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Adapting to New Cultures: Tips for Pakistani Expatriates in the UK

16 May 2024

According to a Pilot Guides report, over 9 million Pakistanis are living in foreign countries. The same report put the number of Pakistanis working in the UK at around 1.5 million. They earn a living, so they can send money online to Pakistan from UK for uninterrupted financial aid back home.

Pakistani diaspora has been making significant financial contributions to the country’s teetering economy. The quantum of inward remittances to Pakistan stood at $30.18 billion in 2022.

But while you travel to the UK or a foreign country, you must overcome a challenge on your own!

No. It’s not the job.

Come on! Is finding a job in a country like the UK a challenge? No. It’s not.

It is to adjust and adapt to the new culture.

This blog makes it simple and easy for you to adapt to the UK culture on arrival.

Simple Ways to Follow for Adapting to a New Culture as a Pakistani Migrant?

Developed countries like the UK never run short of jobs and work opportunities. Imagine the robust economy of the UK with a nominal GDP of $3.09 trillion and a GDP Per Capita income of $46,125.3.

Do you think you will struggle to find an opportunity in such a thriving economy and expansive job market?

Well, perish the thought!

But one challenge you essentially have to grapple with alone, or with the help of some people around you, is understanding and adapting to the new culture.

Because all else will fall apart if you are still grappling with adjusting to the new life, remember that this struggle can potentially impact the core objective of your migration to the UK from Pakistan, which is to earn a living and send money to Pakistan from UK.

Therefore, the following tips are essential to expedite adjusting and proceeding with your expatriate life for optimal benefits.

Conduct Deep and Thorough Research About the Host Country’s Culture

The first step is to research the culture of the country you are traveling to. In the past, this approach would appear too far-fetched because… well, there was no internet.

But nowadays, imagine a question whose answer you cannot seek from Google or other AI tools. Wait. It’s not about the answer being right or wrong. It’s simply because you will get something in response.

Therefore, surf the internet and seek details about every aspect of the life and culture in the UK.

A small set of questions listed below can be handy to begin your search with.

·       What are the core tenets of the UK’s culture?

·       How do Brits spend their days and nights?

·       What are the socially accepted behaviors?

·       What are the points on which old and new generations in the UK converge?

·       What drives people in the UK apart from each other?

·       What brings people closer to each other in the UK?

·       What not to do in the UK?

·       How is the work culture in the UK?

·       What are the cuisine preferences of the people in the UK?

·       What are the attire preferences of the Brits?

·       What do the Brits appreciate the most?

·       What do Brits frown upon?

And so on…

Of course, your research must not be confined to these questions only. This set of questions is only to give you a basic idea about the direction of your research.

Be Flexible and Open-Minded

The other tip is to be open-minded and flexible.

The reason, you wonder? Come on!

You are an individual going to another country where millions are leading a lifestyle that, at no point, converges with what you have always been accustomed to.

Therefore, you have to make adjustments in the new settings so that your hosts are attuned to your likes and dislikes. An open mind and flexibility will help you adjust fairly quickly.

Be Patient and Exhibit Your Patience Every Step of the Journey

Imagine you are going to the UK for the first time to do jobs so that you can earn a living and offer financial support back home in every money transfer from UK to Pakistan. But you face cultural shock which is real and can be overwhelming at first.

So, if you are not patient, then chances are… Well, you will likely feel helpless to cope with it if you are not patient.

Even at the workplace, the exhibition of patience can be a sure recipe for professional excellence.

Accept and Be Prepared to Implement Change

They say that change is the only constant!

How better to understand it than as a migrant from Pakistan in the UK? You will break if you do not accept change. Even the more significant challenge is whether you are ready to implement change in your life or whether this acceptance of change remains confined to what it is—acceptance alone!

Therefore, when you see a change, accept it quickly and implement it even faster.

Set Your Expectations Right

Does working in the UK mean becoming a millionaire overnight?


You guessed it right!

Therefore, make sure to set your expectations rightly and realistically. This will keep you protected from a) getting disappointed and b) chasing dreams and objectives that are unreal and somewhat unrealistic.

On the other hand, setting your expectations right will help you achieve your objectives quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Socialise More and Connect with the Locals

Make sure to attend different gatherings arranged by the local communities. Many online platforms will guide you through such events.

This will allow you to meet different people and expand your network, which, in turn, will help you immensely in learning more and more ways to earn a living in the UK as an expatriate.

Learn to Accept and Respect People as You Find Them

One of the most essential tips for adapting to the new life in the UK is to learn to accept people as you find them.

You come from a different background, and so do others.

Imagine if you were hesitant because you find them different. What if they reciprocated it? because you are different from them, too. Aren’t you?

What will happen?

It will cause you to avoid people, which will delay the process of adapting to the new life and culture.

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Why should I choose to work in the UK as a migrant?

You should choose the UK to work as a migrant from Pakistan because over a million Pakistanis are already living in the UK and can be of help. The UK has a robust economy and also has an expansive job market that can offer you jobs in multiple professional fields. Furthermore, the quality of education in the UK is high and is recognized all over the world.

What is the biggest challenge in a new country?

The biggest challenge you can face when you travel to a foreign country, including the UK, is adjusting to the new life and understanding the new culture. You may understand it already, but taking the necessary steps to accept and adjust is altogether different.

How do I adapt to the new life and culture?

If you conduct deep and thorough research on the culture and life in advance, you can easily adapt to the new life and culture when you arrive there. In addition, you should be flexible, exercise patience, accept change and implement it, set your expectations right, socialize with the locals, and accept people as you find them.

What benefits do I get by adapting to the new life?

Adapting to a new life can provide several benefits. These include deep connectivity with the locals, an expanded network, mixing with the locals, living almost the same as the locals do, accepting cultural norms and excelling professionally and at your workplace.

How do I get optimal benefits in my online money transfers?

Only if you choose the right remittance transfer service provider can you get optimal benefits from your online money transfers back to Pakistan from the UK. Therefore, if you choose ACE Money Transfer, you will get market-competitive currency exchange rates, safety, and low fees and will deliver funds in less than 7 seconds back home!

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