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A Complete International Tour Guide for Nigerian Adventure Lovers

16 Feb 2024

Exploring the globe is an amazing experience; for adventurers in Nigeria, the world is like an oyster. But have you ever thought about ensuring smooth financial transitions while visiting the world's wonders? This guide will take you through the ins and outs of overseas travel for Nigerian adventurers, emphasizing facilitating secure financial transactions. So, how can you ensure a stress-free financial trip while you can also send money to Nigeria from anywhere in the world? Let’s have a look.          

Perks of Traveling Outside of Nigeria  

Nigerian adventurers frequently ask why they should leave their country. International travel provides new experiences, cultural immersion, and personal development opportunities. Exploring new places broadens perspectives while also providing a distinct perspective on life.         

Untangling the Cultural Tapestry

Exploring overseas sites allows Nigerian adventurers to discover the rich tapestry of many civilizations. Engaging with different habits, traditions, and ways of life creates a thorough cultural immersion that fosters a greater awareness of global viewpoints. It is an opportunity to step away from the familiar and enjoy the beauty of diversity, thus widening one's perspective.     

Developing a Distinctive Life View   

Beyond Nigeria's physical borders is a world waiting to be discovered. International travel offers a distinct viewpoint on life, challenging existing beliefs and providing new perspectives. Experiencing diverse cultures, landscapes, and ways of life allows Nigerian adventure enthusiasts to see the world through a larger lens. It will enable personal growth and a deeper understanding of our global community's connection.          

Unlocking New Opportunities

International travel opens the door to many fresh experiences that are unusual. Whether traversing the Himalayas, sampling unusual foods, or participating in local festivities, each adventure creates a distinct chapter in the traveler's trip. These events not only leave a lasting impression, but they also lead to personal growth and a more fulfilling existence. It also offers opportunities to earn and contribute towards the well-being of your family through instant money transfers

Must-Visit Destinations for Nigerian Expats Across the Globe

As a Nigerian expat, embarking on a foreign trip offers doors to a world full of various experiences. The selected locations provide a broad range of experiences for Nigerian expats. It ranges from romantic strolls in Paris to cultural odysseys in Rome and nature getaways in the Swiss Alps. Toronto, Banff National Park, Sydney, and the Australian Outback all provide multicultural vitality, pristine nature, urban elegance, and rough experiences. It ensures that every vacation plan is full of cultural diversity and wonderful memories.               

A Romantic Sojourn in Enchanting Paris   

For Nigerian expats looking for a romantic getaway, Paris, with its charming boulevards and historic buildings, is a must-see. Walking through the old streets, you will see the city's ageless charm, where every corner tells a tale. From the majestic Eiffel Tower to the cultural sanctuary of Montmartre, Paris invites you to immerse yourself in a world where history and modernity coexist together. Indulge in fine food, see world-class museums, and observe the city's romantic charm that draws visitors worldwide.    

Uncovering Italy's Heritage on a Cultural Odyssey in Rome

The eternal city of Rome provides Nigerian expats with a cultural voyage rich in history and gastronomic pleasures. Explore historic monuments such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum in the footsteps of ancient Romans. Delight your palate with scrumptious pasta meals and experience the spirit of Italy's rich heritage. Rome entices you with its ageless allure, urging you to immerse yourself in the cultural fabric that has formed this wonderful city.       

Nature's Serenity Calls at a Swiss Alps Retreat    

The Swiss Alps provide a unique getaway for Nigerian expats seeking unspoiled scenery. Majestic mountains, tranquil lakes, and attractive alpine communities provide an immersive experience amid the splendor of nature. Whether skiing in the winter or trekking in the summer, the Swiss Alps provide a haven for people seeking peace and quiet in the midst of stunning landscapes. Discover the enchantment of Switzerland's natural treasures, which provide a tranquil backdrop for unforgettable moments.         

Take Advantage of Diversity in Canada's Metropolis

Toronto, a cultural melting pot, is a welcoming site for Nigerian expats to enjoy its diverse metropolitan landscape. Dive into the ethnic energy of Kensington Market and Chinatown, where many populations come together. Visit renowned sights like the CN Tower and sample the city's diverse food scene. Toronto delivers a rich tapestry of experiences that exemplify the openness and variety that distinguish Canada's largest city. This bustling metropolis provides adventure and comfort for expats to make a money transfer to Nigeria quicker with the fastest internet services in the world. So, enjoy your time in Toronto with ease.    

Banff National Park - A Natural Wonderland in Canada

Banff National Park in Canada delivers an enjoyable vacation for nature aficionados among Nigerian immigrants. This national park, surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, is captivated by turquoise lakes, beautiful glaciers, and plentiful animals. Hike through undisturbed wilderness, marvel at Lake Louise's spectacular grandeur, and connect with the raw, natural treasures. All these marvelous destinations make Banff a must-visit for people seeking outdoor experiences.  

Sydney's Dynamic Blend - Urban Sophistication and Coastal Beauty

With its dynamic combination of urban sophistication and seaside beauty, Sydney entices Nigerian expats to start on an enthralling journey. Discover the magnificent Sydney Opera House, unwind on the beautiful sands of Bondi Beach, and immerse yourself in the city's vibrant cultural life. Sydney embodies Australia's global culture, providing the ideal balance of entertainment, art, and outdoor activities, making it a location that smoothly integrates modernism with natural beauty.   

Rugged Beauty in Australia's Outback

The Australian Outback screams for adventure for the daring Nigerian expats. Explore the continent's core, where rough landscapes, huge deserts, and renowned sights like Uluru await. Experience the untamed beauty of the Australian Outback by immersing yourself in old indigenous culture and experiencing the untamed beauty of the ancient indigenous culture. This tour promises to be a one-of-a-kind and transforming adventure, revealing Australia's raw and intriguing side.

Key Advice for a Stress-Free International Adventure

Following these helpful hints, you may be able to travel anywhere in the globe with ease and comfort

Navigate the Cheapest Remittance Service

Remittances are a Nigerian expat’s need when they are traveling from one country to another without family. It is best for you to find the cheapest way to send money online to Nigeria so that your loved ones don’t suffer while you enjoy your time around the world.

Packing Techniques Mastery

Packing wisely is critical for overseas travel. Research your destination's environment, bring adaptable attire, and prioritize necessities. Don't forget to pack travel adapters and the appropriate documentation for a stress-free trip.  

Becoming Accustomed to Local Customs and Etiquette

It is essential to respect local customs. Learn a few phrases in the local language, become acquainted with cultural conventions, and become immersed in the local way of life. This improves your experience and develops strong relationships with the local community.

Online Money Transfer - A Global Explorer's Companion

From the multicultural tapestry of Toronto to the rugged beauty of the Australian Outback, let your global journey be a symphony of unforgettable moments. Let it get crafted with cultural curiosity and financial ease, courtesy of ACE Money Transfer.

Maintaining constant security for your funds and transfers while on these foreign trips is critical. ACE Money Transfer is a trustworthy partner for Nigerian expats, offering secure and quick online money transfer services. It offers the cheapest way to send money online to Nigeria, making your financial changes as seamless as your discoveries. ACE Money Transfer is your financial partner while you create remarkable memories across countries.       


How can I send money to Nigeria while traveling abroad? 

ACE Money Transfer provides secure and efficient online money transfer services, ensuring you can send money to Nigeria seamlessly from any corner of the globe.

Are there any restrictions on sending money internationally? 

ACE Money Transfer facilitates international money transfers without unnecessary restrictions, allowing you to manage your finances effortlessly while exploring the world.

How quickly can I send money to Nigeria using ACE Money Transfer? 

ACE Money Transfer prioritizes swift transactions, ensuring your funds reach Nigeria promptly, even when you are on the go.    


Can I access ACE Money Transfer services from various countries? 

ACE Money Transfer is designed to cater to global travelers, allowing you to access and utilize our services from various countries and ensuring your financial needs are met regardless of your location.

Is it safe to use online money transfer services while traveling? 

Yes, ACE Money Transfer prioritizes the security of your transactions, providing a safe and reliable platform for online money transfer to Nigeria and allowing you to explore with peace of mind.

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