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Which is the Safest Country to Study Abroad - A Brief Guide 2022

Which is the Safest Country to Study Abroad - A Brief Guide 2022

01 Sep 2022

Have you ever thought about how your study abroad can help you? Many people from developing countries like Pakistan travel to developed countries like Switzerland and the UK for studies and better work opportunities. These expatriates (both job-seekers and students) find work in the countries they travel to and either find a job right away or enrol in study programs. Either way, most foreign countries help expatriates earn better than what they could make in their home country. They send money to Pakistan from Switzerland as soon as they begin to earn.

Let’s shed some light on which is the safest country to be considered for studying abroad and a reasonable career to help support your financial needs back home.

What’s the Major Concern for Every Expat?

While going to foreign countries for the students of developing countries like Pakistan is relatively easy, the question about the safest country to study in is challenging to answer. One of the biggest concerns of the people of developing countries is security.

Weak laws and order often threaten the lives of the people and students alike. There are many cases where mob justice took place in broad daylight on the campuses and exacted a toll on the students' lives.

Before directly learning about the safest places to study abroad, let’s highlight some primary benefits you get with foreign education.

A Brief Background about Studying Abroad

Selecting some of the safest countries for studies abroad in 2022 can be a significant challenge. And safety in the country you want to go to must make way to the top of the list of priorities. 

But, before listing the safest countries for studying in foreign countries, is it not appropriate to look at some reasons for studying abroad?

Studying abroad – a few reasons

It offers multiple benefits, from getting an international degree to studying in a diverse culture, establishing international contacts and bright prospects for international jobs, etc.

Experiencing different cultures

The experience of dipping into an entirely different culture is unique in itself. It enables you to try diverse cuisine, costumes, customs, etc. In addition to these, you will have to have a taste, at least if not more, of everything your host country has to offer you.

Top-notch education

Your primary goal in studying abroad is to obtain a top-quality education and expand your educational and professional capacity. Studying in countries like the UK, USA, Switzerland and Australia, etc., will expose you to the most regarded educational systems worldwide and broaden your academic and professional horizons.

Excellent career prospects

The actual aim of studying abroad is to rise to prominence in comparison to your colleagues in your native country. This comparison is always healthy and breeds healthy competition between you and others around you.

Expanding social circle

Another advantage of studying abroad is making new friends from different and diversified cultures worldwide. It helps you expand your social circle and take it to the international level, on the one hand, and establish lifelong friendships, on the other.

Travelling internationally 

Most of the top-quality education the people of developing countries like Pakistan aspire to is available in Europe. Europe and the UK, etc., are the countries that the expatriates wish to work in to earn remittances and then find answers to questions like how to send money to Pakistan by sending money to Pakistan online through many online money transfer companies, including ACE Money Transfer. 

And living in one country in Europe makes it way too easy to travel to any part of it conveniently, thus building your profile as an international traveller.

Get independent 

Living away from your family and comfort zone, where everything and need are taken care of by your family, instils in your immense amounts of confidence and makes you independent.

Become multi-lingual

Studying abroad will help you learn the host country's local language. Besides learning and refining your English skills, you will have ample opportunities to learn the host country's local language, making you multi-lingual.

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Let’s now look at the top safest countries in the world to study abroad.

Safest places to study abroad

Overall, Europe is considered the safest place worldwide to study abroad for international students. Of the world’s top 20 safest countries, 13 are in Europe.

Below are the top 5 safest countries to study for international students.


It is one of the most peaceful countries worldwide. The entire country believes in the ‘live and let others live motto. Besides, its degrees are highly regarded worldwide and brighten the employment prospects of graduates from Finland.


It is considered a haven for international students. Its education is of the best quality with subsidised tuition fees. Sweden has the distinction of record-low crime rates with the safest traffic with the lowest number of traffic accidents leading to causalities worldwide.


Germany is considered to be a nation of poets and thinkers. Home to several universities, Germany offers free education to international students and thousands of courses taught in English, as German is a tough language to learn.


The capital city of Austria, Vienna, is ranked as the most liveable city in the world. It offers a high living standard in exchange for a modest cost with a low crime rate. It makes it a preferred choice for international students.

United Kingdom

The UK is home to the world’s best universities, offering high-quality education in multiple courses. It is also considered one of the most secure and safe countries for international students to study abroad.

A quick look at the international students

  • The global number of international students continues to rise at about 10% annually.
  • In 2014, about 5 million international students were studying in countries other than their own
  • The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), considering the demographic changes, has projected that the international student population will rise above 8 million by 2025

Students and international money transfers

All the countries listed above allow students to work after their study hours. This enables the students to earn money and send it back home conveniently with international money transfer apps if they so desire.

You can take help from the information provided above and your research to decide which country can serve your career goals. Of course, every expat focuses on different aims and pursuing them in a foreign country seems challenging initially. Once you have ample information about various countries, you can quickly decide on your destination to study or work.

You must consider other factors for studying abroad, such as the tuition fee, the acceptability of the degree, range of courses and environment, etc., with safety. Heavy and lone focus on safety can deprive you of other vital factors. If you are a Pakistani student studying and working abroad, look no further than ACE Money Transfer to send money to Pakistan online from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and other parts of the world.


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