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5 Benefits of Money Transfers to Bangladesh from France via the ACE Mobile App

5 Benefits of Money Transfers to Bangladesh from France via the ACE Mobile App

24 Nov 2023

With a robust and thriving economy and breath-taking landscape, France is a big appeal for the migrants from developing countries like Bangladesh who work and earn a living there and send money online to Bangladesh from France to offer financial aid to their families back home.


A report by Springer Link said that about 2 million Bangladeshi migrants are residing in different countries. Another report published in an article by Anadolu Ajansi stated that about 50,000 Bangladeshi migrants are living in France to earn a living.

Working and earning a living in a developed country like France is relatively easy, but what about sending money back home? What is it that you look forward to when sending funds back home from abroad?


Several online money transfer service providers offer some of the best features in their services. Have you ever thought about those features and that too without having to pay extra? Or about the features most do not offer?


Well, this blog will take you to a company whose service features and how you could get them will pleasantly amaze you.

But before jumping to those unique features, don’t you think looking at some of the benefits of working in France is imperative?


Top Benefits of Working in France

Despite a 2-million-strong Bangladeshi diaspora abroad, the quantum of inward remittances in Bangladesh in 2022 was $21.5 billion, according to a World Bank report. The reason? Because most of them are employed in low-paid jobs.

You naturally, therefore, try to work in a country that offers you several benefits, including monetary, so that you can add more money to your every money transfer from France to Bangladesh to offer maximum financial support back home.

In this context, working in France is the best bet you can make! Take a look below.


Work-Life Balance

The work-life balance in France is ideal. They anchor their balance in the idea that the French work to live instead of living to work. It is illegal to connect with employees post-normal working hours. It allows you the flexibility to do multiple jobs and earn more.


Paid Leaves of Five Weeks

Most of the French companies and employers are legally bound to offer 5 weeks of paid vacation. Imagine working in a picturesque country like France and having a chance to enjoy 5 weeks of paid leave! If this alone does not fascinate you, it is unsure what will.


Paid Sick and Family Leave

Getting paid sick leave is not unique to France only. Several developed countries offer paid leaves to workers, but in France, these paid sick leaves are huge compared to other countries. You can, for example, avail of a paid maternity leave of 6 months in France after giving birth.


Secure Jobs or CDI

The normal French job contract, abbreviated as CDI, offers longevity of the term that is usually life-long. Once employed in France, your job is secured unless you commit serious misconduct or are found guilty of financial embezzlement.


Free Lunch

As a Bangladeshi migrant working in France to earn a living so that you can send money to Bangladesh online from France to offer financial aid back home, you tend to save each penny that you earn. And let’s face it. Paying for lunch every day from a meagre income can be financially burdensome. But in France, this financial burden is borne by your employer. Most companies and employers in France not only offer free lunch, but they also pay you for it.


Subsidised Commuting Costs

Every employer in the country is legally bound to share 50% of the commuting costs with the employees. This commuting cost is for travelling between your place of residence and office, regardless of the distance between the two points.


Paid Training Sessions

Every employer in France is bound to provide training sessions to the employees and also pay them for these training sessions. But these training sessions have to be job-oriented and also be conducted during the official hours, not outside of them.


Defended Rights and Career Progression

In almost every company in France, there is a group of people who are responsible for ensuring that the company is treating all its employees fairly. If you, as an employee, think that you are being treated unfairly, you can consult this group to get your complaints and grievances addressed.


Enjoy an art, architecture, and cultural tour of France as a Bangladeshi migrant there.  These are some of the benefits of working in France.


Let’s now see what benefits you can get from ACE Money Transfer’s smartphone app.


How Using ACE Money Transfer’s Mobile App Benefits You

As mentioned earlier, several online money transfer companies and institutions offer many top-notch features in their services. But certain features set some companies apart from others. The reasons for ACE Money Transfer to stand out are listed below.


Fast, Simple and Swift Sending Experience

ACE’s app is fast to set up, offering a smooth experience and navigation. You can now send money with even fewer taps on the screen of your smartphone. Furthermore, while you choose the recipient, their details and credentials are auto-filled, and you only have to confirm payment.


ACE Transfer Number (ATN)

Every service provider sends you a code which you need to process the transfer and track it. Whereas, with ACE Money Transfer, you will get the code or the number as ACE Transfer Number or ATN.


Dark Mode for a Friendlier Sight Experience

Taking cognisance of the fact that you use your phone for an extended time it can burden your eyesight. Right? Therefore, the firm has launched the dark mode so that while you use it for your money transfers, your eyesight is not burdened further, allowing you an optically friendly experience.


Success Stories and Tours

You can also enjoy several stories from different people that are engaging and lesson-oriented. While these stories keep you engaged, you can also take tours which teach you all you must be taught about using the app ACE Money Transfer.


Payment Mode and Latest Exchange Rate Options

While using ACE’s mobile app, you can request the firm to add a new payment method should you feel the need. Furthermore, you can also have a country added to the list of available countries should you require it. Also, you can request to get the latest currency exchange rates. This allows you to either proceed with the transfer or hold it until rates spike in your favour.


These are some of the features that set ACE Money Transfer apart from other online money transfer companies.


Wrapping Up the Discussion

With all the features listed above and more, if you send money to Bangladesh from France with ACE Money Transfer, you will get live and market-competitive rates and the convenience of having access to the firm’s services from the middle of your comfort zone for a low fee and swiftly. This will help you save more money to offer optimal financial support to your family back home.


What Bangladeshis travel abroad?

The biggest reason why Bangladeshis travel to developed countries is the weak performance of the Bangladeshi economy. With a burgeoning population, the country’s economy fails to provide for its people, which leads to unemployment and poverty.

What are the benefits of working in France as a Bangladeshi?

While you work in France as a Bangladeshi migrant, you can enjoy several paid leaves, including maternity or paternity leaves, free lunch, job security, subsidised commuting costs, paid training sessions, and tribunals to lodge your complaints about your employer if the need arises.

What are the features that set ACE Money Transfer apart?

Some of the features that set ACE Money Transfer apart from other service providers include a quick and smooth transfer process, eyesight-friendly dark mode, ATN code, and the option to add a new country or payment mode and request live and market-competitive currency exchange rates. 

How can I save money on my online money transfers?

You can save money on your international money transfers by choosing a service provider that offers you the listed features without having to charge you extra. You can find one such company by drawing comparisons between the service features of different service providers.

What added advantages does ACE offer me?

ACE Money Transfer offers you several advantages and benefits apart from the listed benefits above. One of these benefits is that you can enjoy a fee-free transfer if you choose ACE for the first time, and secondly, you can easily participate in several campaigns the firm keeps launching regularly to win exciting prizes.


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