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How ACE Money Transfer is Making it Easier to Send Money to Friends and Family

01 Sep 2023

Surprise your friends and family in unique ways apart from the service here!

The world is broadly divided into two almost equal halves. One is the developed, the other developing. Millions of people from developing countries travel to the developed half to find better employment opportunities to earn a living. They send money online back home to offer financial support.

Getting a job in a developed country seems difficult.

You might think that the bigger challenge is to find a job and earn money in a foreign land, and the rest will follow. But it is not that simple.

It mostly works the other way! You wonder how. Right?

If you have the required education, skillset and experience, you are most likely to get employed in a foreign land. But as an expatriate, you have an even bigger concern about sending funds back home.

And that is where the catch lies.

So, if you think that the transfer of remittances is part of the rest that will follow, then you are mistaken because it takes a lot of effort and meticulous research to find out the best service provider. Because you have to select one institution out of innumerable financial institutions offering you online money transfer services in a manner that makes it difficult for you to make an informed decision.

Do you know what is the reason for this? Why do you have to dive so deep into all of it before proceeding?

Well, for the simple reason that the matter concerns your hard-earned money. Additionally, you want to do something extra for your family in the process.

But this ‘something extra’ is not possible if your service provider is offering typical and traditional online remittance transfer services.

Considering this confusion that migrants face, one of the world’s best online remittance transfer service providers, ACE Money Transfer, has designed its services in ways that correspond to its valued customers’ remittance transfer needs and requirements, accommodating this ‘something extra’.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can surprise your friends and family with your money transfer to them through ACE Money Transfer.

But first, let’s quickly look at international migrants and their combined financial contribution to the economies of their countries.

International Migrants, Quantum of Global Remittances, and Top Reasons to Migrate

A report by IOM UN Migration said that the number of migrants worldwide in 2020 was 281 million, accounting for about 3.60% of the total global population at that time.

The same report said that the remittances increased steeply over the past couple of decades. The volume of remittances in 2000 was around $126 billion and has reached around $700 billion by 2020.

The advent of Covid-19 slowed down the flow of remittances as it affected the global economy. Therefore, a report by Mint, sourcing its data from the World Bank, said that the remittances to low- to middle-income countries (LMICs) grew by nearly 5% and reached $626 billion in 2022. But the same report said that the World Bank feared that the growth would slow down and will remain close to about 2% in the year 2023.

Let’s look at some prime reasons to travel abroad.

Top Reasons to Travel Abroad

A couple of prime reasons in this regard are explained below.


Lack of Employment Opportunities and Acute Poverty

Most developing countries struggle to offer jobs to their population.

This lack of opportunities breeds poverty, making it difficult for people to provide for their families and even put food on the table.

In such a suffocating financial scenario, people migrate to developed countries to find employment opportunities.

Learn here about Job And Work Opportunities You Can Find Abroad.


Lack of Quality Education

In most developing countries, the lack of quality education compounds the challenges of unemployment. In the absence of quality education, getting access to jobs with better financial prospects inside your country or abroad is, well, a hard nut to crack!

These are the top two reasons to travel to developed countries. Of course, there are other reasons, too, such as tourism, escaping conflict, better life quality, and environmental challenges, but the above-mentioned lie at the heart of your migration abroad.

Let’s now see how ACE Money Transfer makes it easy to transfer funds from overseas.

An Online Money Transfer Made Easy with ACE Money Transfer

Here is how your remittance transfer is made easy with the firm.

Live, Market-Competitive Rates

You can get live and market-competitive currency exchange rates and request live rates at the time of the transfer. It allows you to get rates when they are the highest, given their fluctuating nature.

Tailor-Made Payment Method

You can request the firm on its app or official website to add a new payment method if you are not comfortable with the existing methods. It helps you get the exact method that corresponds to your needs.

Addition of a Corridor

Although the firm has an operational presence in over 100 countries worldwide, you can still request to add a new country for sending or receiving funds. It makes the firm’s presence even wider globally.

Speed and Safety

It takes just a few hours to deliver funds to the destination. You can deliver funds to Pakistan in just 7 seconds from anywhere should you wish to, with tight security stemming from several security layers. 

This time is less than the time you take to get money out of your wallet!

Fee Structure

The firm’s fee structure is transparent and open to your scrutiny. It charges you only a fraction of the amount being sent. And the fee applies only when the amount reaches a certain limit, below which transfers likely remain fee-free.

Campaigns and Prizes

The firm keeps launching several campaigns to benefit and surprise its valued customers. Campaigns can surprise you with the following:

  • Massive cash prizes
  • Fee-free transfers
  • Chances to win the latest models of smartphones, smartwatches, bikes, and cars
  • Chances to win ration items around certain festivities

ACE Money Transfer – Easy and Surprising Remittance Service

You can get all these benefits from your global money transfer with the firm from the middle of your comfort zone and also surprise your family and friends by easily participating in the campaigns the company regularly launches without fail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does ACE Money Transfer makes sending money to family easy?

Several service features of ACE Money Transfer make money transfers to friends and family easy, including low service charges, wider service availability, speed, payment methods, competitive exchange rates, and safety of funds.

What are the different fees associated with sending money through ACE Money Transfer?

The fees depend on several factors, including the amount, destination country, payment method, and so on. The firm’s app and official website have listed all fee types.

What are ACE Money Transfer’s security measures?

The firm’s security measures include end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, seamless regulatory compliance, speed of transfers and several other protection layers to keep scammers away.

Can I track my online transaction?

Yes. You can track your online money transfers with the tracking number the firm gives you after the transaction is initiated. You can also contact the company’s customer support for further assistance.

What are the prime benefits of using ACE Money Transfer’s services?

The prime benefits you can get are low service charges, speed, market-competitive currency exchange rates, convenient payment methods, safety, and the chance to win grand prizes by easily participating in the campaigns the firm regularly launches.


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