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10 Must-Visit Places in Europe for Indian Expat Workers

10 Must-Visit Places in Europe for Indian Expat Workers

08 Dec 2022

Did you know that 7.9% of the EU population are Indians? These Indian expats send money to India and contribute to the $100 Billion remittance received by the Indians in their homeland.

These hard-working expats suggest newbies take time off work often and explore the history-dwelled majestic Europe. This guide explores the top places in Europe that every Indian expat must visit.

Top 10 best destinations to visit in Europe for Indian expats

The city of lights, Paris

This city draws millions of tourists every year due to its unforgettable ambience. The scrumptiously divine cuisine and vast art collections are the top reasons why you should visit Paris. The River Seine flows through the city, bordered by stately museums, vintage churches, neoclassical architecture, and lush green trees with glowing streetlamps. It is a wonderful sight to experience the true beauty that Paris holds.

You can shop for the biggest designers on the Champs Elysees or get a top view of the city from the Eiffel Tower. To truly experience the Parisian culture, it is recommended to grab street creeps while you meander the beautiful districts.

The best time to visit Paris is from June to October when the weather is just perfect.

The golden city of one hundred spires; Prague

The prosperous Prague is a bustling city with picturesque views. It truly depicts European goodness through its Victorian architecture. This city has a dark legacy and resilient past that attracts history geeks from all over the world. During A.D. 870, Prague tolerated several overthrows, invasions, floods, and fires. The Czech capital is famous for its reputation for survival.

The narrow streets, daunting hilltop castle, storied church, and statue-lined bridge contribute to making Prague the perfect set for an urban fairy tale. The top attractions of Prague include

  • Historic Prague castle
  • Charles Bridge
  • Old town square

The best time to visit Prague is springtime and early fall when the weather is mild and there are fewer tourist crowds.

The largest city in the UK; London

London is one of the most famous traveller sites on Earth. It is not only the economic hub of England but also an expat centre in the UK. This multicultural and diverse city has a lot to offer to Indian expats. It is the perfect place to dive into English literature by experiencing modern plays at Shakespeare’s Globe. London is considered a global leader in everything ranging from politics and banking to music and fashion.

You will meet many fellow Indian expats in London, which hosts 542,857 Indians. These expats play a vital role in both the British and Indian economies as they work in London and send money to India online for their families.

The best time to visit this place is from March to May, as the weather is mild and springtime is blooming.

The ski heaven; Swiss Alps

Switzerland is considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Its major attraction is the heavenly Swiss Alps. They are located in the south of Zurich. This place is a winter wonderland for sports enthusiasts. Hiking, snowboarding, and skiing dominate this region in the winter months. For the summertime visit, you can enjoy serene lakes, quaint towns, and gorgeous scenery.

The eternal city; Rome

This place has a mythic beginning with splendour folklore. It is a dreamland for history geeks. The capital of Italy is widely known for its Octavian history. It was the home of Julius Caesar. Rome is very well-preserved, and a trip there will take you back in time. Some of the structures left behind include

  • Pantheon
  • Roman Forum
  • Vatican Museum
  • Trevi Fountain

Rome is ranked as the #1 best winter vacation place in Europe. You should visit anytime between October and April when there are few tourist crowds. The temperature is cold, but it hardly ever drops below freezing.

The city of Lilies; Florence

Ranked as the #1 honeymoon destination in Europe, Florence is an Italian haven tucked amid Tuscan hills. This place is enriched by Renaissance history. It hosted the powerful Medici family and became the muse of artists like Michelangelo and Brunelleschi. 

Florence has some gorgeous sunsets that entail a romantic charm. The well-preserved architecture takes you back to the 14th century. The best time to visit is from May to September when the city is most colourful. You can enjoy several art festivals and outdoor dining during the summers.

The wine island; Santorini

Santorini is a mythological metropolis with beautiful beaches and whitewashed homes. It is a picturesque town with breathtaking landscapes. Most tourists prefer Thira island, which is the largest island in the archipelago. It is a perfect place for expats who want to take some time off of work and relax. 

You can hit the colourful beaches with black and red sands to experience a unique nature spell. A hike to ancient Thera will take you back in time as it is home to the ruins of three empires, including the roman.

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Let’s continue learning about the top places you must visit in Europe.

The granite city; Edinburgh

Edinburg is a city in Scotland famous for its staggering landscape. It is sometimes nicknamed Athens of the North because it has seen some influential historical characters. Edinburgh is the second-most visited city by tourists and expats in the United Kingdom, after London. History buffs can visit Edinburgh castle and Holyrood house Palace. Social life is amazing in the outer-lying neighbourhood pubs, parks, and shops.

Underrated European gem; The Azores

The Azores seems like a place straight out of a fantasy novel. It is a group of nine islands located 1000 miles far off mainland Portugal. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes formed this place. 

This place has tropical foliage and multi-coloured lakes. You can roam around the centuries-old Portuguese villages or deep dive into the ocean to see beautiful cetacean species. The furnace valley has a fantastic thermal pool for perfect relaxation.

Capital of festivals; Budapest

Budapest is a tourist hub with plenty of things to do. There are thermal baths, rocking nightlife, Victorian architecture, and museums. Budapest dates back to the old stone age and lived through Roman, neo-Gothic, Renaissance, and ottoman times. It is a commercial and cultural nexus with plenty of restaurants and a rich Jewish heritage.

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