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5 Things You Must Know About Italy Before Moving from Pakistan for Work Purposes

14 Mar 2024

Are you planning to move to Italy to earn and send money to Pakistan from Italy to provide your family with financial support? Many Pakistanis are planning to move to Italy for better job opportunities. Italy is a well-developed country that welcomes people from different countries to explore the land. But before moving to Italy, you must prepare your mind and pack some essential stuff to spend a happy life in Italy.          


Always start planning by making a budget plan to know how much money you need to survive in Italy. Make a productive timetable and set your goals. Pack all your essentials before moving to Italy and look for ways to stay financially connected with your family. You may need to make various transactions to Pakistan for different purposes, so choose a reliable bank account or remittance transfer service to maintain your connection.

Italy is significant for its cultural diversity, hospitality, and beautiful land. As a Pakistani, you can enjoy living in Italy while celebrating different cultures, exploring new tastes, and building a luxurious future for yourself. Scroll down the article to learn about five essential things about Italian life before leaving Pakistan.  

5 Things Every Pakistani Should Know Before Moving to Italy

Every year, lots of Pakistanis leave the country for various purposes. Almost 150,000 Pakistani expats live in Italy, and most people move from Pakistan for better working opportunities. Pakistan is among the top 5 largest remittance-receiving countries, receiving an average of 3762.81 USD Million in remittances annually. It shows that expats living abroad look for ways to send money to Pakistan to help their families overcome financial issues. Consider the following points before moving to Italy:  

Living Cost in Italy  

Every Pakistani expat's first step should be making appropriate budget plans to live in Pakistan. Research the estimated cost of living in Italy. Consider the cost of housing, transportation, grocery, taxes, bills, healthcare, and other daily expenses. Creating a budget will help you deal with your finances effectively. You must pay National security 9% of your income as an Italian employee. So, plan your budget by keeping all the taxes in mind.

Location and Environment 

Choosing the city where you will live and booking the hotels or houses before your arrival is essential. Check if your residence is near your workplace to prevent heavy transportation charges. Look for nearby institutes like healthcare centers, grocery stores, and conveyance resources. Choose a safe region with suitable seasonal changes to adapt to the environment quickly. Moreover, check the transport route and then select the city. 

Banking and Financial Matters

Open a bank account in Italy to maintain the medium of online money transfers to Pakistan from Italy. Familiarise yourself with the banking system, currency, and any regulations related to money transfers. Learn the techniques of using your Italian account for making transactions and stay updated about the bank policies. Clear your Pakistani bank accounts and submit essential documents for bank opening in Italy.   

Embrace Italian Seasons

Learn about the climate of Italy. Research the climate changes in your region and pack your clothes accordingly. Italy has diverse climates, and every region experiences multiple seasons. Some areas are cold, and others are hot. But the seasons keep changing. Summers are generally the most extended, but almost every region experiences four seasons in Italy. 

Expat Tax System 

Italy has a flexible tax system for expats. It applies a tax on permanent residence only. After living in Italy for over 183 days, you become eligible for taxes. Individuals working in Italy have to pay federal personal income tax. The tax ratio is between 23% and 43% or may vary depending on your income. Moreover, as a resident, you have to pay a regional tax and a municipal tax.   

Essential Tips for Pakistani Expats to Plan their Working Trip in Italy  

An expat must always be prepared to face challenges in a new country. Moving to a new place is quite a challenging task. Planning to live in a country where you know nothing can bother you? So, while planning your journey before leaving Pakistan, the following are the essential tips for expatriates before moving to Italy:

  • Start preparing yourself mentally because it greatly matters. Many expats suffer from homesickness and fall sick. Look for ways to send money to Pakistan to give yourself relief from heavy responsibilities and duties.                  
  • Start learning the language before moving to Italy. Language barriers may lead to many miscommunications. So, start learning basic Italian to convey your message appropriately and understand native Italians. Learning a language is all about learning a culture. Knowing it will bring you closer to native Italians, and you will enjoy their company more when you can correctly express yourself.    
  • Choose an appropriate remittance service provider company for sending money to Pakistan. Many remittance services exist, but select one by comparing the pros and cons. ACE Money Transfer is one of the leading remittance service providers. It will help you to make easy transactions to Pakistan at low rates and reasonable exchange rates. Also, you can make an instant money transfer to Pakistan from Italy while enjoying modern security protocols.

The life of an expat seems like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs. At one part in life, you will feel happiest about your success, but on the other hand, you will be feeling low, missing your family in your celebrations. Taking a step to leave the country comes with overwhelming emotions of happiness, sadness, optimism, or pessimism. So, prepare your things before landing in Italy. It will help you to get adjusted quickly. Start by planning a suitable area for your residency, and pack your essentials and necessary documents. Research as much as you can about Italian culture to adapt to the environment and look for ways to stay financially connected with your Pakistani family.       

Smart Budgeting For a Brighter Future in Italy

Moving to Italy has many challenges and requires careful planning. Make a list of things you need to live in Italy. Manage a way to utilize your income in equal segments for each of your requirements. Make a flexible budget plan by keeping your eligibility in mind. As a Pakistani expat, you may have to pay various taxes while working in Italy, such as income, capital, transportation, social security, and health insurance.

Before moving to Italy, you must apply for healthcare insurance and open a bank account. Ensure smooth ways to stay financially connected to your family and look for the cheapest way to send money online to Pakistan from Italy. Make a booking for your residence in a suitable region before your departure. Pack your clothes and belongings, keeping the weather updated.     


What are the tax requirements for Pakistani expats in Italy?

As a Pakistani expat, your Italian taxes depend on your average income and your residence eligibility in Italy. If you are a resident, you may have to pay a specific amount of tax based on your salary.

How do you apply for a healthcare care card?

If you are eligible for free healthcare insurance in Italy, you can register online for your health card.

How do you make an online money transfer to Pakistan from Italy?

You can make online money transfers to Pakistan from Italy through banks, apps, or remittance services like ACE Money Transfer. It is one of the safest and fastest ways of sending remittances.

What can be the challenges for Pakistani expats in Italy?

Maintaining a financial budget, booking residences, finding transport routes, and adapting to the environment. It further includes learning Italian, and creating bank accounts can be the initial challenges for Pakistani expats in Italy.

What are the essential things to consider before leaving Pakistan for Italy?  

Start preparing yourself before your departure to Italy. Make a list of things and set your goals. Check the Italian expat tax system and health care insurance eligibility to make your life easy in Italy.

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