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5 Tips on Managing Medical Care as a Bangladeshi Expat in France

22 Jan 2024

France, with its rich cultural tapestry and renowned healthcare system, beckons Bangladeshi expats seeking new opportunities and experiences. Yet, navigating the intricacies of accessing medical care in a new country can be daunting. 

This comprehensive guide delves into the French healthcare landscape, empowering Bangladeshi expats with 5 essential tips to manage their medical needs effectively. Additionally, it contains information about the best way to send money to Bangladesh from France.

Understanding the French Healthcare System

There are two main healthcare systems in France.

Public vs. Private Insurance

Here are some pointers on insurance: 

Public Healthcare

France boasts a universal healthcare system (Sécurité sociale) offering comprehensive coverage for most medical needs. Expats residing in France and paying social security contributions are eligible for this system.

Private Insurance

While public healthcare covers most essential healthcare needs, supplemental private insurance is often recommended for comprehensive coverage, faster appointments with specialists, and access to private hospitals.

Finding a Doctor

Here are the types of doctors you may find in healthcare systems: 

General Practitioners (GPs)

The first point of contact for most medical needs in France, GPs can refer patients to specialists if necessary. You can find GPs listed in phone directories or online platforms like Doctolib.


Appointments with specialists usually require a referral from a GP. Research hospitals and specialized clinics for specific needs.

Language Barriers

English proficiency is not widespread in France, particularly outside major cities. Learning basic French phrases can be helpful, and translation apps can come in handy during consultations.

Emergency Services

Dial 112 for emergencies, which will connect you to the ambulance service and fire department. If you have limited French, speak slowly and clearly and request an interpreter if needed.

Multilingual medical resources and interpreters are often available in major hospitals and clinics, so don't hesitate to inquire.

Healthcare Costs

Public healthcare significantly reduces out-of-pocket expenses. However, co-payments may apply for certain services and medications.

Private insurance premiums vary depending on coverage and individual factors. Be sure to compare plans and understand your coverage details.

Staying Connected with Home

Maintaining strong emotional and financial ties with loved ones back in Bangladesh is vital. Sending money online to Bangladesh from France with a reliable and secure service like ACE Money Transfer ensures peace of mind.

ACE Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates, transparent fees, and a convenient online platform to effortlessly send funds from France to Bangladesh. 

This way, you can manage your healthcare expenses effectively while supporting your loved ones back home.

Essential Tips for Effective Healthcare Management

As an expat, health should be a top priority because they are there to have a better lifestyle and provide for families back home.

Healthcare Resources

Familiarize yourself with online resources like the French Ministry of Health website and the Social Security website for up-to-date information on healthcare policies, procedures, and your rights as a patient.

Register with the Sécurité Sociale

Enrollment in the public healthcare system is crucial for access to subsidized medical services. Contact your local CPAM (Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie) office for assistance.

Obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Bangladeshi citizens residing in France can apply for an EHIC, providing temporary coverage for medically necessary healthcare during travel within the European Union.

Gather Medical Records

Bring translated copies of your medical records from Bangladesh, including past diagnoses, medications, and allergies, to facilitate communication with French healthcare providers.

Utilize Preventative Care

Take advantage of regular checkups and screenings offered by the healthcare system to maintain good health and prevent potential complications.

Communicate Effectively

Don't hesitate to ask questions and clarify any uncertainties during consultations. Open communication with your healthcare providers is key to receiving optimal care.

A Journey of Adaptability and Support

Navigating healthcare as a Bangladeshi expat in France requires adaptability and resourcefulness. By understanding the system, seeking accurate information, and utilizing available resources, you can effectively manage your health and well-being in your new home. 

Remember, money transfer from France to Bangladesh with ACE Money Transfer keeps you connected to your loved ones while easing financial burdens. Embrace the adventure, prioritize your health, and rest assured that ACE Money Transfer stands by you every step of the way.


How do I register for social security in France?

Head to the local "Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie" (CPAM) office with residence permit and employment contract. They'll guide you through the process and issue social security cards.

Do I need a GP or a specialist for a common cold?

Start with GP! They can handle most everyday illnesses and prescribe medication. They'll refer to a specialist if needed for more complex problems.

What if I don't speak French?

Many hospitals and clinics offer interpreter services. Don't hesitate to request one if help is needed in communicating with the doctor. 

Remember, being prepared with basic French phrases like "Bonjour" (hello) and "Merci" (thank you) can go a long way.

How can I manage healthcare costs while sending money back to Bangladesh?

Understanding social security coverage and choosing a good complementary health insurance plan is key.

As mentioned, reliable money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer with competitive exchange rates can help send funds home efficiently without putting a strain on the healthcare budget.

Where can I find more information about the French healthcare system?

Check out the French Ministry of Health website or the Social Security website for official updates and resources. 

Remember, staying informed keeps one in control of one's healthcare journey.

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