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10 Common Misconceptions About Overseas Job Opportunities

10 Common Misconceptions About Overseas Job Opportunities

08 Dec 2022

According to the expat explorer survey in 2021, 63% of expats have seen their disposable income increase since moving abroad. It is one of the major reasons why individuals prefer to work abroad. They want advancement in their careers and personal lives. Every money transfer from overseas made by expats plays a vital role in uplifting their home country’s economy and upgrading their family’s lifestyle.

Regardless of the evident success, some people have reservations about working abroad due to the widely spread misconceptions. This guide debunks those misconceptions so that you can think about applying for a job abroad with a clear mind.

The 10 Common Misconceptions about Jobs Abroad

Misconception no.1; Fluent English is a prerequisite to securing any good position abroad

This is a common notion amongst people that international jobs are only secured by people fluent in English. The foreign worker and professional immigration programs of many countries have histories of selecting people from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Many immigration programs require an IELTS score of 7/9 to qualify, equivalent to C1/C2 business English level. You only need to know the basics to be eligible. The selection depends on your expertise and skills. Never let this thought hold you back from applying abroad.

Misconception no. 2; Global networks play a vital role in breaking into the international job market. 

While it is true that connections matter, it is not the sole thing that will decide your future, most 3rd party contacts don’t even work well in foreign countries. They might not be able to market you effectively. You can hire professionals who can help you connect with international employers.

Misconception no.3; My career will get affected after returning home because I left the professional prospects in my home country 

One of the fears holding people back is that international work experience will make them miss out on opportunities at home. It is a well-established fact that foreign assignments are one of the quickest ways to boost leadership skills. It helps individuals develop several soft skills like flexibility, adaptation, teamwork, etc., that are highly valued in workplaces.

Working abroad develops creativity, innovation, and strong global networks. All of these are essential for a path-breaking professional trajectory. Working abroad will guarantee success and achievements in the long run.

Misconception no.4; Working abroad will create marital issues for me

Millennials want the best of both worlds. They want a good international experience as well as a family life. A widely recognised misconception is that international experience affects married life. Contrary to popular belief, taking your partner and kids abroad is very easy.

According to 54% of partners of those who moved abroad, the change has brought them closer in their relationship.

Misconception no. 5; I will get distant from my relatives back home and lose connections

Most people believe that moving abroad means giving up on your family life. Several expats live and work abroad but stay in touch with their families through constant virtual communication and sending remittances. You can make an instant online money transfer for your family to ensure their needs are met and have regular video calls to stay in touch.

Misconception no. 6; I will become unproductive by losing touch with the home office

Being a mobile employee is the reality of the near future. Whether you are in Calgary or Calcutta, you will be expected to work from any time zone and not necessarily from a traditional office. Managers of different companies are becoming efficient at keeping remote workers in the loop. They make sure they are involved in key initiatives by the company.

It might not seem easy initially, but it will soon become a lifestyle. Identify your productivity boosters to ensure you remain active at work. Put in the effort to upgrade your lifestyle and career.

Misconception no. 7 I will not be able to adjust to the new culture and miss home.

Working abroad is a huge challenge as it requires you to move out of your comfort zone. But it is not impossible. Culture shock is inevitable in moving abroad, but it gradually decreases with time. This challenge instils many highly valued soft skills in you.

Companies want to hire people who can rise to the occasion, think on their feet, and lead when necessary. You will learn to manage multicultural people and work under different circumstances. This will make you more valuable when you return home. Your knowledge of the foreign market will be highly appreciated. You will be more likely to become a company asset.

Hence, the challenges you face in adjusting to the new country will open more opportunities for you.

Misconception no. 8; Shifting my belongings to another country can be a hassle. 

Moving abroad can indeed be a hassle if you do it on your own. Your company will likely partner with an expert relocation company to ease the process. If not, then it is advisable to hire some sort of help for the process. Ultimately, it will all be worth the splurge on this service in the long run.

Besides the shifting concerns, some people also remain worried about how they’ll transfer funds back home. In today’s digitised world, nothing remains impossible if you have a stable internet connection, a smartphone, and ACE Money Transfer, the most trusted remittance provider. You can instantly send money online to your family from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland via ACE’s secure remittance services.

Misconception no. 9; I will plan my move when I’ll get better opportunities in the future

There is a high demand for international work experience amongst younger individuals. These types of opportunities are rare and costly. Thousands of people apply for positions overseas, and only a few get them. If you have secured a position, seize it. Do not let it go to waste. A better position in the future is not guaranteed. Hence, make the most of what you already have.

Misconception no.10; It is not possible to find a job abroad without being physically present there

We live in a digital era where everything is available on our screens. Several virtual international job fairs on the internet can help you find the right employer for you.

How to send money home from abroad?

Working abroad will increase your income. You can send an amount of that income back to your family at home to support them financially. However, choosing the right method for money transfers is extremely necessary. Do not opt for bank transfers, as they are costly and time-consuming. Stick to convenient alternatives for a hassle-free remittance-sending experience.

ACE Money Transfer offers the most affordable remittance transfer service

If you are worried that banks will consume a good percentage of your amount, then choose ACE Money Transfer. It offers a flat rate for international transactions. The exchange rates are market-competitive, meaning you won’t lose any money in currency exchange. ACE has a very transparent system. Unlike most financial institutions, it has no receiving fee or any other hidden charges.

Use ACE Money Transfer for speedy transactions to 100-plus countries

ACE Money Transfer operates on a global network. You can send money from 26 countries to hundred-plus receiving corridors. The major selling point of ACE is its speed. You can expect the funds to reach the recipient within 24 hours.

Do not let second thoughts stop you from availing the opportunity to work abroad. It can upgrade your lifestyle and professional trajectory. You can use ACE Money Transfer to send money back home to stay in touch with family. Sign up today for free to make a global money transfer at the most affordable rates.


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