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A Guide for Filippino Expats when Moving to Europe

A Guide for Filippino Expats when Moving to Europe

06 Dec 2022

Europe is home to more than 23.7 million people that have migrated here from several countries where people from low-to-middle-income countries remain on top. Besides migrants from other countries, over 900,000 Filipinos live in Europe, most of whom have migrated to European countries for better employment. These overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) send money to Philippines to ensure better financial support for their families back home. Europe offers one of the most exhilarating lifestyles worldwide and ever-growing employment opportunities; that’s why many people yearly move to Europe from across the globe.

Moving is exciting and scary, but being ready for what to anticipate is an excellent way to guide yourself in a new location. Europe, known for its timeless culture and rich history, is unquestionably a dream destination for tourists and migrants.

However, it is critical to remember that relocating to another country is difficult. Before you can book that one-way flight, you must first sort out a few details. There's a list of resources that you might find helpful before making the big move to Europe. This article contains essential information about the life of Filippino expats.

Things to Do When Moving to Europe from the Philippines

Whether you are looking for jobs in Europe or have recently moved here from the Philippines, the following things will help ease your life as an overseas worker.

Join Filipino Communities In Europe

For Filipinos looking to relocate to any of the European countries, the presence of a reasonably sizeable Filipino community is wonderful news. You will come across Filipino organisations that work to unite Filipinos in whatever city you choose to call home.

You can also search online for Filipinos who reside in Europe. There are many Filipino groups on Facebook, the majority of which have thousands of members. Former members, who are always willing to assist and advise, can interact with many Filipinos who have recent immigrants to the country.

Joining such communities will help you learn how to settle in Europe as an expatriate without consuming extra time and effort. People already living there will guide you about numerous essentials like managing the most economical residence, affordable transport, healthcare, entertainment options, weekend deals to benefit from, the best meals nearby your location, banking solutions, internet services, day-to-day utilities, etc.

Check The Visa Requirements For Philippine Citizens

Whether migrating to Europe for tourism, study, or work opportunities, Filipinos with Philippine passports must file a visa application before making the big move. There are various types of Europe visas, but you must apply for the correct one and provide the proper documentation depending on your reason for visiting Europe.

You would require a long-term work visa if you intended to work and remain in Europe for several years. Before beginning your application, be sure to conduct thorough research because the required documents may change depending on the type of visa you're applying for.

Cost Of Living in Europe

The cost of living may vary depending on where you choose to live or work in Europe. Begin by learning all the essential things about the city you're moving to. The cost of living in Europe is, however, considerably higher than it is in the Philippines.

It is better to prepare and clearly understand how much you might need during your first few months in the country because Filipinos visit the country for the first time. The cost of goods and services often comes as a shock. Take a look at the places you can eat, stay there, or just grab a coffee. If you manage an economical residence, you can save enough to ensure financial support for your loved ones back home. Another way to manage savings as a Filipino in Europe is to send money to Philippines online using credible remittance providers like ACE Money Transfer. You will save enough on transfer costs while simultaneously getting the highest exchange rates for Europ to Philippines Peso and the most secure services.

Explore The Best Available Job Opportunities

Look into as many possibilities as you can if you have decided to emigrate from the Philippines to Europe but have yet to select a job. Once you've been looking for work for some time, keep your ideal position. Your skills will always be highly valued and appreciated in a place and job. Therefore, keep going until you've decided on one.

Searching for and securing a job before moving to Europe is recommended since it saves you from unbearable hassles in a foreign land. So, to ensure financial stability, look for different jobs in Europe according to your scope of work online or through a reliable agent.

Accommodations for Filipino Expats in Europe

One of the essential things you need to take care of before settling in your new home country is finding a place to live before moving to the UK. Give yourself plenty of time when searching for lodging because it typically takes time.

You will be better able to decide what kind of home is best for you, what your spending limit should be, and whether to rent or buy by researching beforehand (e.g., semi-detached house, flat, terrace, etc.). Look for cheap accommodations for a start, as you have back there whom you have to support by sending money.

You can start looking for accommodations while still in the Philippines because house hunting can be overwhelming. Renting a home before buying may be preferable for a more flexible lease.

Know Where to Get Help in Europe

Ensure that your phone's fast dial has the emergency services' contact info. Maintain a list of places where you can eat or stay if you don't feel like returning to your place or if there is an emergency. Emergency services, such as police, fire, and ambulance, should be accessible by dialling 112 from any European Union (EU) nation.

Find the Best Way to Send Money to the Philippines

After completing the necessary measures for your transfer to the UK, you should show your love and care to your family and friends in the Philippines by sending money back home. It is much simpler to send money now because you can do it online without going to a physical remittance centre.

A foreign bank transfer can be expensive due to high bank fees and poor exchange rates, even though it is alluring to have your money directly credited to the bank account of a loved one. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about anything because ACE Money Transfer offers a solution to handle your money while you're overseas, with a global money transfer service that allows you to send money back home.

Moving to Europe can give Filipino expats a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Do some research first, though, so you can be as ready as possible before you leave. Before going, be aware of all the necessary tasks. Concerning money transfers, ACE Money Transfer is available to help you with affordable exchange rates.

Final Thoughts 

If you find moving to Europe from the Philippines stressful and challenging, take help from the guideline above. It will lessen your stress and enable you to make your migration smooth and convenient. Once you’ve reached Europe and secured a reasonable job, join ACE Money Transfer to make an instant, secure, and economical online money transfer to Philippines to your family every time they need help.


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