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[Offer Closed] Get 1Kg Rice for Sending Money to Gambia!

[Offer Closed] Get 1Kg Rice for Sending Money to Gambia!

01 Dec 2020

Now get 1Kg rice for sending money to Gambia. Once again, ACE is back with an amazing offer for our hardworking Gambian customers. 

We are always there to provide our customers with the best possible deals. So, customers can easily make transactions for their loved ones. 

ACE Money Transfer - Best Remittance Services 

Professionalism in the official proceedings has notably aided in achieving perfectionism for ACE Money Transfer. Multiple transactional gateways allow users to conduct and host transactions from any corner of the world for friends and family members. 

Eligibility Criteria

Gambians can become eligible for the offer by complying some basic requirements. Now make any transactions of GMD 3000 or more to qualify for the basic mandatory requirement of the offer and get 1Kg rice as a reward.

The cash payments sent through ACE Money Transfer and received via Yonna Forex will be eligible for the respective offer. Furthermore, only paid transactions are accounted to fulfil the eligibility criteria. 

Receive Payments with Yonna Forex

Take advantage of this marvellous offer, just due to successful collaboration of ACE and Yonna Forex. On receiving payments via Yonna Forex, your beneficiary can have this benefit. Beneficiaries in the Gambia can qualify for this reward after receiving the specified limit of the amounts. 

Instant Remittance Services

ACE brings you the top of line quality services for sending and receiving international remittances at your arm's bay. Get the best of the mutual collaboration by receiving cash payments with Yonna Forex. ACE is always there for sending money to any corner of the Gambia. 

ACE Money Transfer and Yonna Forex

For the people of Gambia, it is an exciting opportunity to get the best remittance services from all over the world. Transfer money to Gambia from the UK or rest of Europe with the reliable platform of ACE Money Transfer and enjoy countless perks.

Yonna Forex is well reputed for professionally managing international remittances. With a large-scale network of Yonna Forex for receiving international remittances, you can have peace of mind. 

Enjoy 1kg rice as a reward for receiving cash payments equivalent to GMD 3000 or more with Yonna Forex. Beneficiaries can receive payments and rice only from Yonna Forex branches available in The Gambia. So, what are you waiting for? Start making transactions and give advantage to your loved ones.


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