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10 Tips for International Pakistani Students Navigating a New Life in France

24 Jan 2024

How excited do you feel about navigating your student life in your favorite country, France? Living a fun, active, and safe new life is significant for your best studying experience in France. You will benefit from every gist of this world-famous destination when you acquire a positive mindset as an international Pakistani student. Indeed, you require the best education in an excellent environment to have better chances of getting a job and being able to send money to Pakistan from France

Adjusting to France's culture, language, and way of life while pursuing higher education can be a challenging task if you don't pay heed to some crucial factors. France has fantastic charm for visitors, and educational institutions there are well known for their credibility. To focus on your studies, don't feel shy about hinting at some living strategies in France as a student. Let's walk you through the incredible tips to rock your student life in France. 

10 Tips for International Pakistani Students In France

Here are the tips and tricks for international Pakistani students in France to study diligently and work efficiently to build a strong career in their desired field. 

Find Suitable Accommodation

One of your priorities as a student in France is to secure suitable accommodation. You can choose from dorms on campus, private flats, or even a homestay. Most affordable on-campus housing is generally in high demand, so you should apply early. Alternatives such as homestays and private apartments are also available, but they may be more costly. 

Apply for a Student Visa Timely

Applying for a student visa is another crucial step before starting to study in France. The application procedure might be complex, and it's vital to grasp the prerequisites and timeframes. It's preferable to get the ball rolling early so that you have plenty of time to collect the required information to apply. Keep in mind that you'll have to show proof of financial stability if you want to study in France. Finding the best way to send money to Pakistan from France is also important. 

Prefer Your Safety

Even though Paris is a relatively safe city, tourists or newcomers should exert vigilance. Always keep an eye out for your safety, especially at night. Don't walk around with a lot of cash or valuables; rather, store them somewhere secure. Keep an extra copy of your passport and other travel documents in a secure location in case the originals are lost or stolen.

Keep Check on Your Budget & Finances

Studying in Paris may be expensive, so planning is key. Expenses like education expenses, books, and transportation will add up quickly. It's also advisable to obtain a French SIM card and a French bank account upon arrival. Scholarships and part-time work can be sought out to lessen the financial burden and send money to Pakistan online from France. 

Get Health insurance and Open a French Bank Account

Access to health care is crucial for international students studying in France. Make sure you get the free facility by health insurance and be conversant with the healthcare system. Many colleges and universities also have health centers.


Opening a French bank account is essential for completing any necessary administrative tasks in France. The only requirement is a French mailing address. For further details on how to open a bank account in France, you can get online information on the websites.

Apprehend the French Education System

It is crucial to understand the French educational system because it is different from other countries. Students at French institutions are entrusted with their education but given a great deal of freedom to pursue it as they see fit. Classes are also less engaging and more theoretical than in other countries. 

Find Inexpensive Groceries

For inexpensive groceries, try grocery stores or farmers markets instead of convenience stores, or go late in the day when supermarkets often have sales or discounts. Supermarkets and department stores like Auchan and Carrefour are also good places to check for sales and discount deals.

Try to Adjust to New Life

You will need to adjust to living in a new country once you have found your new home and obtained your visa. This isn't easy, especially if you are not fluent in the French language and culture. When transitioning to a new culture, keeping an open mind and patience is important. Making friends, whether they are locals or fellow international students, is a great idea.  

Get Knack at French

The French language and culture are highly respected in France. So, overseas students need to learn the lingo to get a job and send money from France to Pakistan. Learning the French language can help you get around more easily, have more meaningful interactions with people, and get the most out of your time in France. Many universities provide French language programs, and there are also many private language schools and tutors accessible to you.

Get Around & Make Connections

France is a big country, and it may seem daunting at first to figure out how to get around. It's vital to familiarise yourself with the public transportation system, which includes buses, metro trains, and trams. You can save money in the long term by purchasing a travel pass and finding other ways to send money to Pakistan from France. Joining a club or group connected to your subject of study or participating in extracurricular activities can assist you in meeting people with similar interests. 

In A Nutshell

Studying in France is a great chance for a great educational life and career to send money from France to Pakistan. As one of the world's most visually stunning and culturally diverse countries, France demands to be explored. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre are all excellent places to start. Studying and living in France is expensive, but you can keep an eye on your budget and get a part-time job to enjoy your student life in France. 

You will need to adjust to a new country once you have found your new home and obtained your student visa. This isn't easy, especially if you are not fluent in the French language and culture. When transitioning to a new culture, keeping an open mind and patience is important. Making friends, whether they are locals or fellow international students, is a great idea. ACE Money Transfer also helps you with safe transactions and reliable and affordable service benefits. 


What are the first steps a student should take upon arriving in France?

First, you must have your French residency permit issued as soon as possible after arriving in the country. The next step is to sign up for French health insurance, secure renter's insurance, and open a bank account. Finding accommodation is also crucial for new students. 

What are the advantages of studying in France for Pakistani Students? 

Studying in France has many benefits for international Pakistani students. There are many reasons to choose France as your study abroad destination, but one of the most compelling is the high caliber of its educational system, rich culture, and history.

Why are French universities renowned for their educational programs?

France has outstanding colleges and universities renowned for their high-quality education in numerous fields. French universities provide a wide range of mainstream and specialized academic programs in areas as diverse as the humanities, arts, sciences, and engineering.

When studying in France, how much do international students make each hour?

Everyone studying in France has the right to work. This rule includes students in universities and language programs. All students who are also working must adhere to the minimum wage requirement. The minimum wage rate is €10.57 per hour, including taxes. You can also help your family through money transfers from France to Pakistan if you are a good saver. 

What makes France a great foreign study option?

France is a great choice for a degree-related study abroad program. France is a country that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetimes. The country's gastronomy, art museums, fashion, cultural traditions, and sports events are all worth noticing. 




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