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ACE Money Transfer's FEE-FREE Offer for Indian Expatriates - Everything to Know

ACE Money Transfer's FEE-FREE Offer for Indian Expatriates - Everything to Know

01 Jun 2023

Who among the migrants would not want to grab an opportunity to transfer funds back home without fees?

In almost all cases, people from developing countries, including India, travel to foreign countries to earn a living so they can offer financial aid to their loved ones as they send money online using different means.

According to a report by World Atlas, over 31.2 million Indians live in other countries after they leave India for various reasons, with the primary reason being to earn a living and send money to India to offer financial support to their families back home.

Such a huge diaspora population makes it the largest diaspora population worldwide.

It is due to the contribution of these Indian migrants that the Indian Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was quoted by NDTV as saying that India received $100 billion in inward remittances in 2022, making the country the largest remittance recipient in the world.

It was an increase of 12% in just one year, and it helped India retain its distinctive position of being the top recipient of remittances in the world.

You can find jobs abroad in developed countries due to their robust economies and thriving job markets. But do you think you can easily find a service provider that can help you send your funds across borders free of cost? And that too, when almost all service providers operate to earn profits alongside serving you?

Well, your answer is to state the obvious.

But you must have heard that exception proves the rule. So, if your answer is considered a rule, then the good news is you have an exception in this regard.

Yes, you read it right. Let’s delve deeper into the good news together!


Send Remittances To India Online With Zero-Fee 

As an Indian migrant, you can now transfer funds to India online from anywhere across the world, absolutely free, with ACE Money Transfer.

One of the leading remittance transfer service providers with a global footprint, ACE Money Transfer, has removed the fee bar from its money transfers to India for an indefinite period.

So, you can enjoy a fee-free money transfer to India. But remember, there is no bar on the number of transfers you wish to make with ACE Money Transfer.

Let’s try to understand a few reasons for providing you with such a grand opportunity.


A Few Reasons To Allow You To Enjoy Fee-Free Money Transfers To India

ACE Money Transfer is cognisant of the financial woes of Indian migrants. Because it is not easy to leave one’s loved ones behind to travel to a faraway land to earn a living. There have to be some pressing financial constraints that serve as push factors. Take a quick look below.

Learn here How To Move Abroad From India.


Acute Poverty And Unemployment

The level of unemployment in India is touching frightening levels and thus pushing millions into poverty. People find it hard to fulfil the basic needs of life, taking a step ahead of which is simply impossible.

In such a scenario, Indians find work abroad to earn a living so that their families can lead a financially decent life.


Lack Of Quality Education

Financially sound careers for the people of developing countries like India largely depend on the quality of education their people seek. And that is what breeds the challenge.

Quality education within the country is either nonexistent or so expensive that for a large segment of the people, its presence equals its absence.

Therefore, people invest in their travelling abroad for education with the surety that their foreign degrees will help them get jobs with better financial prospects.


The Indian Economy And Population

  • India’s GDP was $3.18 trillion in 2021, a World Bank report revealed.
  • The country’s GDP per capita was $2,256.6 in 2021, another World Bank report revealed.
  • A UN report said that India is poised to become the world’s most populous country shortly, with the country’s current headcount surpassing 1.4 billion recently.

Such a huge and burgeoning population strains the country’s resources beyond its capacity, and, therefore, it becomes a challenge for the state to provide for its population.

So, since the number of people of employable age is also rising, they travel abroad for work to earn a living to offer financial aid to their loved ones back home.


Let’s unearth some exciting benefits you get while sending money back home.

But before that, how about knowing a few unique facts about India you are probably not aware of?

Well, it is always exciting to know the unknown. Take a look below.


Interesting Facts About India

  • India is home to more than 300,000 mosques and 2 million+ temples
  • Chenab rail bridge in Jammu is the highest worldwide at 1,178 feet above the water
  • Rajasthan is home to a temple of rates
  • Despite having the 2nd largest number of internet users, only 48.7% of its population has access to it.
  • India invented the famous game ‘Snakes and Ladders.’  

Amazing Advantages To Enjoy In Your Online Money Transfer To India With ACE Money Transfer

Yes. These are apart from your fee-free transfers!


Market- Competitive Live Exchange Rates

You can enjoy live rates and also request the current rates at the time of transfer or wait until rates move in your favour.


Choose Your Favourite Payment Method

You can choose a method of payment of your liking or request to add one if you do not want to use the existing methods.


Speed And Safety

You can deliver funds to the destination within a few hours, unlike many other service providers that take days. This speed guards you against scammers and financial fraud in addition to multi-layered security protocols.


Add A Country Of Your Choice

You can request to add a country for sending or receiving funds that you do not find on the list of given options already.

All of these advantages make it a win-win situation for your India-specific money transfers.


The Way Forward

One of the core purposes of expatriation is to earn and save as much as you can, so your money meant for your family’s support swells. Right? But fees and uncompetitive exchange rates do not allow money to swell and rather turn out to be a big slash. So, why not send money to India online with ACE Money Transfer and send a swollen amount of money back home in addition to several other advantages from under one roof?



What is ACE Money Transfer's FEE-FREE offer for Indian expatriates?

ACE Money Transfer's FEE-FREE offer is a special promotion for Indian expatriates where they can send money to India without incurring any transaction fees. It's a cost-effective way to support families back home.

How long does the FEE-FREE offer last?

The ongoing ZERO-Fee offer has been announced for the entire year 2023. The duration of the FEE-FREE offer can vary and is subject to the terms and conditions set by ACE Money Transfer. It is advisable to check their official website or app for the latest information.


How can I avail myself of the FEE-FREE offer when sending money to India?

To avail of the offer, you will need to create an account with ACE Money Transfer, select 'India' as the recipient country, and follow the normal procedure for sending money. The transaction fee should be waived automatically if the offer is active.


Are there any restrictions on the FEE-FREE offer?

There may be certain restrictions or terms and conditions associated with the offer, such as a minimum transfer amount or usage limit per user. Please refer to the official ACE Money Transfer website or mobile app for detailed information.


Can I use other offers or promotions along with the FEE-FREE offer?

Whether you can combine the FEE-FREE offer with other promotions or discounts depends on the specific terms and conditions set by ACE Money Transfer. It's recommended to check their policy or contact their customer service for clarity.



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