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ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib are Giving Away Two PKR 1 Crore Prizes and 91 PKR 1 Lac Prizes to Overseas Pakistanis

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib are Giving Away Two PKR 1 Crore Prizes and 91 PKR 1 Lac Prizes to Overseas Pakistanis

07 Apr 2023

ACE Money Transfer’s millions of customers trust its services for numerous reasons. Whether unique service features or the repeated launch of exciting campaigns to pleasantly surprise its customers, ACE Money Transfer keeps benefiting expatriates in multiple ways. The company has launched yet another mega campaign focusing on the migrants of Pakistan who burn their midnight oil in a foreign land to earn a living and send money to Pakistan to offer financial support to their families back home.

Pakistani migrants residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland can stand a chance to win one of the two PKR 1 Crore bumper prizes or one of 91 PKR 1 Lac cash rewards until the 30th of June 2023.

Keep reading to learn everything you must know about this current campaign to ensure participation and win the grand prizes in this campaign, which is one of its kind!

According to a report by Pilot Guides, about 9 million Pakistani migrants are residing in different countries worldwide, seeking opportunities with better financial prospects. This figure makes the Pakistani diaspora one of the biggest worldwide.


Of these 9 million Pakistani migrants, those residing in the listed countries above now have a chance to win 2 mega cash prizes of PKR 1 Crore each and a staggering 91 prizes of PKR 100,000/- each throughout the campaign duration.

As a Pakistani migrant, you can win these prizes as a result of a money transfer to Pakistan from the listed countries.

An Insight Into The Mega Campaign

The company has entered into a partnership yet again with one of the biggest banks in Pakistan, Bank Al Habib, to facilitate the flow of remittances into the country through legal channels.


If you send money to Pakistan in any of the 1,080+ branches of Bank Al Habib through ACE Money Transfer from the listed countries, you will become eligible to participate in this exciting mega campaign to win prizes.


But there are a few points that you need to be aware of to win prizes because your eligibility and participation do not necessarily mean winning.


To make sure that the winners are selected fairly and that all the participants have an equal and just chance, the company has scheduled a series of lucky draws throughout the campaign duration.


If your name appears in the lucky draws, you will stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

Learn all the details about the campaign here: ACE & Bank Al Habib – Joint Campaign - ACE Money Transfer.


Ensuring Optimally Fair Process in Selecting Winners

One of the best parts of selecting winners through lucky draws is that in case if a winner fails to appear for the lucky draws to collect the prize within 7 days of contact, the company will hold a fresh lucky draw to select the new winner.


The company considered this because, given the uncertainties of life, you can come across any situation warranting your presence there instead of abandoning it to collect the prize.


The Partnership With Bank Al Habib – A Few Major Reasons

The company has entered into a partnership with Bank Al Habib because of the following few counts.


Trust And Respect The Bank Commands

Bank Al Habib hold immense respect and trust for its customers.

The bank's financial services are such and that too on a massive scale catering to the banking needs of millions of its customers that it only adds to the trust in the bank leading to an increasing customer base.

The bank also has grown its assets to over PKR 1 trillion in a short span of 28 years.


Huge Branch Network

Bank Al Habib has a huge branch network across Pakistan, with over 1,080 branches. Not only does the bank have so many branches in the country, but it also has several branches in Malaysia, Bahrain, China, UAE, Turkey and Kenya.


This huge branch network is a great convenience for customers because approaching any branch of the bank is easy and likely does not incur any commuting cost, which is inevitable in case branches are few and far between.


Now let’s understand the impetus behind launching this campaign.


The Exciting Mega Campaign – The Impetus Behind

You naturally wonder about the logic behind the launch of such a huge campaign wrapped in so many big prizes. Right?


Here are a few reasons.


Promoting Legal Channels For Remittance Transfer

You work abroad and send money to Pakistan online to offer financial support to your families back home. The strict regulation of remittances by the government of Pakistan led to an increase in taxation.


It diverted the expatriates to resort to illegal channels to transfer funds to either evade taxes or pay less than required.


ACE Money Transfer launched this campaign to bring migrants to use legal channels to transfer funds from abroad so that the taxes they pay are compensated for by the live and competitive exchange rates and low fees the company offers.


The Pakistani Economy And Dropping Remittances

  • The World Bank said that in 2021, Pakistan's nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was $348.26 billion.
  • In another report, the World Bank said that Pakistan's GDP per capita income in 2021 was $1,505.
  • A report by Dawn said that the inward remittances to Pakistan were $31 billion in FY2022. The volume of remittances, the same report projected, will remain close to $30 billion in FY2023 due to several factors. 

What is of concern is that remittances serve developing economies as lifesavers. However still, such a low volume points to a flailing economy struggling to pull large swathes of its people out of financial misery.

Brightening Your Chances To Win Prizes.

This current campaign is starting on April 1st and will last till June 30th, both days inclusive. To brighten your chances, make sure to keep sending money regularly using the channels explained above instead of making several transactions in one day.

Spread your transactions across the campaign duration and stand to win the mega prizes in the ensuing lucky draws.


ACE Money Transfer – Surprising You With Its Service And Awards

You are not required to do anything new in your online money transfer to Pakistan for this campaign. Keep sending money online via ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib’s services, spread transactions across the campaign duration and win a bumper cash prize of PKR 1 crore or several cash prizes of PKR 100,000 each in an instant now.

(The Pakistani Diaspora – PILOT GUIDES)

(GDP (current US$) - Pakistan | Data (

GDP per capita (current US$) - Pakistan | Data (


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