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5 Life Hacks for Indian Students Getting International Education in Germany

06 Mar 2024

Congratulations on deciding to pursue international education in Germany and chasing your dreams! We have some nifty life hacks especially tailored for Indian students like you before you dive into the land of bratwurst and pretzels. Plus, we'll sprinkle in a little extra magic by sharing tips on the age-old art of making a money transfer from Germany to India. Buckle up because you're in for a ride filled with study hacks, cultural nuggets, and financial wizardry!                


5 Life Hacks for Indian Students in Germany

Setting out on a global learning journey in Germany? With five game-changing tips created just for Indian students, we've got you covered.

Choosing the Right University

Selecting the best university at the start of your academic journey in Germany is crucial to your success. Indian students frequently feel at ease in schools with a vibrant international community. Seek colleges with diverse campuses, top-notch student support services, and English-taught curricula. To make sure you're entering an academic heaven, look through the faculty profiles, alumni success stories, and global rankings.          

Navigating the Visa Maze

Ah, the infamous visa process—it's like solving a puzzle. Fear not! Start early, gather all required documents, and follow the guidelines diligently. Keep an eye on deadlines, and don't hesitate to seek assistance from the university's international office or using online resources. Ace the visa game, and you'll find yourself ready to conquer the German education landscape.        

Cracking the Language Barrier

German language might seem like a linguistic maze, but mastering the language is a golden ticket to smoother academic and social integration. Invest time in language courses and practice with locals. Many universities offer language programs, and online platforms can be your linguistic playground. By acing German, you not only enhance your academic experience but also unlock a deeper understanding of the rich local culture.   

Budgeting Wisely

Let's talk about financial matters—the real deal for any student abroad. Managing finances is a skill, and ACE Money Transfer is your financial ally while you send money online to India from Germany. Create a realistic budget that covers tuition, accommodation, food, and those occasional adventures. 

Explore student discounts, cook at home, and embrace public transport. Oh, and keep an eye on exchange rates when sending money to India from Germany. ACE Money Transfer ensures your funds reach home securely and efficiently.     

Cultural Integration 101

Germany is a treasure trove of culture, and immersing yourself is key. Join student clubs, attend local events, and befriend German and international peers alike. Respect cultural norms, and don't shy away from trying local cuisine. The more you embrace the culture, the richer your experience becomes. ACE Money Transfer ensures you have the financial freedom to explore without worries, making your cultural integration seamless. 

Pre-Departure Essentials

Use our pre-departure essentials to make sure your landing goes smoothly before you take off for Germany. These important preparations will help ensure your academic stay in Germany is successful and enjoyable. 

Arranging Accommodation

Now that you've cracked the university code, it's time to secure your nest. Many universities offer student dormitories, but private rentals and shared apartments are also popular. Explore online housing platforms, connect with future classmates for potential roommates, and weigh the pros and cons of each option. ACE Money Transfer ensures a seamless transition by providing reliable financial services, including the convenient ability to send money to India from Germany. It helps you to focus on settling comfortably in your new German home.

Health Insurance and Wellness Checks     

Your health is your wealth, especially when you're far from home. Research health insurance options, as it's a mandatory requirement for students in Germany. Schedule a pre-departure health check-up, ensuring you're fit for the exciting journey ahead. Do check if your health insurance covers any unexpected medical expenses, and if not, explore additional coverage for peace of mind during your German adventure.   

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Beyond language proficiency, understanding cultural nuances is vital. Attend cultural sensitivity workshops or online courses to familiarise yourself with German customs, traditions, and social etiquette. This knowledge fosters smoother interactions and helps you build meaningful connections.   

Packing Smart

The suitcase dilemma—what to pack and what to leave behind. Germany experiences diverse weather, so pack accordingly. Don't forget important documents, adapters, and a taste of home—whether it's your favourite snacks or traditional clothing. It is suggested to keep essential documents in a secure travel wallet for easy access. Remember, less is more, and you can always pick up necessities once settled.

Seamless Financial Solutions with ACE Money Transfer

In closing, dear Indian students in Germany, your choice for international education unfolds as an incredible journey of growth and adventure. With insights on picking the right university, navigating visas, language mastery, and smart budgeting, your path to academic excellence is paved. ACE Money Transfer is here for your financial ease, ensuring seamless online money transfer from Germany to India that matches your academic pursuits.

Amidst the intricate tapestry of German culture, from joining clubs to relishing local flavours, each experience enriches your journey. Our pre-departure essentials guide you to a smooth settlement, making health, cultural understanding, and savvy packing integral to your success. Prost to your success, cultural integration, and the enduring memories shaping your global outlook!


Are there specific scholarships available for Indian students in Germany?

Yes, there are various scholarships for international students, and specifically, some are tailored for Indian students. Explore options like DAAD scholarships and those offered by specific universities.    

What is the process for extending my student visa in Germany?

To extend your student visa, you should apply before the current visa expires. Ensure you meet the requirements, including proof of enrollment and financial stability.  

How can I open a bank account in Germany as an international student?  

Opening a bank account is essential. Visit local banks with necessary documents like your passport, enrollment confirmation, and proof of address. Some banks offer special student accounts.  

How can I stay connected with family and friends in India without incurring high communication costs? 

Utilise online communication platforms and explore affordable international calling options. Additionally, consider ACE Money Transfer for cost-effective ways to send money to India from Germany.  

Are there language requirements for job opportunities in Germany after graduation?         

While many international companies use English, knowledge of German can enhance job prospects. Some positions may have specific language criteria, so language proficiency is beneficial.

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