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A Guide to Understanding The Tradition And Culture In Australia For Filipinos

21 Aug 2023

Australia, one of the top choices for global expatriates, is a fascinating blend of history, traditions, and cultures. For Filipinos contemplating a visit or a move, comprehending this multicultural society is paramount. But how you navigate this vastly different environment is a complex challenge for those who plan to move to Australia for better education or job employment so they can earn and send money to Philippines from Australia for financial support.

It can take some time to adjust, even though studying or working abroad for Filipinos is a fantastic way to experience life in another nation. There will probably be many differences between Australia and your home country, some of which you may have anticipated and some of which may surprise you. 

Gaining some perspective and understanding of the Australian way of life is beneficial if you plan to move to Australia or stay there for a while. Likely, you won't be disappointed once you adjust to your new environment and understand why things are set up the way they are. Let's introduce some Filipino traditions and culture to Australia.

Australia-Philippines Comprehensive Partnership

Australia's relationship with the Philippines dates back the longest. Our strong human connections enable us to share common interests and values. With over 10,000 Filipino students enrolled in Australian universities and vocational schools, Australia is home to over 250,000 people of Filipino heritage.

The celebration of the 70th anniversary of their bilateral relations in 2016 between Australia and the Philippines highlighted their deep and extensive bond. The first Australian Consulate General was established in Manila in May 1946, marking the start of official ties.

Today, the relationships have expanded to include an ever-increasing link between people, development assistance for sustainable growth, trade and investment to deepen economic ties and defence and law enforcement cooperation. There has been extensive bilateral cooperation between Australia and the Philippines. Due to their close proximity and shared perspectives on many regional, economic, and security issues, both nations share many similarities.

Traditions and Culture In Australia 


More than 300 different languages are spoken in Australia, despite English being the official language. Greek, Arabic, Mandarin, and Italian are among these. Words like boomerang and kangaroo may also have Aboriginal influences.

Australian slang and phrases are particular to that country. Learn words like "g'day," "bloke," and "barbie" if you want to sound like an Australian (barbeque). You might also encounter strange expressions and slang that rhyme when a word is substituted for one part of a phrase. For instance, the terms "Captain Cook" and "Bag of Fruit" both refer to taking a look. 

Are you a Filipino expat living in Australia and having trouble finding a reliable money transfer method? Asking other expats around you about such solutions can help you get the best way possible for a secure and economical money transfer from Australia to PhilippinesYou can ask people for help even if you know little about other regional languages spoken in Australia.


Australian culture and national obsession both heavily rely on the sport. The most well-liked sports and those with the highest attendance levels at venues or via broadcast include cricket, Australian Rules Football (AFL), Rugby League, Rugby Union, soccer, swimming, basketball, and horse racing. 

Top-notch sporting facilities can be found in almost every Australian town and suburb, giving residents of all ages and abilities a chance to stay physically active and fortify their social ties. Weekends are typically spent with family and friends enjoying a backyard barbecue, a game of cricket, or an Aussie rules football match while drinking a cold beer.

World championships and other major international sporting events have long been held in Australia. The Australian Football League, the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Tennis Open, the Formula One Grand Prix, and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race are just a few sporting events that keep all sports fans happy. 


Australians tend to be laid-back and informal, not big on formal greetings. The custom in Australia is to shake hands, smile, and introduce one another by their first names when meeting someone for the first time. They cherish their carefree way of living and greatly value their time with loved ones and friends. Events like picnics, family barbecues, parties, beach days, and park get-togethers characterise the Australian way of life.

Giving and receiving gifts from family, friends, neighbours, and coworkers is customary on birthdays and at Christmas. It's polite to bring a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates for the hosts when you've been invited to someone's house for dinner. If you run more than 15 minutes late, kindly be on time. Contact your host as soon as possible if your delay is unavoidable. There are so many ways to adjust to the new Australian culture as an expat

Shopping And Entertainment

Even in urban areas, Australian stores may have shorter hours than you're used to. Most stores open around 9 am and close at 5 pm every day. On Thursday or Friday nights, stores in some areas may stay open until 9 pm or later for late-night shopping. Supermarkets and department stores, among other large retailers, frequently stay open late daily; some do so continuously.

Sport is a popular form of entertainment in Australia, especially Australian Rules Football (AFL), rugby league, cricket, and tennis. Many Australians, both men and women, spend their weekends participating in or watching sports. Australians may consume alcohol more frequently than people in your country, with bars, pubs, and clubs all popular places to hang out with friends. Apart from entertainment, make sure you don't forget your family, and keep supporting them and send money from Australia to Philippines online to your loved ones. 

Secular Holidays

Anzac Day, observed on April 25, is arguably the most significant national secular holiday. The Australia and New Zealand Army Corps' 1915 landing at Gallipoli in Turkey is remembered on this public holiday. However, the event now includes combatants from every war Australia has fought. At war memorials, dawn services are held, and street parades draw large crowds. A two-minute silence is held on Remembrance Day, which falls on November 11 and is not a public holiday, to honour Australians who served and lost their lives in war.

A public holiday called Labor Day is held to honour better working conditions and the introduction of the eight-hour workday. In various states, it is observed at various times of the year. Melbourne Cup Day is a significant celebration, a yearly horse-racing occasion in Melbourne. Many spectators at the race are dressed formally, and employees gather at work to watch the event on television.

To call Australia incredible, intriguing, or unique would be an understatement. The mixture of peoples and cultural traditions found in this part of the world, known as Australia, is difficult to put into words. Being a Filipino, it is best to be familiar with Australian culture before visiting since it has changed significantly to fit the character of this location.

Bottom Line 

Working with people of different races presents some challenging cultural issues. Therefore, it is best to become familiar with a few of the most prevalent cultural differences to prevent errors in judgment. It is preferable to use ACE's services if you live in Australia and want to send money to Philippines online.


What is the concept of "fair go" in Australian culture?

The concept of "fair go" in Australian culture is an egalitarian belief that everyone deserves an equal chance.

What is a significant similarity between Australian and Filipino cultures?

Both Australian and Filipino cultures value strong family connections and hospitality.

What are some differences between Australian and Filipino cultures?

Differences include Australia's laid-back attitude contrasted with Filipino's formal and respectful mannerisms.

How important is sports in Australian culture?

Sports play a crucial role in Australian culture, forming a significant part of the national identity.

What role do Dreamtime stories play in Indigenous Australian culture?

Dreamtime stories pass down the spiritual beliefs, cultural values, and histories of Aboriginal peoples, influencing contemporary Australian literature and film.

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