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11 Jobs That Allow You To Work Overseas With No Experience

11 Jobs That Allow You To Work Overseas With No Experience

16 Sep 2022

Don’t you think that working abroad is inevitable and one of the primary needs of millions? Indeed it is, and more so for the people from third world countries like the Gambia whose people travel to developed countries to find better work opportunities, earn good, and send money to Gambia for their families’ financial support.

Of course, most people in almost all developing countries have been unconsciously prepared for hard work owing to their financial woes, amidst which they have to put food on the tables at the end of the day. Therefore, they essentially find work and jobs when they travel to countries like the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia or Switzerland, etc., for that matter, and then transfer funds back home.

Mostly, these are not proper jobs; instead, these are temporary works that can end abruptly. Besides, seeking appropriate jobs in developed countries like the UK essentially requires experience. But, here is a list of a few jobs that you can find abroad easily and without having any prior experience. First, a background of the Gambia finely blended with some statistics is appropriate to look at.

The Gambia - A Brief Background

A country heavily dependent on agriculture, the Gambia is the 167th economy worldwide, with a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1.773 billion. It is the world’s 160th economy with a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of $6.448 billion. Its economic growth is linked to foreign aid.

The political instability of the Gambia makes it difficult for people to find decent jobs, as work opportunities are scarce. Therefore, its people travel abroad to earn more than what they can do while staying in the Gambia.

This scarcity of job opportunities pushes people into deeper poverty. Imagine the economic strength of a country with a projected GDP growth rate of around 6% along with nominal GDP Per Capita income of $755 and PPP Per Capita income of $2,745.

Furthermore, the inflation rate is 6.5%, whereas the unemployment rate is a whopping 8.6%.

In such a tight economic scenario, it is natural for the people of the Gambia to travel to developed countries to find better work opportunities and ensure financial stability. 

In this context, below is the list of 11 jobs and their respective average salaries that you can easily find abroad without any prior experience.

11 Jobs Abroad Requiring No Experience

There are more jobs requiring no experience than you might have thought. Take a look at the top picks and get your applications ready – regardless of their length, details or requirements thereof.

Customer Service Representative (average salary: $30,688)

If you are talkative by nature, this job is perfect for you. All you need to get it is to have a training course to study and understand the company policy once you get hired. Apart from that, there is no experience required to become a CSR.

Some essential traits required for this job are refined communication skills, friendliness and a positive team-player attitude. You can earn a handsome amount weekly/monthly with convincing incentives that’ll enable you to manage finances back home when you send money to Gambia online.

Home Care Aid or Home Health Aid (average salary: $11/hr.)

It is the best job for you if you have a caring attitude toward others. Some people find helping the elderly and sick in their daily lives and tasks quite fulfilling. The joy and satisfaction they feel at the end of the day, they claim, remains unparalleled. Basic requirements for this job depend on where you live, but you will probably need a driver’s license and a home aide certification that you can quickly get while on the job.

Publicity Assistant or Public Relations Assistant (average salary: $45,498)

Public relations firms seek fresh graduates to be trained according to the firm’s requirements. You need to be a person with good writing skills. Most big firms offer rotational programs to explore your strengths and weaknesses while working in different areas and with others.

Real Estate Agent (average salary: $51,879)

You only have to take a 60-hour course, apart from which you do not need any experience. You should have a can-do attitude and entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in this profession. Since agents work on commission, meaning the more you sell, the more you earn.

Sales Account Representative (average salary: $45,459)

Sales are your forte if you have strong persuasive powers. Whatever you sell, your persuasion, engagement and friendly attitude will push you to excellence in sales. There are different levels to enter in terms of experience but worry not! You can get in at entry-level if you have little or no experience.

Medical Assistant (average salary: $33,719)

These jobs are also available for fresh graduates who are passionate about working in hospitals alongside doctors and other medical professionals. You can start by entering as an intern and working hard to reach a senior level over time. The only condition is to choose a field of speciality at the time of entry into the area, lest you end up switching and wasting time you could utilise to excel in one particular field. By earning a good amount every month in this position, you can support your family’s household and other needs with a money transfer to Gambia from overseas whenever needed.

Administrative Assistant (average salary: $44,950)

Flummoxed about which department to work in a big firm? The role of an Administrative Assistant is a fit for you. In this role, you liaise with multiple departments through emails, calls, scheduling and all kinds of paperwork, including sitting in meetings to take notes, etc.

You can transition to a more specialised role within the company after gaining experience and learning about how the business works in this capacity at the start.

Veterinary Assistant (average salary: $31,567)

This job is a perfect fit if you love animals and do not mind being around them all day. Certification is required for this role, but you can get it from some animal hospitals while working. You must be physically strong to lift weights for long periods as pets can be heavy! In most such jobs, only a high school diploma is required.

Customer Care Specialist (average salary: $34,436)

This title is often used interchangeably with CSRs, who deal with consumers individually, and CCSs often work with other companies where their employer provides services. The required attributes are almost similar, but a CCS's position is more suitable for someone wanting to work in a more corporate environment.

Legal Assistant (average salary: $46,452)

Although particular experience is generally required to get this position, several entry-level jobs are also available. You can find one and adjust easily with an attitude of getting to the nitty-gritty of a matter and having good writing skills and command over grammar. Getting more senior in this position can help you become a paralegal.

Medical Biller (average salary: $36,398)

A medical biller communicates between the office of a doctor and insurance companies. You will be required to do a lot of paper pushing. An entry-level job in this field requires short training (of one to three months). You can easily take a medical billing course and present that as your experience.
Regardless of which country you choose to work in as a Gambian expatriate, you can find these jobs efficiently and earn as good as possible. It’ll enable you to support your family's financial needs back home by making an online money transfer to Gambia regularly. You can find several options to send money back home; however, the online method remains the quickest and safest for global transactions. Especially if you use ACE Money Transfer, you can be pretty sure that your funds will reach their destination quickly and safely since the firm is an FCA-regulated service provider with a large customer base.


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