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ACE Money Transfer Keeps its Regulatory Measures Aligned with the State Bank of Pakistan to Boost Remittances to Pakistan

27 Sep 2023

ACE Money Transfer has remarkably established itself as a trustworthy conduit, facilitating seamless monetary transactions and bolstering economic prosperity in several developing countries, including Pakistan. The company’s alignment with the State Bank of Pakistan’s regulatory standards has intensified the flow of remittances to the country, significantly contributing to its economic uplift. It facilitates secure, convenient, fast, and economical remittance solutions to enable overseas Pakistanis to efficiently send money to Pakistan from foreign countries. You’ll find more information below on how ACE’s policies, regulations, and promotions contribute to enhancing remittance inflows to Pakistan.

Overview of ACE Money Transfer

Do you know what’s ACE Money Transfer and what does it do? Let’s quickly glance at the company’s services and solutions.

Foundations and Principles

Established with a vision to provide quick and secure remittance services globally, ACE Money Transfer has been constantly evolving, aligning its services with international standards. The entity places immense value on transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, fostering a robust relationship with its extensive user base.


Scope and Services

ACE Money Transfer extends a plethora of services, including online transfers, bank deposits, and cash pickups, ensuring a broad outreach and accessibility. Its services span across 100+ countries, allowing expatriates to execute transactions with ease and assurance.

Importance of Remittances to Pakistan

Like other developing countries, foreign remittances are critical for Pakistan since the money sent home by overseas Pakistanis not only runs several households but it also aids the country’s economic growth substantially. Here’s a look at the impacts of remittances on Pakistan.

Economic Impact

Remittances act as a lifeline for Pakistan's economy, being a crucial source of foreign income. They aid in balancing the nation’s fiscal deficits, elevating living standards, and fortifying the national economy. The inflow of remittances in Pakistan greatly contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), enabling developmental projects and infrastructural advancements. Pakistan received $29 billion in FY21, $31 billion in FY22, and merely $27 billion in FY23. The plummeting remittance inflows have created an alarming situation for the country, demanding serious steps and strategies to foster balanced growth in money transfers to Pakistan from abroad to fill the gaps.

Societal Benefits

Beyond economic ramifications, remittances play a pivotal role in societal advancement. They facilitate better educational opportunities, improved healthcare facilities, and enhanced quality of life, painting a landscape of progression and prosperity in society.

The Role of the State Bank of Pakistan

The Statement Bank of Pakistan is the central financial authority to regulate remittances in Pakistan. Its role is crucial in ensuring that each penny sent from abroad comes through legal ways so it can boost Pakistan’s economic progress. Here are its key functions and strategies with regard to stimulating remittance inflows.

The Pakistan Remittance Initiative - PRI

The State Bank of Pakistan, the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, and the Ministry of Finance collaborated on a project called the Pakistan Remittance Initiative to create an ownership framework for remittance facilitation in Pakistan (PRI). As part of this effort to increase the flow of each money transfer to Pakistan, all necessary steps will be taken.

The aims of PRI are as follows:

  • Promoting and assisting less expensive, quicker, easier, and more effective remittance flow
  • To give Pakistani expatriates opportunities to invest in Pakistan

To facilitate the flow of remittances sent home by overseas Pakistanis, the Pakistani government introduced the PRI in 2009. The PRI consists of several incentive programs designed to speed up, simplify, and lower the fee to send money to Pakistan from abroad, as well as to make legitimate routes of transfer more alluring than unofficial ones.

Aligned with the vision of the PRI, ACE Money Transfer brought several enticing promotions and campaigns in coordination with the major banking networks in Pakistan to enable overseas Pakistanis to send money online to Pakistan at competitive exchange rates and with great ease.

Regulatory Functions

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) serves as the principal financial regulator in the country. It devises and implements monetary policies, ensuring a stable and resilient financial system. It’s pivotal in ensuring the soundness of financial institutions and fostering economic stability through stringent regulatory measures.

Ensuring Compliance

The SBP meticulously monitors financial entities, ensuring their strict adherence to regulatory norms. This oversight safeguards the interests of the consumers and preserves the integrity of the financial system, fostering a transparent and secure financial environment.

Alignment of ACE Money with State Bank’s Regulatory Measures

ACE Money Transfer is a renowned digital remittance platform that regulates remittances through official channels from foreign countries to developing nations. Besides offering promotional campaigns in association with Pakistani banking networks, the company ensures complete transparency in its policies and compliance with the State Bank’s regulations. Here’s an overview of how ACE ensure compliance with the bank’s regulatory measures:

Strict Adherence to Policies

ACE Money Transfer meticulously aligns its operations with the regulatory mandates of the SBP, ensuring the sanctity and security of every transaction. This alignment fortifies the trust of the users and reinforces the credibility of the services provided.


Regular Audits and Reviews

To assure compliance with the established norms, ACE Money Transfer undergoes frequent audits and reviews conducted by the SBP. These evaluations ensure the reliability and integrity of the services, guaranteeing optimal customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Regulatory Alignment

ACE Money Transfer ensures that its regulatory alignment and compliance policies help expatriates to make every online money transfer to Pakistan with convenience, low costs, and competitive exchange rates. Here’s how the company’s policies are inclined at beneftting customers.

Enhanced Customer Trust

The regulatory congruence between ACE Money Transfer and the SBP fortifies consumer confidence, elevating the appeal and reliability of the services. This synchronisation ensures customer loyalty, driving a sustained inflow of remittances to Pakistan.


Stimulation of Remittances Flow

Through meticulous adherence to regulatory standards, ACE Money Transfer not only ensures the secure and swift flow of remittances but also contributes to the economic prosperity of Pakistan by stimulating foreign income influx.

The Seamless Transfer Process

Customers enjoy a seamless money transfer process with ACE’s mobile app and website that don’t require any complex procedures to sign up and send money home. The company ensures the following for its global customers:

User-friendly Platforms

ACE Money Transfer offers intuitive and user-friendly platforms, enabling users to execute transactions effortlessly. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology ensures a seamless experience, catering to the diverse needs of the user base.


Secure Transactions

With fortified security protocols, ACE Money Transfer guarantees the utmost security of every transaction, shielding users from potential threats and vulnerabilities and ensuring the safe transit of funds.

Why Are Legal Remittance Transfer Channels Important?

Most customers choose alternative remittance networks because they are less expensive than authorised remittance sources. A friend or acquaintance might agree to transfer your money for free if they travel to the country where the beneficiary lives. If you have faith in the person and are confident that they will deliver your money to whoever you specify, it can be perfectly appropriate.

But what if you find out your friend or acquaintance is a fraud? What would happen if you were tricked into using a middleman who stole your money? What happens if they lose the money or are robbed while travelling, even though they are trustworthy?

Remittance networks have grown over time, shifting from traditional to digital routes of transfer. Now that affordable digital remittances are more common, there are fewer reasons for consumers to seek alternative remittances, which brings us to the compelling advantages of transferring money through authorised channels. 

In the remittance transfer sector, ACE Money Transfer is one of the most reputable money transfer services. Expats living abroad commonly utilise its services to send money swiftly, securely, and affordably anywhere in the world. Aside from offering reasonable transfers, ACE rewards its devoted customers for their hard work with a variety of incentives. 

Bottom Line

ACE Money Transfer, through its steadfast commitment to regulatory compliance and customer-centric approach, has significantly boosted remittances to Pakistan. The alignment with the State Bank of Pakistan’s regulations has instilled confidence among users and has positively impacted Pakistan’s economic landscape, ushering in an era of growth and development.


Numerous laws are being introduced by the Pakistani government to facilitate online money transfers to Pakistan. Remittances are crucial for Pakistan's cash-strapped economy. They act as a spur for investment and a lifeline for economic growth by igniting a cycle of consumption, production, exports, income, and additional investment as a sizable portion of GDP. 


Is ACE Money Transfer a secure platform for remittances to Pakistan?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer aligns with the stringent regulatory measures of the State Bank of Pakistan, ensuring secure and reliable transactions.

How has ACE Money Transfer contributed to Pakistan’s economy?

ACE Money Transfer stimulates the flow of remittances to Pakistan, aiding in economic stability and societal advancement through its reliable and secure services.

Does ACE Money Transfer offer online services?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer provides versatile online services, including online transfers and bank deposits, making transactions convenient and accessible.

How does ACE Money Transfer ensure customer satisfaction?

ACE Money Transfer prioritises customer satisfaction by providing swift, secure, and user-friendly services coupled with steadfast adherence to regulatory norms.

Can users from different countries use ACE Money Transfer services?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer extends its services globally, allowing users from various countries to execute transactions with ease and assurance.


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