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Which Is The Most Economical International Money Transfer Mobile App?

Which Is The Most Economical International Money Transfer Mobile App?

23 Jul 2022

Do you know that there are more than 300 million monthly active mobile money accounts worldwide? Money transfer to your family, friends, colleagues, loved ones, etc., is one of the essential needs for everyone’s daily life. Sending money back home lets your family manage children’s education, household, utility bills, etc., and improves their overall quality of life. Money transfer mobile apps offer an instant technological solution to manage international payments on your smartphone. 

While there is an unending list of mobile applications available, it must be difficult for you to decide which apps you should use. Let's help you know the most convenient and cheapest international money transfer app you can use for sending money online. But, you must ask yourself whether a cheap money transfer app would be as reliable and secure as you need? You can find satisfactory answers to such questions below here. Keep reading! 

What to consider when choosing a mobile app for Global Money Transfers?

It isn’t an easy task to choose a digital money transfer app when you have countless options, all claiming exceptional services and perks. But if you check and ensure the following essentials, you can find the right choice for your monetary needs while living in a foreign country. 

The Service Provider Offers Transparent Charges Policies with No Hidden Costs

One essential factor is ensuring that the chosen service provider must not charge you any hidden costs. You will end up paying large sums in terms of regular transaction fees and hidden charges, causing financial loss to you. You can save massive amounts if you choose a money transfer app that doesn’t charge high transfer fees or hidden costs.

Money Transfer Process Speed - How soon your beneficiary will receive the money?

The second most critical concern is to know how soon your chosen mobile money transfer app can process funds across borders. A credible service will ensure your beneficiary must receive the money within the same day of initiating the transaction. Some leading remittance transfer companies even offer the quickest transfers completed within a couple of hours.

Authenticity and Credibility of the Service Provider

It’s the most crucial factor you must consider when choosing a digital money transfer app. You can check the authenticity and credibility of a service provider through its affiliation and registration with regulatory bodies in the field. For instance, ACE Money Transfer, an authorised payment institution (API), is one of the most credible and authentic remittance services regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK, AUSTRAC in Australia, and FINTRAC in Canada. The company has a widespread network of more than 350,000 payout patterns locations across 100+ countries. 

Security of your Transactions with No Risks Involved

Where digital technology offers extreme convenience, the risks of several online scams also exist. When you are sending money back home from a foreign country, you must be worried about the safety of your funds' transfer. Only authorised and fully regulated remittance transfer companies offer mobile apps supported with unbreakable security protocols with end-to-end data encryption. 

Service Provider’s Network and Repute in the Market

The quality of services of any remittance company can be checked through its reputation and functioning in the industry. One of the easiest ways to know about a financial institution’s reputation is to learn from user reviews on the company’s social media channels and official website. It will help you understand how satisfied are the customers with its services and whether you should consider it for your monetary needs or not. Besides, a reputable service provider must be known to many of your friends and colleagues who can help you decide on the best mobile money transfer app.

Exchange Rate Policies

It’s one of the primary concerns every expatriate remains worried about. Of course, you can ensure sending considerable amounts to your family only if you are getting attractive exchange rates which is yet another challenging task. Some financial institutions like banks offer fixed rates which aren’t usually up-to-date with the forex market. You can get updated exchange rates for several currencies if you choose a money transfer app like ACE Money Transfer’s mobile app. ACE Money Transfer has linked its exchange rates with international forex exchange, where customers can check the most current rates on their mobile screens anytime. 

Furthermore, ACE Money Transfer is well-known for providing the highest exchange rates to its customers with the lowest transfer fees. It offers Fee-Free first transfer as a welcoming gesture to its new customers. When you choose such a company, you will surely make a considerable amount after converting from a foreign currency into a local one.

Value-Added Services

Credible, reputed, and trusted service providers always offer value-added services for the customers to enhance their experience with the services further. If your chosen mobile money transfer app allows you to create, track instantly, and complete your transactions with live updates on exchange rates, you have got a reliable option. Staying updated with your history of funds transfers, facility to send mobile top-ups to your family and friends, paying utility bills straight from your mobile, etc., are some of the major value-added services that decide if your chosen service is good or bad. You can enjoy all of these features with ACE Money Transfer’s fully interactive mobile app.

Convenient Procedure with Friendly User Experience

A credible mobile app doesn’t require complex procedures for a global money transfer. Leading remittance companies design their digital apps with simple steps for users to create and complete cross border transactions. You can transfer funds to your family from your country of residence within a couple of steps tapping on your mobile screen when using an easy to use mobile app of ACE Money Transfer.

Round the Clock Serviceability

A service provider is known for its availability when a customer needs to transfer funds in urgencies. You can’t create international transactions any time if you are using conventional methods such as bank transfers. With such methods, you will have to wait for the banks’ operational hours and working schedules. If you need to transfer funds back home on the weekends or other holidays, it become impossible with traditional methods. But you can instantly make online money transfers to your family 24*7 from the middle of your comfort zone or on the go when using a mobile app.

Proactive Customer Support

The most trusted service providers always ensure professional and proactive customer support which remains steady and active to respond to and resolve their customers’ concerns. If you can’t contact the support service of your chosen company, you haven’t found the right choice for you. If you consider a reliable service like ACE Money Transfer, you wil get the response and workable solutions to your problems right away from highly trained customer support specialists.

After reading all of the above important factors, you must be thinking that a service provider with all of the above features would be exceptionally high in cost. And, whether you should go for such a service provider or you may choose a cheaper one instead. Right?

Don’t worry. Here’s the answer to that important concern which is common for every expatriate. You have a remittance transfer company that provides all of the above features with the lowest transfer costs. 

ACE Money Transfer - The Most Reliable and Cheapest International Money Transfer Mobile App

One of the cheapest and most established brands in the field of international transfers is ACE Money Transfer, and for a good reason.

ACE offers a fantastic money transfer app known for its sleek interface and positive user reviews. No other app provides such an easy money transfer process that you can experience with ACE’s mobile application. With ACE's app, you'll be given an exact date and time when your money will be available for your recipient. ACE is a popular option for migrants and expats who want to send money to Pakistan or other hundred plus countries worldwide.

With thousands of ratings and millions of users, the ACE mobile money transfer app has earned positive reviews on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores. The company constantly strives to exceed its customers' expectations in meeting the growing demand for international money transfers. 

Some key points of ACE Money Transfer are;

You can send money from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and many other parts of the world to be received in more than 100 countries worldwide.

You can use credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallet accounts, and Google Pay simultaneously with the ACE Money Transfer mobile app.

  • ACE offers a clear and transparent fee structure with no additional fees.
  • It allows you to open money transfer accounts in more than 100 countries without requiring complex procedures.
  • It gives customers the choice of a rate lock-in for 24 to 48 hours.
  • It offers a list of various payment options.
  • The registration process is free of cost, straightforward, and very user-friendly.
  • Transfers are available at a mid-market updated exchange rate.
  • You can track your transaction from initiation to completion and stay updated about the recent exchange rates.

ACE Money Transfer's mobile app is recommended if you're looking for the best mobile app to send money abroad to your family and friends. It provides a quick, easy, and smooth user interface with a wide range of destination countries, low transaction fees, and capable service that includes a multi-currency account and card management features.


Check the fees and exchange rate margins associated with the transfer you want to make, whether it supports your country and currencies, and the transfer speeds it offers before selecting the best money transfer app. The ACE Money Transfer app might be for you if you want to send money while you're on the go and want the best international money transfer services.


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