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A Tour of Europe's Rich Cultural Heritage and Festivals that Filipinos Must Know

A Tour of Europe's Rich Cultural Heritage and Festivals that Filipinos Must Know

20 Nov 2023

When migrants from developing countries like the Philippines travel to developed countries for different purposes, including earning a living to send money to Philippines to support their loved ones back home, they want to do several other activities.

The activities these migrants want to do sit on the peripheries of the core reason for which they travel abroad, which in this case is to earn a living.


Have you ever thought about what is one of the most tempting tasks you would want so much to attend to on arriving in a foreign land? Well, this is to explore your new city.


A report by Pilot Guides said that the Filipino diaspora is one of the biggest diasporas worldwide. It consists of about 10 million migrants, accounting for 10% of the country’s total population.


These Filipino migrants have a reasonable presence across European countries. They reside in several European countries for employment and education purposes.


Since Europe is a cluster of different countries, with each one having its own separate identity yet finely knit together like different flowers in a bouquet to provide a soothing fragrance, you find its exploration pretty tempting.


Working abroad to earn a living takes a heavy toll on your psychological health, so entertainment becomes essential to rejuvenate yourself to be more productive at your workplace. And what better activity to entertain yourself than exploring the new city you have travelled to?


This blog will walk you through Europe’s rich cultural heritage to make its exploration easier and will list some of the famous festivals that you must be aware of as a Filipino migrant living in Europe.


But first, let’s take a look at the economy of the Philippines to understand the pressing financial needs of the Filipinos triggering their migration.


Quick Facts About The Economy Of The Philippines And Inward Remittances

  • The World Bank said that the GDP of the Philippines in 2021 was $394.09 billion.
  • Another World Bank report revealed that in 2021 the GDP per capita income in the Philippines was $3,460.5.
  • According to another World Bank report, the quantum of inward remittances to the country in 2021 was $36.69 billion.

These figures point to a healthy economy, but several other factors force you to travel to Europe to find work and support your family back home through a money transfer to Philippines.


For example, one of the simple reasons could be to grab an opportunity abroad despite having a reasonable one in your native country if one arises and is easy for you to get hold of.


Here are a few Tips For You To Excel In Europe As A Filipino Migrant. Let’s now take a look at some of the heritage sites that you must visit while in Europe.


European Heritage Sites You Will Wish To Explore

Following are some of the awe-inspiring and most intriguing heritage sites spread across Europe.


Palace Of Sintra, Portugal

This lavishly decorated royal residence is located not too far from outside of Lisbon. It dates back to Moorish times and has been renovated several times by many rulers since. So, you will find a unique mix of Gothic, Manueline, Moorish, and Mudejar styles in its construction.


Casa Batllo, Spain

It is a masterpiece of celebrated architect Antoni Gaudi and is known locally as Casa Dels Ossos (House of Bones) in Barcelona. It has a high-quality skeletal Sculpted stone exterior, whose roof is said to resemble the back of a dragon.


Skokloster Castle, Sweden

It was built by a Swedish military commander Carl Gustaf Wrangel, who died in 1676 during the construction before the interior was completed. So, a part of the castle named Unfinished Hall remains in the same state; its builders had left it at the time of Carl’s demise.


Sanssouci, Germany

Located in East Germany, it was the summer palace of King Frederick the Great of Prussia. It was meant for relaxation, as its French name, ‘San Souci’ meaning ‘Without Worries’ depicts. The palace was completed in 1747 and is a single-storey Roccoco-style villa.


Stonehenge, England

It is a ring of about 13-foot-high standing stones constructed between 2000 to 3000 BCE in Wiltshire, England. Its construction purpose and how it was built are still a mystery. But theories range from its usage for healing the sick to being a place of worship to being a burial ground.


A visit to any of these sites is sure to refresh you and reinvigorate you to work more efficiently as a Filipino migrant to earn a living for an online money transfer to Philippines for your family’s financial support.


Let’s now take a look at some of the famous European festivals you must attend while in Europe.


Famous European Cultures

Attending the following festivals will help you explore and understand your host country better.


The Carnival Of Venice – Masked Fete Of The Floating City

At this festival, locals and visitors can dress up, wear different masks and parade in amazing costumes. You will see theatrical events, shows on the city’s famous waterways, and much more.


Vinterjazz – A Musical Feast Lasting 3 Weeks

It takes place in Denmark and is a must on Denmark’s music calendar. At this festival, you will have the chance to enjoy over 600 music concerts, 100+ venues, and around 25 organisers across the country.


The Day Of St Patrick – The Saint Patrick’s Feast

It is an official Irish holiday to celebrate the passing of the patron saint of Ireland. You will see a lot of shamrocks, leprechauns, and lots of green-tinged beer. But in Dublin, you will see parades, concerts, etc., during the festival.


Keukenhof – A Colourful Flower And Tulip Festival

Keukenhof is known as the ‘Garden of Europe’. Lasting for 8 weeks, over 500 flower growers will participate in the festival to exhibit what they have in Amsterdam.


The King’s Day – A Citywide Street Festival Lasting One Day

The locals and expatriates alike dress in orange from head to toe during this single-day festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to celebrate the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. The number of participants in this festival falls between 600,000 to a million people.

These festivals are a cost-effective means of enjoyment for you.


Wrap Up

You will not find it less than a festivity to enjoy if you send money to Philippines online from Europe to the Philippines with ACE Money Transfer in exchange for a low fee, the highest currency exchange rates, and much more!



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