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5 Things in Spain that Every Pakistani Expat Must Know

22 Feb 2024

Cheers to all our Pakistanis living in Spain! Barcelona may have been your home for some time now, but if you have only recently visited Madrid's colorful streets, this blog provides some insightful information for you. ACE Money Transfer understands the challenges of traveling through foreign nations. If you're a proud Pakistani living in Spain as an expat, be ready for an engaging journey, as this blog shares the five things you absolutely must know. This guide will cover everything, including the intriguing cultural mosaic, mouthwatering flavors, and, of course, the crucial question of how to send money to Pakistan from Spain with ease.

Embrace the Cultural Tapestry          

Experience the essence of Spanish culture by immersing yourself in a colourful mosaic of festivals such as Feria de Abril and La Tomatina in Spain. Acquire some basic Spanish phrases, as using the language to communicate improves relationships and strengthens cultural ties.


Immerse in Festivals Galore     

Spain is well known for its exciting celebrations. These events, which range from the vibrant Feria de Abril to the crazy tomato-throwing of La Tomatina, are a veritable cultural feast. Take part in the celebrations, groove to the sounds of flamenco, and relish Spain's diverse cultural offerings. 


Language Matters the Most       

Even though English is widely spoken in Spain, knowing a few simple Spanish phrases is quite helpful. Locals will appreciate the effort, and it will improve daily interactions. Consider using language apps or signing up for a class to enhance your Spanish skills.

Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Journey      

Step on a culinary adventure by savoring tapas, from the savory patatas bravas to flavorful chorizo, introducing your palate to the diverse world of Spanish cuisine. While indulging in these gastronomic delights, consider the convenience of managing your finances through an online money transfer from Spain to Pakistan with ACE Money Transfer. Adjust to the unique dining schedule, where lunch takes center stage, and embrace the siesta lifestyle, appreciating the laid-back approach to meals.


Tapas Culture

Accept the culture of tapas, which are bite-sized, tasty appetisers meant to be shared. Discovering tapas will introduce you to Spanish cuisine's rich and varied world, from chorizo to patatas bravas.


Siesta Lifestyle

Adapt to the Spanish meal plan, where lunch is the primary meal. Midday breaks, or siestas, are customary in this culture. Take advantage of this time to unwind, rejuvenate, and enjoy the easygoing Spanish way of life.

Understanding the Locals: Social Etiquette

Establish rapport by extending cordial greetings and adhering to the custom of planting a kiss on each cheek. Accept the laid-back Spanish sense of time, where being on time is less important than the mañana mentality, which promotes a warm and inviting social environment.


Warm Greetings  

Spanish people are hospitable and kind. Kiss someone on both cheeks when you greet them (air kisses are traditional). This will help you build a good rapport. It's not unusual for talks to go late into the evening. 


Punctuality Isn't Always Paramount  

Spanish culture leans towards a more relaxed approach to time. Meetings may start a bit later than scheduled, so embrace the mañana mentality – tomorrow is another day. Additionally, while indulging in the diverse world of Spanish cuisine, consider the ease of managing your finances with an instant money transfer from Spain to Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer. Adjust to the unique dining schedule, where lunch takes center stage, and embrace the siesta lifestyle, appreciating the laid-back approach to meals.

Managing Finances: Sending Money to Pakistan from Spain

Use ACE Money Transfer, your trustworthy partner for money transfers from Spain to Pakistan, to streamline financial transactions. ACE guarantees that your hard-earned money reaches your loved ones without any hassles because of its user-friendly platforms, affordable exchange rates, and clear costs. To simplify your financial transactions and improve the convenience of your daily life, think about creating a local bank account. 


Banking Basics

Recognize the banking system in your area. Creating a local bank account can facilitate financial operations and improve the convenience of daily living. Find a bank that best suits your needs by doing your homework.


ACE Money Transfer: Your Reliable Partner

ACE Money Transfer makes it easy to send money to Pakistan from Spain. Make use of their easy-to-use platform for safe and speedy transactions. With reasonable exchange rates and upfront costs, ACE ensures your hard-earned money gets to the people you care about.


Stay Informed: Legalities and Documentation                 

Navigate your stay in Spain smoothly by understanding residency requirements and ensuring your documentation is in order. Be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a resident, staying informed about local laws and regulations to ensure a trouble-free experience. Additionally, make financial transactions hassle-free by utilizing reliable services to send money to Pakistan from Spain, such as ACE Money Transfer.        


Residency Requirements

Learn about the residence requirements if you intend to stay for a longer period of time. Ensure all of your paperwork is to prevent potential legal issues.    


Know Your Rights

Recognize your rights and obligations as a resident. Keep yourself up to date on local laws and ordinances to make daily living easier.

A Flourishing Experience in Spain

The secret to a successful experience as a Pakistani expat in Spain is to embrace the richness of local culture. it includes enjoying delectable cuisine, grasping social graces, managing finances skillfully, prioritizing health, and being up to date on legal matters. You're ready to make the most of your time in this fascinating nation when ACE Money Transfer is your trustworthy financial companion. So take in all of Spain's splendor, and let this trip become a chapter full of treasured memories and life-changing events. Use ACE Money Transfer today to send money online to Pakistan from Spain if you want smooth financial operations.


Can I use my Pakistani bank account in Spain for daily transactions?

While opening a local bank account in Spain for daily transactions is advisable, some international banks may offer services. However, local accounts provide more convenience.


Is it necessary to learn Spanish before moving to Spain?

While many people in Spain speak English, learning basic Spanish phrases enhances your experience and makes daily interactions smoother. 

Are there specific etiquettes to follow during Spanish festivals?

Yes, embrace the lively atmosphere and be respectful. Follow local customs and enjoy the festivities responsibly during La Tomatina or other festivals. 


Can I withdraw money from my Pakistani bank account in Spain without incurring high fees?

Check with your Pakistani bank about international withdrawal fees. Using local ATMs and considering opening a Spanish bank account for cost-effective transactions is advisable.


What's the best way to transport money securely between Spain and Pakistan?

Utilize reliable money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer for secure and efficient transactions. Avoid carrying large sums of cash for safety reasons.

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