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ACE Money Transfer Announces a Grand Promotion for its Filipino Customers

01 Jun 2023

Millions of Filipino workers live in foreign countries to earn better and send money to Philippines for financial support. ACE Money Transfer brings fascinating promotions for these overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to benefit from, and one more campaign carrying enticing rewards, this time for both the remitters and recipients of remittances, has just started. The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who reside in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland and through ACE Money Transfer can stand a chance to win one of 09 New iPhone 14 Plus and let their loved ones win one of 03 Brand New Honda Click 160 Motorcycles. But the most exciting part of this promotion is the absolutely ZERO-Fee money transfers. Isn’t that fascinating?

In this exciting campaign, you can stand a chance to win some amazing prizes. The details of the prizes will make you realise that the company knows what your needs are.

Continue reading to know the details and the easy ways to participate in this current campaign.

A Brief Background About The Exciting Campaign

A report by Pilot Guides said that the Filipino diaspora is one of the largest worldwide, consisting of over 10 million people. These Filipino migrants earn a living in foreign countries because they cannot find jobs in their native country.

ACE Money Transfer has launched this exciting campaign for Filipino migrants residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland, to dole out several amazing prizes to them in a series of lucky draws.

The best part is not the prizes, whose details will abundantly surprise you if nothing else, nor is it the duration of the campaign.

It is a simple way to participate and an even simpler way to win prizes.

Let’s learn about all of this together without further ado.

Essential Things To Consider In This Campaign

Although the campaign is fairly simple and straight, the following few points are important for you to know.

The Campaign Duration

It is one of the most important points. Knowing the duration will help you prepare better and increase your chances of winning prizes.

They say luck knocks once and leaves quickly if knocking is not answered soon. But not in this campaign and for your money transfer to Philippines with ACE Money Transfer. Because the current campaign spans over 3 months. 

It starts on June 1st and ends on August 31st, both days inclusive.

The Details Of The Prizes

In this campaign, 09 iPhone 14 Plus and 03 brand-new Honda Click 160 bikes are being doled out to the lucky winners. The iPhones will be given to the senders, while motorcycles will be given to the recipient of remittances to the Philippines. Besides, the best part of this campaign is the Fee-Free money transfers that will help overseas Filipinos ensure financial stability. There will be no fee charged for any transaction made from overseas to the Philippines using ACE Money Transfer until the 31st of August, 2023.

The Eligibility Criteria

Here is where the catch lies!

You can become eligible for this campaign if a) you are a Filipino migrant, b) you are residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia, and c) you are using ACE Money Transfer to send funds back to the Philippines from these countries.

You can send funds to the Philippines as cash, to a bank or a mobile wallet or top-up. All of these methods serve the purpose so long as other conditions are met.

An Additional Surprise

The unique part of this campaign is that you do not have to pay even a single penny as fees on your money transfers to the Philippines through ACE Money Transfer. And surprisingly enough, there is no bar on the number of fee-free transfers.

Rather, you can make as many fee-free money transfers to the Philippines as possible but make sure that these transfers are made within the campaign duration, which is between June 1st till August 31st.

Take a detailed look at the campaign’s Terms & Conditions for effective participation.


Let’s see why top-of-the-line phones and bikes have been integrated into this current campaign.


Why Integrate Phones And Bikes As Prizes In This Campaign?

Well, for the simple reason that both of these commodities have become life essentials.

Can you imagine your life nowadays without a smartphone and without a means at your disposal to commute? Particularly when you are a migrant, living abroad to earn a living and when you know you have to use your phone to communicate, connect, manage your finances, etc.

Well, your answer is pretty obvious.

On the other hand, can you afford such expensive products when the basic reason to expatriate is to make ends meet?


And where you might have to save every penny over some time to be able to purchase these items, ACE Money Transfer is allowing you to win these exciting prizes as a result of your online money transfer to Philippines, through the firm and in line with other conditions explained above.

Focusing On The Filipino Diaspora – A Few Reasons

Due to the following bunch of reasons, ACE Money Transfer launched this campaign for Filipino migrants.

High Unemployment Rate And Acute Poverty

A large number of people in the Philippines are unemployed. Their families, therefore, suffer financially and live in poverty. Putting food on the table is a challenge for them, let alone affording what this campaign is offering freely.

The Economy Of The Philippines

  • The Philippines had a nominal GDP in 2021 of $394.09 billion, a World Bank report said.
  • The country’s GDP per capita income was $3,460.5 in the same year, another World Bank report said.

The Dip In Inward Remittances

The inward remittances nosedived in 2022, with the quantum of remittances at $9.07 billion, according to the latest World Bank report.

These few reasons prompted ACE Money Transfer to launch this exciting campaign for Filipino migrants to reward them in unique ways with amazing prizes.

Increasing Your Chances To Win

There is no science involved in it.

All you have to do is to keep sending money to the Philippines daily across the campaign duration in the ways explained above. Avoid sending money in bulk in a few days.

Whether one transaction or more, you will not pay any fees. Right? Then why not send it regularly to increase your chances of winning prizes in the lucky draws?

ACE Money Transfer – A Fine Blend Of Prizes And Surprises

If you send money to Philippines online with ACE Money Transfer, you will not only do so for zero-fee and market-competitive exchange rates, but you will also stand a chance to win one of the 9 iPhone 14 Plus or one of the 3 brand-new Honda Click 160 bikes. Wake up and brace up to win now, folks!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does ACE Money Transfer launch such promotional campaigns regularly?

The firm does so to acknowledge its valued customers’ loyalty and also to facilitate migrants.

Do remitters get live, market-competitive currency exchange rates, or are the rates static?

No. The firm offers you live and competitive currency exchange rates, which allow you to select a time for transactions when rates are in your favour.

Who wins the different prizes in this campaign?

It will be the remitters who send money. However, iPhones will be given to the senders and bikes to the recipients who will be nominated by the remitters.

Can these prizes be cashed?

No. These prizes cannot be cashed, nor can they be transferred. Whoever wins will get them, or those the winners may nominate to collect.

Are all transfers fee-free?

Yes. Every single money transfer to the Philippines during the campaign duration is absolutely fee-free.

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