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ACE Mobile App Upgrade: Enhanced Features for Sending Money on the Go

07 Mar 2024

A new era of seamless financial transactions awaits you with ACE Money Transfer's mobile app! ACE Money Transfer has enhanced your mobile money transfer experience based on your valuable feedback. Imagine sending money on the go with just a few taps on your smartphone. ACE Mobile App Upgrade brings new features that will revolutionize how you handle your money transfers. Whether sending funds to family and friends or managing business transactions, ACE’s enhanced features are designed to make the process smoother and more convenient. Let's dive into the world of seamless money transfers – because your convenience is always a priority!  

ACE Mobile App: The Latest App Updates

In a digital world, speed and efficiency are a top priority for every user, regardless of the mode of money transfer used. Considering users' needs, ACE Mobile Money is thrilled to announce the launch of its mobile app, which will take the user experience to new heights. 

A Faster and Smoother Experience

In this fast-paced digital age, time is paramount, and ACE Money Transfer understands the importance of swift transactions. With the recent app upgrade, loading times have been significantly reduced, and overall responsiveness has also been finely tuned. 

Whether sending money quickly or checking your transaction history, the ACE app now offers speed and efficiency that align seamlessly with your on-the-go lifestyle. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to a faster, smoother, and more responsive money transfer experience.    

Simpler Money Transfers 

Transferring money has always been challenging! ACE Money Transfer has streamlined the process with a user-friendly interface, requiring fewer taps to complete your transactions. Say goodbye to unnecessary complexities as you effortlessly send money with just a few simple steps.   

Quick Send Option

Introducing the Quick Send option – a game-changer for customers on the go. Now, you can create global money transfers instantly by selecting the receiver from your dashboard. All transfer details are automatically filled in, leaving you with the simple task of confirming the payment. It's quick, it's easy, and it's ACE.

ACE Transfer Number (ATN) Upgrade 

The familiar Transaction/Transfer Code has undergone a makeover and is now known as the ACE Transfer Number (ATN). This upgrade brings sophistication to your transactions, ensuring a secure and efficient money transfer process.  

ACEIT: The Evolution of 'Pay Now' 

Bid farewell to 'Pay Now' and welcome the evolution – ACEIT. This revamped button is your gateway to swift and secure transactions. A single click on ACEIT sets the wheels in motion for hassle-free payments, putting you in control of your financial transactions.   

Enhanced Searches and Filters 

Navigating through your transaction history is now a breeze. The enhanced search options, including transfer status and amount filters, empower you to locate specific transactions quickly. ACE Money Transfer understands your need for efficiency, and these upgrades deliver just that.   

Customized Dashboards & Skins 

The introduction of customized dashboards and skins marks a new era in personalization. Beyond the functional aspects, this feature allows you to infuse your personality into the very fabric of your ACE app. 

With diverse skins and dashboards, you can transform your digital space into a reflection of your style. It makes every interaction with the app, including sending money, a uniquely enjoyable and visually appealing experience. 

ACE Money Transfer is not just facilitating transactions. It offers a platform where your preferences, even in sending money, take center stage, ensuring your financial journey is as individual as yours.

Dark Mode: A Visual Comfort 

For those low-light moments, we've introduced Dark Mode. Your eyes deserve comfort, and Dark Mode provides a visually appealing option, reducing strain and enhancing readability during dimly lit conditions.  

Stories for Engagement 

Explore your dashboard's new 'Stories' feature, where marketing and informative videos/images keep you engaged and informed. ACE Money Transfer goes beyond transactions, bringing you content that adds value to your app experience.

Tutorials for Seamless Navigation

Empower yourself with our tutorial section featuring training videos related to the ACE App. Whether you're a new user or seeking a refresher, these tutorials ensure you confidently make the most of the app's features.   

Dashboard Widgets: Your Quick Access Hub

Stay informed at a glance with ACE Mobile App’s new dashboard widgets. Daily rates, last ATN status, and available credits are now conveniently displayed, offering quick access to crucial information from your dashboard. 

App Tours for Interactive Learning

Embark on interactive app tours for key sections like 'Send Money,' 'Receiver Page,' and 'Transfer History.' Navigate the app with ease as these tours guide you through every feature, ensuring you're in control every step of the way. 

Profile Customization for Personal Touch 

Make your ACE experience uniquely yours by updating profile pictures and receiver images. Quick and easy identification is at your fingertips, making transactions smoother and more personalized.    

ACE Money Transfer – Redefining Convenience

The ACE Mobile App Upgrade is not just an update – it's a commitment to providing you with the best possible experience in money transfers. From enhanced security features to a more intuitive user interface, every aspect is designed to make sending money on the go a seamless and stress-free experience. 

With the ACE Mobile App Upgrade, they assure you convenience and a future-proof financial tool that evolves with your needs. Download the app today, embark on a journey of effortless transactions, and experience firsthand the innovation and reliability that ACE Money Transfer brings to online money transfers. Your financial convenience is ACE Money Transfer’s ongoing mission, and we are excited to be your trusted partner in this ever-evolving landscape. 


How do I update the ACE Mobile App?

Updates for the ACE Mobile App are available via the app store on your device. Just search for "ACE Money Transfer" in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), then hit the update button.

Can I use biometric authentication on any device?

Supported devices offer biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition. To make this feature function, ensure your smartphone has the required hardware and settings.  

Is the ACE Mobile App available in multiple languages for all users?

Indeed, the ACE Mobile App is multilingual, so users with different language backgrounds can use it. Your preferred language can be easily set in the app's settings.

Can I send money to any country using the ACE Mobile App?

Although ACE Money Transfer has a wide global network, checking the app's list of supported countries is a good idea. Ensure the recipient of the funds you wish to send is listed among the options.  

Can I send money through the ACE Mobile App without an internet connection?

No, you need to have an internet connection to send money using the ACE Mobile App. For transactions to be completed, make sure your device is online.


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