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What to Know About ACE’s Digital Mobile Wallet Service for Pakistan?

What to Know About ACE’s Digital Mobile Wallet Service for Pakistan?

30 Mar 2021

ACE Money Transfer is actively transforming the remittance sector by digitalizing worldwide remittance operations. In the era of technological revolution, all nations must be fully equipped with digital platforms for their citizens' welfare and progress. With this in mind, ACE is stepping up to introduce a digital mobile wallet service for Pakistan. Pakistanis can now send money to Pakistan with the digital mobile wallet service that is secure, easy, and swift.

International Remittance to Pakistan with Digital Mobile Wallet Service

Remittances have evolved progressively in the last decade. People from all over the world send money back to their homeland to support loved ones and to meet other financial obligations. ACE takes pride in bringing the best services to its customers. After the successful launch of the service, Pakistanis from all walks of life can now transmit money to Pakistan in seconds. As it offers convenient money transfers in just a few clicks, ACE has noticed a tremendous spike in this service usage.

How Can You Send Money Via Ace Money Transfer?

ACE strives to deliver quality services with excellence, convenience, and simplicity. It is a fast, easy and secure method to manage fund-transfers to Pakistan in partnership with affiliated mobile wallets. Customers have to create an account on the official ACE portal to begin using the service. Once created, users can send money via ACE Money Transfer in the following steps: 

  1. Login to the Account
  2. Enter the details of the beneficiary's account
  3. Enter the amount to be transferred

That’s it! Users can now transfer funds in seconds. ACE Money Transfer prides itself in making the digital remittance domain risk-free and easy with instantaneous transactions. 

How Can You Receive Payments In The Mobile Wallet? 

Customers can receive and withdraw payments based on their needs and preferences. Money transfer to Pakistan will be credited directly into the selected digital mobile wallet account. Payments can be drawn from the wallet via related payout partners in Pakistan as listed below:  

  1. Easypaisa
  2. JazzCash
  3. UPaisa 

Digital mobile wallets have changed the general perspective of how transactions can be managed. With ACE affiliated mobile wallet service, clients conveniently receive payments directly into their desired wallets effortlessly.

Secure, Rapid, Easy -  ACE Money Transfer Digital Mobile Wallet Service

Following recent events, trends, and developments, reliably secure transactions are of the highest significance. ACE Money Transfer is equipped with the latest and most secure digital platform, enabling customers to use the service with the utmost confidence, trust, and reliability. With ACE, your hard-earned money is always digitally protected! 

ACE Money Transfer’s digital mobile wallet service is a collective effort with Pakistan’s most popular and prominent payout partners. Pakistanis all over the world can swiftly send money home in seconds using this highly secure service. So, start sending money now via ACE’s digital mobile wallet and share happiness with your friends and family!


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