured that their currency exchange rates are linked directly with the international market. This way, it is ensured that the customers initiate a transaction when the exchange rates are at their highest. 

Security of transactions can be expensive!

Many companies ensure that online money transfers are secure from scams and fraud charges. But, ACE Money Transfer does not do so. Despite having extreme security around every transaction, it keeps its fee and service charges to the bare minimum. 

After all, ACE Money Transfer caters to millions of its valued customers in over 100 countries worldwide; it cannot disappoint its customers for money that ACE has always placed somewhere down the list of its priorities. 

The hidden fee is critical.

Many companies will not tell you about it in advance unless you have initiated the transaction that you can no longer reverse. Apparently, the charges will be the same as advertised or are said to you before starting the process.

But, after a particular time, you will be presented with a bill that will be more than the amount you expected to pay. And you will pay the company more than the one you wanted to send money to. ACE Money Transfer has a transparent fee and charges mechanism open to customers’ scrutiny.

User-friendly smartphone app to send money from your comfort zone

ACE Money Transfer, unlike many services, has a highly user-friendly smartphone app that enables you to transfer your funds right from the middle of your comfort zone or while on the go. And that, too, in a matter of a few clicks and even fewer moments. 

Speed and efficiency

You must ensure that the chosen company can transfer funds like ACE Money Transfer at lightning speed. It will help you meet financial emergencies promptly.

The reasons why Pakistani expatriates go to Europe have been discussed at length. Of course, they primarily go there to earn a living and support their families back in Pakistan. It is, therefore, essential to keep all the points detailed above for sending money to Pakistan, lest the transfer alone costs you more than it ever should. 

International money transfers are a tricky business. But, they become simple and convenient if the above points are deeply considered, and the best company, such as ACE Money Transfer, is selected.


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