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ACE Money Transfer: The Promise of Bringing Loved Ones Closer This Eid

12 May 2021

Right after the moment when the crescent is spotted, the celebration of Eid fills the air. However, for many the holidays mean the closure of banks, offices, malls, etc. Money remittances sent online or withdrawal of funds can face delays. But, not with ACE Money Transfer!

We believe the special time of Eid should remain special for everyone no matter what! And, also, we take our promises seriously!

Eid is special as it is a celebration of the Islamic Ummah. As the families gather with sweet dishes laid out and enjoy the sweetest of days, some members’ bitter reality is to stay far away from home. These members support their families by earning a decent income overseas.

It is their support that makes Eid a celebration that enables family members to smile. At ACE, we fully well understand the importance of the expats living abroad and the responsibilities they shoulder. 

ACE Money Transfer serves customers who send money online and receivers can collect it directly from their bank accounts. So even if the banks are closed, account holders can withdraw funds via an ATM i.e. Auto Teller Machine. No delays even on Eid!

This is because ACE uses its wide network of services to lessen distances to bring loved ones closer; the ACE promise! With technology, almost anything is possible so even if expats can’t be with family on Eid, they nevertheless can make Eid back home auspicious and celebratory!

We most often during these occasions hear of cases where clientele have issues or face problems receiving funds send through online money transfer services. As most outlets, offices, and partners are closed on those particular days, users are stranded. But they shouldn’t!

ACE Money Transfer knows that by sending remittances, many financial obligations are met that are fundamental for growth and development. Education, health, and occasions such as Eid, birthdays, graduations, etc. of countless families are possible with the support of expats earning abroad.

ACE Money Transfer uses modern technological platforms and is a market leader with digitalized operations. Secure, reliable, and swift, ACE has become the trusted name for millions worldwide.

With the best exchange rates and the lowest transaction fees, ACE clientele enjoys assured delivery of funds instantly to anywhere in the world from the UK, Australia, or Europe. (Selected corridors only). Operating since 2002, ACE Money Transfer is headquartered in the UK with global networks.


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