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A Complete Guide on Finding Job and Migrating to Germany from Pakistan

A Complete Guide on Finding Job and Migrating to Germany from Pakistan

26 Nov 2022

In addition to being a beautiful country, Germany is also one of the most prosperous and progressive nations in Europe. It is the ideal location to go if you seek a job due to its rapid growth and low unemployment rates. A highly safe and appealing area to live and work, the country offers free education to its inhabitants. More than 124,000 Pakistanis live in Germany, and most of them work in different fields to earn a better living and send money to Pakistan for financial support to their families.

Germany is the second most immigrant-friendly country behind the United States, with more than 12 million citizens who were born abroad.

On the other hand, due to the proximity of the two countries and the affordable visa costs, migrating to Germany from Pakistan is comparatively affordable. Additionally, applicants who accurately gathered all of their documentation are granted permission to relocate to Germany without incident. The most crucial thing is to thoroughly research all the prerequisites for the selected type of immigration and to make all essential preparations in advance without undue enthusiasm.

If you also seek to find reasonable employment in Germany and move there from Pakistan, this guide will help you in the process.

Finding the Desired Job in Germany and Moving from Pakistan

Getting a job in a foreign country like Germany while staying in your native land, i.e. Pakistan can be challenging if you don’t know the complete process. It requires complete documentation and verification procedure before moving to Germany once you are hired by an employer there.

Here’s what you’ll need to go through while securing a reasonable job in Germany and migrating from Pakistan.

Before applying for a visa:

Determine your job chances

Your prospects of finding employment in Germany should be indicated by the quick check on the Make It in Germany website. Doctors, nurses, engineers, mechatronic experts, IT pros, and train drivers are among the professions in demand. It is essential to determine whether you require a visa to work in Germany before beginning your job search.

Get your credentials recognised.

It can be helpful for many occupations, and for some, it may even be required that your home country's occupational or educational credentials be recognised in Germany.

Go job hunting

Additionally, you may do a job search on the website of the Federal Employment Agency, on sizable job boards like Stepstone, Indeed, and Monster, or among the openings posted on professional social networks like LinkedIn or Xing. Directly search for job openings on the corporate websites of any organisations in which you are particularly interested.

Prepare a job application.

An application to a German firm often consists of a cover letter, a CV with a picture, certifications, and recommendations. Ensure that you possess the necessary credentials and make sure to emphasise them in your cover letter.

Apply for visa

You apply for a visa only when you have secured a job in Germany. Plan a meeting at the German Embassy in your country and inform your potential employer that the visa application procedure can take some time to complete.

You can get a six-month visa for work if you hold a higher education credential that is recognised in Germany.

Additionally, getting complete information on what channels you will use to transfer funds back home after getting settled in Germany is recommended. Most Pakistani expats prefer ACE Money Transfer to make an instant and secure online money transfer to Pakistan from Germany, given the benefits they get from its services.

Requirements for a German Job Visa

To be qualified to submit an application for a German work visa, you must fulfil several conditions:

  • Have a bachelor's or master's degree from a German institution or a foreign degree of equal standing.
  • Have at least five years of experience in your chosen industry.
  • Prove that you have the money to cover your stay during your visit to Germany.
  • Possess travel or health insurance for the duration of your visit to Germany or until you receive your work permit.
  • You're one step closer to receiving your visa if you check all the boxes.

Documents Required

Make sure you have all the paperwork so your application won't be denied immediately for failing to meet the standards. The following step is to prepare for the paperwork collection that will be submitted with your application.

  • A valid passport at least (issued in the past 10 years and valid for at least 12 months after your scheduled return).
  • A copy of your passport's data page and three biometric-compliant passport pictures are also required.
  • A cover letter outlining your visit's goal, your employment search strategy, and any backup Plans you have in case you can't land a job
  • Your degree certificate (or any other documentation of your academic standing from a German or non-German university) and any job experience certifications are required.
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae (cv) of your
  • Evidence of staying in Germany (where you will be staying during your visit)
  • One of the following documents should be presented as proof of your ability to pay for your stay in Germany.
  • A formal commitment letter by a sponsor residing in Germany is known as an obligation declaration.
  • Statement of a bank account, or
  • Unaccessible bank account.
  • Evidence of your personal status in your country of origin, such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or other documents (translated into English)
  • Evidence of health insurance

What level of German language knowledge is required?

It depends on the factors that led you to apply for a residence permit. Some people must be able to speak the language. Others are left to the discretion of the appropriate authorities.

"Germany has one of the leading economies around the world and the biggest economy in Europe. There are presently thousands of open positions nationwide.”

Bottom Line

Doubtlessly, seeking a job in a foreign country like Germany is challenging but not impossible. If you follow the guidelines given above, you can make your job search easy and target-oriented. Deciding your scope of work, looking for jobs according to your education and experience only, securing a job successfully, and then applying for a visa to move to Germany from Pakistan will help you settle there. Of course, supporting your family’s financial needs will be your top-priority while earning in Germany. Using ACE Money Transfer to send money to Pakistan online from Germany is recommended since you enjoy the fastest and most secure services, the lowest transfer fees, and the highest exchange rates when sending money abroad with its services.


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