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ACE Money Transfer Enables ZERO Fee Transactions to the Philippines Once Again

19 Dec 2023

Do hidden fees and lengthy transfer time prevent you from sending money to PhilippinesACE Money Transfer is a gateway offering secure and quick money transfers worldwide. ACE offers once again the first zero-fee transactions to the Philippines. So you can send more money to your loved ones back home. 

Many expatriates working overseas need help with making online international transactions. The safety and security of money transfer is their primary concern. In this article, you will learn the cheapest yet best ways to send online secure remittances with less or no fee. 

It might be challenging to select the right platform to send money online. To overcome security issues, always look for reputed and authentic money transfer services to protect your finances and personal information. Make your comfort a priority and ensure security measures to keep your money and personal information in trusted hands.

ZERO Fee Transaction to the Philippines- Saving on International Remittances

You have to pay high transaction charges to send remittances internationally. The amount of service charges depends upon the money you want to transfer. If you send a huge amount to your native country, service charges will undoubtedly be high. ACE Money Transfer allows you to make the first zero-fee transaction to the Philippines whenever you want. 

There are no hidden charges or service charges. Also, you can make as many transactions as you want. Hence, ACE helps you save on the high transaction fees. Zero transaction fee is a benefit for both the sender and the receiver. The recipient will enjoy more money due to reasonable exchange rates, and as an expat, you can save your hard-earned money for emergencies.

Services offered by ACE Money Transfer for International Remittance 

The Philippines witnessed a decrease in personal remittances in  2022 by 27.6 billion U.S. dollars, 75.22 percent less than the previous year. This decline has led to the country's lowest record of personal remittances. The amount of the loss is almost 9.07 billion U.S. dollars. Keeping this massive decline in review, ACE Money Transfer offered the following services to help expats of the Philippines.

Secure Money Transfer

ACE offers a secure way to transfer money. Most expats hesitate to transmit large amounts of money online because online theft is widespread. So, security concerns should be considered when making a money transfer to Philippines.

Instant Money Transfer

Since 2002, ACE Money Transfer has been helping out individuals in making international money transfers. Its service is available in multiple regions, covering  28 sending countries to over 100+ receiving countries. It is a powerful solution to all your security issues and a convenient way to transfer money to the Philippines. 

24/7 Customer Support

ACE Money Transfer is a quick, secure, cost-effective service provider offering online money transfer services to expatriates worldwide. It values its customers and offers vital customer service, available 24/7. 

Mobile Application

ACE provides instant money transfers to the Philippines with their digital app. Customers can manage their finances, transfer money to the Philippines, pay bills, and check balances from anywhere. Its mobile application is swift and reliable. ACE Mobile app typically employs strong security measures and a faster and smoother experience with a quick sending option.

Minimum Transactions Limit

Another fantastic service ACE Money Transfer provides is that it is convenient for minimum transactions. Most of the companies do not offer minimum international transactions. By using ACE, you can make online international transactions daily with the amount of your choice.

6 Interesting Benefits of ACE Money Transfer

With ACE Money Transfer, online transfers to the Philippines are effortless and user-friendly. Let's explore some interesting facts about how ACE makes your international transactions convenient and effortless:

Affordable Currency Conversion

ACE Money Transfer offers very affordable currency conversion. Many Filipino expats worry about currency exchange rates. Earning overseas is complex, and every hard-earned penny matters a lot. ACE provides the best conversion rates, which help individuals save more while making an online money transfer to Philippines.

Strengthen Bond with Zero Free Transfer

The facility of ZERO fee transactions by ACE Money Transfer means that every amount sent will reach its intended destination without deductions. This initiative aims to strengthen family bonds and enable the expats to provide more significant financial support to their families from overseas to the Philippines.

Customer-Centered Approach

ACE has a customer-focused approach. It shows its concern for individuals by facilitating them. Their customer support is available 24/7. It offers first free transactions to its customers to build their trust. It can transfer money quickly, usually in a few minutes or more.

Unlimited Money Transfer

As a Filipino expatriate, you may face prohibition in making consecutive money transfers. It is because most of the companies offer limited transactions. However, ACE Money Transfer does not apply any transaction restrictions to its customers. You can send money to the Philippines as many times as you want.

Promotes Economic Growth

Another interesting fact about ACE Money Transfer is that it promotes economic growth. As a means of international money transactions, it has access to encourage economic growth. ACE contributes to economic development by providing the best currency conversion rates.

Win a Reward

One of the exciting benefits of ACE Money Transfer is that there are possibilities for you to get a reward. ACE offers many exciting rewards yearly. To avail of these prizes, you need to follow simple steps such as making more transactions. Read more about how ACE Money Transfer now offers completely fee-free transactions on special days and events.

Online money transfers can have different reasons, but what matters the most is finding the best way to send money to the Philippines. Factors like authenticity, reliability, reputation, convenience, speed, and charges may need to be considered while sending money online to the Philippines. ACE Money Transfer ensures security and reliability by providing different rewards and exciting offers. 

They offer Zero-fee transactions in the Philippines. In this era, there are many frauds while sending money online. The sender must pay high sending fees along with the remittance, still at a high risk of fraud. At the same time, ACE values its customer's trust. It sends your money quicker than any traditional transfer method without hidden fees. 

Bottom Line

ACE Money Transfer is known for its trustworthiness and reputation. It values its customers' trust and always takes advanced steps, especially for overseas clients. Offers like zero transaction fees encourage them to make international money transfers and stay connected with their families. Also, it offers speedy transfer and is always there for customer convenience. 

ACE Money Transfer pays excellent attention to the security of its customers. Its mobile applications and websites are fully secure. It requires strong passwords and two-factor authentication, ensuring personal account safety. Keep your accounts safe by following security protocols such as using private Wi-Fi and avoiding sharing your account access with anyone.

Choosing a company for online international transactions can take time because multiple companies and services offer remittance services. You can select the best way to send money to Philippines by comparing different services. Select the one that fits the best to your needs and budget. Remember these factors so you can choose the right hand to deliver your hard-earned money to your loved ones.


Are online money transfers safe?

Online money transfer is safe while using reputed and authentic networks. Always ensure you use a trusted and well-reputed network with positive reviews. You can access the customer reviews from the official site of the company.

What are the problems that customers can face while sending money online?

There are chances of fraud or scams, payment errors or delays, poor customer support or technical glitches, or hidden transaction charges. To avoid these problems, select a well-reputed company by reviewing its reviews and ratings.

How to select a safe and secure method for online Money Transfer?

Before choosing any service, search properly, check its authenticity and reliability, and start transactions. It's always better to start with a more minor transaction to familiarise yourself with the service.

How does ACE Money Transfer ensure security?

ACE Money Transfer is a trustworthy bridge between you and your dear ones. It is a well-reputed network that ensures security by providing a user-friendly interface. Moreover, an expat can track the process of its transaction from any part of the world. 

How much time is required to deliver money?

Delivery time usually depends on the receiving country's distance from the sending country. Also, the transfer method plays a vital role. Transferring money using a well-reputed online money transfer service will be successfully transitioned in minutes. In contrast, bank-to-bank transfers require 1-2 banking days.

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