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ACE Money Transfer's New Loyalty Program: Rewards and Benefits for Indian Expatriates

ACE Money Transfer's New Loyalty Program: Rewards and Benefits for Indian Expatriates

07 Dec 2023

You may have encountered difficulties transferring money back home as an Indian expatriate. Between the high fees and the slow transfer times, finding a reliable and affordable method to send money online to India to your loved ones can be challenging. ACE Money Transfer has recently introduced a new loyalty program for Indian expatriates to provide a variety of rewards and benefits to improve its users' financial well-being. As more Indians relocate overseas for work and education, the demand for dependable and cost-effective money transfer services has grown. 


The loyalty program is intended to encourage customers to continue using ACE Money Transfer's services by providing exclusive exchange rates, reward credit deals, and referral incentives. ACE Money Transfer demonstrates its dedication to providing affordable and convenient solutions for the Indian diaspora by catering to the needs of its customer base. This blog will look at the new loyalty program's different rewards and benefits and how they can help Indian expatriates.


Establishing the Background Insights

ACE Money Transfer is one of the leading Money Transfer services worldwide, serving customers from more than 100 countries. ACE Money Transfer has a strong presence in India, with an extensive network of partners and agents. The Indian diaspora is one of the world's largest, with an estimated 18 million Indians outside India. These expatriates frequently use money transfer to India services to support their families, pay expenses, and let them invest in businesses. ACE Money Transfer has offered this community fast, secure, and affordable money transfer services for many years. However, as the money transfer industry becomes more competitive, ACE has sought ways to distinguish itself and provide more value to its customers. Part of this endeavor is the new loyalty program, which rewards loyal customers and incentivizes them to use ACE's services more frequently.


ACE Money Transfer's New Loyalty Program

ACE Money Transfer's new loyalty program is designed to benefit Indian expatriates who frequently transfer money to their families and friends in India. The program is intended to reward customers for their loyalty and urge them to continue using the services of ACE Money Transfer.

Rewards and Benefits

The ACE Money Transfer's new loyalty program offers Indian customers various rewards and benefits. These are some examples:


1- Invite your Friends and Win an Exciting Reward Credit Offer With an ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is introducing a loyalty program specifically for Indian expats, offering the chance to win a reward of £50 ( or equivalent according to the sending country) by inviting friends to make transactions through their platform. This program, called "Invite a Friend", is open to all ACE Money Transfer customers, whether new or existing members. Customers can win a reward credit of £50 or equivalent by simply inviting their friends to join and make transactions. Besides reward credit, customers can win exciting prizes such as the new Apple iPhone 13 Mini, Airpods Pro, or Apple Watch Series 8. This is an exciting opportunity for ACE Money Transfer customers to earn rewards and introduce their friends to a reliable and efficient money transfer service. 


To be eligible for the reward credit of £50 through ACE Money Transfer's "Invite a Friend" program, successful referrals must have been submitted after October 1st, 2020. These referrals can include your close friends or family members who live abroad. Three referred members must successfully register and complete a payment transaction of £200 or more to qualify for the reward.


2- Fee-Free Money Transfers To India From Overseas

ACE Money Transfer has launched a new loyalty program to boost remittance inflows to developing countries while prioritizing customer satisfaction and retention. ACE Money Transfer offers entirely fee-free money transfers to India from the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland as part of this program. The company recognizes that while digital transactions have made money transfers across borders more convenient, many concerns remain for migrants, particularly those in low-to-middle-income countries. To encourage the use of regulated channels for remittances, ACE Money Transfer has introduced this special offer exclusively for its Indian diaspora customers. Customers who use ACE Money Transfer to send money to India from abroad will not be charged any fees or hidden costs and will receive the highest exchange rates available in the market. It's important to note that this offer is unique to ACE Money Transfer and cannot be found elsewhere.


Offer valid for an indefinite time.

The offer is valid for those expats who send money to India online from the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland.


3- ACE Money Transfer Gives Indian expats a 1000 DKK Reward Credit Bonus and Unlimited FEE-FREE Money Transfers from Denmark to Anywhere Worldwide

ACE Money Transfer offers an incredible bonus for Indian customers who refer friends to use their services in Denmark. For every three friends who sign up and use ACE's services to send money, the customer who referred them will receive a bonus of 1000 Danish Krone. Even better, this offer does not require any lucky draw, making it a fantastic opportunity for ACE Money Transfer customers. To take advantage of this offer, inform your friends in Denmark that they can enjoy unlimited fee-free money transfers worldwide with ACE Money Transfer. For every three successful referrals, the customer will receive a bonus of DKK 1000 from the company. But that's not all! In addition to the reward credit bonus and free money transfers, customers can also win exciting rewards such as the Apple iPhone 13 Mini, Airpods Pro, or Apple Watch Series 8 through ACE Money Transfer's "Invite Friends Offer."


ACE Money Transfer is the Only Remittance Service that Provides Substantial and Unique Benefits

ACE Money Transfer is always the first to offer the best to its global customers. For 2023, the company has waived all fees for remittances to India from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. Find competitive currency exchange rates, a wide range of service options, security, the ability to deliver funds in minutes, and much more in your online money transfer to India with ACE Money Transfer without paying a single cent in fees.


How to send money to India 

Many Indian expats have trouble sending money back home and are looking for the best option regarding how to send money to India. Most money transfer services charge exorbitant fees and only sometimes obtain the intended exchange rates. Expats require a dependable money transfer service. However, you now have a single answer to your problems" The ACE Money service". The ACE Money Transfer service enables Indian expats to transfer money to India while earning rewards through a loyalty program. ACE offers outstanding exchange rates with a low fee and safe and secure money transfers to India.


How to Join the Loyalty Program

To join the Loyalty Program in ACE Money Transfer, please follow the steps below:

• Visit the ACE Money Transfer website or download the ACE Money Transfer mobile app.

 Create an account if you have not already done so.

• Once you have created an account and logged in, you will see the option to join the Loyalty Program on the homepage or in the app's menu.

• Click on the 'Invite Friends' option to join the Loyalty Program and follow the instructions to complete the registration process.

• Once registered for the Loyalty Program, you can earn points by making eligible transactions with ACE Money Transfer.

• You can check your loyalty points or current leaderboard standings and redeem your points for rewards by logging into your account and visiting the Invite Friends section.



Finally, ACE Money Transfer's new loyalty program for Indian expatriates provides a variety of rewards and perks that can improve its users' financial well-being. The program encourages customers to continue using ACE Money Transfer's services, which can be particularly useful for those who frequently money transfers to India to their family members. The loyalty program has the potential to save customers money while also providing valuable benefits, with features such as exclusive exchange rates, cashback offers, and referral bonuses. Overall, the new loyalty program is a promising development that shows ACE Money Transfer's commitment to meeting its customers' requirements.



What is ACE Money Transfer's new loyalty program for Indian expatriates?

ACE Money Transfer has introduced a loyalty program designed exclusively for Indian expatriates. It offers various rewards and benefits to enhance their remittance experience.


What rewards and benefits can Indian expatriates expect from ACE Money Transfer's loyalty program?

The loyalty program may include benefits like reduced transfer fees, special exchange rates, exclusive promotions, and priority customer support for Indian expatriates who frequently send money to India.


How can Indian expatriates enroll in ACE Money Transfer's loyalty program?

To enroll, Indian expatriates typically need to create an account with ACE Money Transfer, meet specific eligibility criteria, and start sending money through the platform to accumulate loyalty points.


Are there any specific requirements or conditions to maintain eligibility for the loyalty program?

The eligibility and requirements for maintaining membership in the loyalty program may vary, but generally, it involves consistently using ACE Money Transfer's services for sending remittances to India.


What are the advantages of participating in ACE Money Transfer's loyalty program for Indian expatriates?

Indian expatriates can benefit from cost savings, improved exchange rates, and a more personalized remittance experience, making it a convenient and rewarding choice for their financial transactions in India.


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