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ACE's Commitment to Financial Inclusion: New Features for Nigerian Expats in the UK

ACE's Commitment to Financial Inclusion: New Features for Nigerian Expats in the UK

26 Oct 2023

You can send money to Nigeria from UK quickly, easily, and securely using the platform of ACE Money Transfer. It is a global money-transferring company that helps you send money to your loved ones through mobile phones. Both Android and iPhone users can have access to its application. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the app store.

Nigerians make up the third largest nationality group in the UK today. According to a report published in 2021, there are 178,000 Nigerians who are living in the UK. They are either studying or working.

This report validates that a large number of money transfers occur between the two countries. So, it is important to educate yourself about the best money-transferring platform available for remittance.

What are the Benefits of Using the ACE Money Transfer App?

If you use the ACE Money Transfer Mobile App, you can send money to more than 100 countries with no effort. Customer satisfaction and ease have been the priority of ACE since its start, so it offers multiple payment options. You can use bank transfers, mobile wallets, debit or credit cards, etc. Apart from that, the money transferring app also provides the most suitable fees, best exchange rates, and valid exchange rate information.

Apart from that, ACE Money Transfer caters to its customers by providing exciting and innovative features like tracking money transfers, transfer notifications, and transaction history, and it also gives you multilingual support. 


ACE Money Transfer app is designed in such a way that clients can use it easily, and everyone can have easy access to it. It is super convenient for clients as it saves them a lot of time and effort.

New Features of ACE Money Transfer for Nigerian Expats in the UK

ACE Money Transfer is rapidly becoming the first choice of people in Nigeria for their remittance transfers. This is because ACE is the cheapest way to send money to Nigeria from UK. apart from that, ACE offers features that are quite difficult to resist when it comes to transferring money. Here are enlisted some of the most exciting and innovative features of ACE.

Online Money Transfers Through ACE Saves Time

It is quite obvious that physical transfers take more time than online money transfers. In digital remittance, you don't have to go to banks physically and do all the related work. Apart from that, banks are often closed on holidays or in case of emergencies. Online money transfers are immune to such situations.


You are your lead if you convert your money transfers to the digital platform. You can send money to every corner of the world whenever you want. You don't have to be held hostage by others.


Using ACE Money Transfer, you are also never bound to be at a certain place for money transfers. You can send money to Nigeria while sitting on your couch. Lengthy registrations are never required once the account has been verified.

ACE Money Transfer is Available Everywhere 

You can access the ACE Money Transfer app from all over the world. It is a top benefit as it does not bind you to specific locations. You can send money online to Nigeria from countries that are widespread around the world. The locations from which you can send money include the UK, Canada, Europe, Switzerland, Australia, and many others to more than 100 countries.


As you have access to the app from your digital device, festive and other bank holidays, non-bank hours, etc, do not affect your money transfers. You just have to follow the countable steps to send money, which the recipient will receive immediately.


It is advisable to download the mobile application of ACE Money Transfer so that you can help your family instantly during emergencies or whenever they need immediate help. The ACE’S mobile app is readily available on your iOS and Android devices.

Online Money Transfers are Comparatively Less Costly

The money transferring fees are very high if you use traditional banking methods. Online money transfers are comparatively less expensive and offer you good packages for transferring money. Some companies like ACE Money Transfer also offer fee-free money transfers.


Finding the best way to send money to Nigeria from UK is very important if you are an immigrant. This is what ACE does for you. It will give you all the bundles and packages available for transferring money, and you can choose the best one among them. You can select any method that suits you and is sufficient for the recipient, too. Fees may vary for the different range of amounts you want to send.

The most difficult task during a money transfer is finding the best exchange rate. If you become successful in finding the best exchange rate, that is considered a form of saving money. There are wide fluctuations in exchange rates in the remittance market. Banks offer the worst ones. But you do not have to worry because online service providers like ACE have the best alternatives available. 


You can find the best exchange rates on the ACE Money Transfer app. 

Customer Service

ACE Money Transfer has the best customer service. A team of professionals is on board 24/7 to help out their customers whenever they need it. All the queries and doubts are immediately answered.

Push Notifications and Currency Converter

If you do a money transfer to Nigeria from the UK using ACE Money Transfer, you will receive push notifications. It will help you keep a record of your transactions. You can check the progress of your transactions. 

ACE’s app has a built-in currency converter. It helps Customers to quickly and simply convert between different currencies.

Multilingual Services 

ACE has found its way to help maximum clients by updating the system in multiple languages. There is an availability of several languages like English, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindu, and Bengali so that people from all corners of the world can understand and use the app.

ACE Supports the Referral Program

ACE Money Transfer supports a referral program. It means that if you refer your friends or family members to use the services of ACE, you will get a chance to win exciting rewards. They include cash rewards, iPhones, Apple watches, AirPods, etc.


You can also tell them how ACE Money Transfer is making it easier to send money to family and friends by providing unmatched money transfer features.

Direct Transfers and Support For Multiple Currencies

The ACE Money Transfer app supports multiple currencies. It means that people can send money in whatever currency they prefer.


ACE’s app does not involve any third parties in transferring money. Customers can send money directly to bank accounts or mobile wallets. This is not only a more convenient way to transfer money but also saves you from paying third-party fees.

Trustworthy Worldwide Coverage

ACE Money Transfer has an extensive global network. Customers are given this virtual network where they can send money anywhere in the world.


Additionally, ACE Money Transfer is a reputable and trustworthy money transfer platform with a proven track record of handling and carrying out high volumes of transactions and providing top-notch and the best customer service.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the ACE Money Transfer app is a much better option if you want to send money online to Nigeria from UK than traditional methods for some reasons. Sending money abroad to your loved ones instantly has never been easier than it is right now, all thanks to the exciting features of the ACE Money Transfer app. With ACE, all transfers are smooth no matter where they may be in the world.


What are the new features ACE has introduced?

ACE has embraced digital innovations, improved transaction speeds, and enhanced customer support. Further, the company ensures that its customers get the lowest transfer costs at competitive exchange rates.

How does working abroad benefit me as a Nigerian migrant?

Working abroad benefits you in several ways, including offering reasonable working opportunities, high wages, good quality of life, high-quality education, and chances to get international employment opportunities.

How secure is the ACE Money Transfer Mobile App for transferring money internationally?

The ACE Money Transfer Mobile App utilises advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure users' data and transactions are secure. The app also complies with international financial regulations to provide a safe and reliable platform for international money transfers.

Are there any limitations on the amount that can be transferred to Nigeria using the ACE Money Transfer Mobile App?

While the app facilitates various transfer amounts, there might be limitations depending on the user’s country of residence, the recipient’s country, and chosen payment and receiving methods. Reviewing the app's terms and conditions or contacting customer support for detailed information regarding transfer limits is recommended.

Can I track my online transactions?

Yes. You can track your online money transfers with the tracking number the firm gives you after the transaction is initiated. You can also contact the company’s customer support for further assistance.


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