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Using a Third Party Money Transfer App - All You Need To Know

Using a Third Party Money Transfer App - All You Need To Know

23 Aug 2022

Are you tired of traditional international money transfer services? Are you thinking of switching to more affordable and convenient methods?

There was a time when millions of people had to face challenges in figuring out how to pay for the goods they required daily. Cash, cheques, and money orders remained the most popular methods for transferring and managing funds in 2000. Soon after, the internet took off, you can pay from the comfort of your couch.

Due to internet banking, people no longer have to deal with the hassles of paperwork, long lines, and frequent bank visits, which allows them to move funds to third-party accounts at their convenience. Money transfer apps have expressly made the lives of expats easier.

These expats travel from developing countries such as Bangladesh to developed nations like the UK to seek better livelihood opportunities. The traditional methods people used in the past to send money to Bangladesh from the UK are not cost-effective and timely today. Hence, well-researched expats stick to third-party money transfer apps to send remittances to their home country.

 Money transfer apps allow you to send money quickly and securely from one person to another. They make payments more convenient and hassle-free, enabling you to link your bank account or credit card to a digital wallet. 

The best money transfer applications have good ratings in app stores, enable app users to send money safely, and have no hidden costs. They also provide international payments, social media options, online accounts, and other services. You can choose from several online money transfer applications if you are abroad and want to send money to Bangladesh.

What is Third Party Money Transfer?

Third-Party Transfer is a feature that allows you to transfer money from one bank account to another, whether it's inside the same bank or not. It's a credit-push system in banking, which means transactions can only be initiated to transmit payments to a beneficiary.

The top money transfer applications make sending money to friends and family from your smartphone or another mobile device convenient and easy. Banks have made online money transfers more accessible, such as through applications, but overseas payments remain challenging to make without the help of a third-party money transfer service.

Initially, banks were hesitant to adopt the internet, and several third parties were able to develop systems to make money transfers between nations hassle-free and straightforward. In this way, making an online money transfer to Bangladesh from abroad has become more effortless and smooth for Bangladeshi diasporas working in foreign lands.

Consider the following things before choosing a third-party money transfer app.

Always look for Transfer Speed: If you want a speedy transfer, look at the average time required by these programs to shift money from one area to another. Transaction speeds differ from app to app, and you want to be sure that your money arrives on time.

Your location: It's essential to consider where you reside and where you will be transferring your money regularly. Some apps don't allow foreign transfers or charge high costs to stop them. This can also be influenced by security. Some money transfer apps can be risky, especially when sending money internationally. If you need to transfer money frequently, ensure your app can secure your cash while travelling from one location to another.

Quantity of Transfers: Keep in mind how much you expect to transfer at any one time. Many applications limit how much money you can move at once, and others limit how much money you can send in a week, month, or year. Others will take a percentage of your money, making them less than ideal for moving significant sums of money.

Consider who you are transferring to before you use the app: Before downloading the software, consider to whom you're sharing it. Who will you transfer money to regularly? What are your plans for using the app? Many money transfer apps are designed to facilitate financial transactions between friends. If you plan to send money to strangers, you should check into apps with protections if you need to recover your money.

Be aware of the scams: Several fraudsters and scammers are ready to loot you of your funds through digital means. Scammers send emails to people claiming that money has been put in their Peer to Peer accounts. They are asked to click a link to get straight to the program, but the malicious link instead downloads malware onto their phone or computer. On your family's computers and devices, consider implementing comprehensive security software.

If you keep in view the important tips explained above, you can send money to Bangladesh online using safe, secure, and swift methods like the ones offered by ACE Money Transfer.

The most trustworthy and reliable third-party money transfer app

ACE Money Transfer is the leading money transfer and remittance sending service globally. It provides many handy tools and an impressive list of countries to which you can send money in various currencies. A live currency converter allows you to lock in the best available exchange rates on the transfer date. The program has no limit on how many transfers you can make, but it does require a minimum payment, so it's better for larger international money transfers. 

You can use an iOS or Android app to transfer funds with ACE Money Transfer. Debit, credit, and prepaid cards are available besides bank transfers, and cash can be sent to more than 100 countries through ACE’s app. The transfer cost varies based on the method and the currency used. ACE is popular among worldwide expatriates since it offers unbeatable exchange rates and the lowest transfer fee. That’s why several Bangladeshi diasporas consider ACE the best way to send money to Bangladesh to support their families' financial needs. The service functions similarly to a digital wallet, allowing rapid and straightforward peer-to-peer transfers. ACE Money Transfer has one of the best reputations among money transfer companies, with a strong track record to back it up. 

You can easily send money online to Bangladesh by using a trustworthy remittance service of ACE Money Transfer. Sign up on ACE now to enjoy unbeatable exchange rates and swift transactions.


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