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ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex Strengthen Families & Sweeten Ramadan with Their New Offer

ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex Strengthen Families & Sweeten Ramadan with Their New Offer

13 Mar 2024

As the crescent moon marks the beginning of Ramadan, a sense of spiritual renewal and community engulfs the Muslim world. Families gather for prayers, share meals to break the fast (Iftar) and strengthen the bonds of love and compassion. For Gambians residing abroad who already send money to Gambia for their families, this holy month presents a unique opportunity to extend their support to loved ones back home. ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex have brought yet another exciting campaign this Ramadan for Gambian remittance recipients to make the holy month even more special.

Sending money home during Ramadan holds immense significance. It allows you to contribute to the increased expenses associated with preparing special meals for Iftar and Suhoor (pre-dawn meals).  It signifies your presence and support during this sacred time, fostering a deeper connection with your family in the Gambia. Enabling your loved ones in the Gambia to receive a free 1 KG sugar bag every time they receive remittances adds more value for them. That’s what ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex offer this Ramadan.

Keep reading to learn how you can make your loved ones get a free sugar bag throughout Ramadan.

A Sweet Collaboration: ACE Money Transfer & Yonna Forex

Recognizing the importance of supporting families during Ramadan, ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex have joined forces to offer a unique and heartwarming initiative.  Throughout the holy month, they are bringing a touch of sweetness to Gambian communities by rewarding remittance beneficiaries with a complimentary 1 kg bag of sugar for every transfer of 4,000 Gambian Dalasi (GMD) or more collected at any Yonna Forex branch.

Beyond the delightful Ramadan offer, ACE Money Transfer stands out as the ideal partner for sending money home to the Gambia. Here's why:

Unmatched Convenience

ACE Money Transfer’s secure online platform (mobile app and website) allows you to initiate transfers anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need to visit a physical location. It enables you to send financial help to your family and loved ones in the Gambia whenever they need help without letting you worry about the holidays and banking hours.

Competitive Exchange Rates

With ACE Money Transfer’s live and competitive exchange rates, you ensure your loved ones receive the maximum value for your transfer amount. The company offers the facility to check exchange rates on its website and mobile app before creating a transfer. These exchange rates are always up-to-date with market fluctuations.

Transparent Fee Structure

When using ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app or website, you are charged No Hidden Costs. You'll see the exact amount your recipient will receive upfront. You have the facility to calculate the charges and the amount your loved ones will get before you actually create your money transfer to Gambia from abroad.

Fast and Secure Transfers

Your remittance reaches your family swiftly and reliably. ACE Money Transfer is known for its instant transfer mechanism, which is secure with end-to-end encryption. So you have complete peace of mind and know exactly when your funds will be delivered to the intended recipients in the Gambia.

How to Participate in the Ramadan Money Transfer & Sugar Reward Program

ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex’s collaboration creates ease for Gambian expats to send money home and let their loved ones receive special Ramadan gifts without any complex procedures. Sharing the Ramadan spirit with your loved ones in the Gambia is simple:

  • Sign up or log in to your account on ACE Money Transfer mobile app or website.
  • Select the Gambia as the recipient country and choose your destination country from where you are sending money.
  • Choose the cash option and select Yonna Forex as the payout location.
  • Enter the transfer amount (4,000 GMD or more) and recipient information.
  • Complete the secure online transaction.

Sweetening Every Day of Ramadan

This special offer extends throughout the entire Ramadan period. There's no limit on the number of sugar bags your recipient can receive during the month. However, one recipient will get only one sugar bag in a day. They can get more sugar bags on different days throughout Ramadan. With every transfer of 4,000 GMD or more collected at a Yonna Forex branch, they'll be greeted with a sweet surprise, making every day of Ramadan a little brighter.

Click Here to access this campaign’s complete terms and conditions so you can learn everything about its ins and outs.

Beyond the Sugar: The True Essence of Ramadan

While the sugar reward adds a touch of joy, the true essence of Ramadan lies in acts of charity, self-reflection, and spiritual growth. ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex believe in sharing and enabling Gambian expats to come closer to their loved ones, even from abroad, and share the warmth of giving with their family and friends.

Sending Money to The Gambia Online: A Safe and Secure Option

Online money transfers have become the preferred method for sending money internationally because of their convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness.

ACE Money Transfer prioritizes the safety of your transactions. It utilizes advanced security measures to ensure your financial information remains protected throughout the transfer process.

When using ACE mobile app or website, you have several benefits, and the tracking facility is one of the key features. Conventional methods don’t facilitate you with the information about the status of your transfers. However, using a secure online platform like ACE Money Transfer, allows you to track your transaction from creation to completion.

Besides, ACE Money Transfer is a UK-based Authorized Payment Institution (API), regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK, offering secure digital remittance solutions to expats in 28 countries across the UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Knowing that you are using a completely registered service, you stay with peace of mind that your funds won’t be lost.

Celebrate a Joyous Ramadan with Your Loved Ones in The Gambia

By choosing ACE Money Transfer for your Ramadan money transfers, you're not only providing essential financial support to your family but also offering them a delightful surprise. This unique initiative, in collaboration with Yonna Forex, allows you to actively participate in the Ramadan spirit and contribute to a more joyous celebration for your loved ones back home. You can send money online to Gambia via ACE’s mobile app or website with peace of mind and get the best value for your hard-earned money abroad. Doing so will let your loved ones get a free 1 kg sugar bag on receiving remittances of 4,000 dalasi or more every time throughout Ramadan 2024.

Ready to share the blessings of Ramadan? Visit the ACE Money Transfer website or use the mobile app today and experience the ease and security of sending money home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is there a minimum transfer amount required to participate in the Ramadan money transfer and sugar reward program?

Yes, to be eligible for the complimentary sugar bag, a minimum transfer amount of 4,000 Gambian Dalasi (GMD) is required.

Where can I receive the sugar bag?

Remittance recipients can get a free 1 kg sugar bag on Yonna Forex branches when receiving remittances sent via ACE Money Transfer from abroad.

Are there any additional fees associated with the Ramadan money transfer program?

ACE Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates and a transparent fee structure. No hidden charges or additional costs are involved when using ACE’s mobile app or website. However, it's crucial to review the fee information clearly before initiating your transfer.

Can I get more sugar bags in this ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex Campaign?

As the campaign runs throughout Ramadan 2024, every recipient can get multiple sugar bags before the end of the holy month. However, a single recipient can get only ONE sugar bag in a day. To get more bags, receive more remittances on different days throughout the month of Ramadan.

Is there a deadline to participate in the Ramadan money transfer and sugar reward program?

The program is valid throughout the entire Ramadan period. You can participate any day during Ramadan as long as your transfer amount meets the minimum requirement and is collected at a Yonna Forex branch.


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