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Unravelling the Maze: Understanding Banking Fees and Charges Abroad when Sending Money to Ghana from the UK

Unravelling the Maze: Understanding Banking Fees and Charges Abroad when Sending Money to Ghana from the UK

27 Oct 2023

Sending money to Ghana from UK may be a minefield of hidden fees and perplexing charges. Understanding the cost of sending money abroad is critical, whether you're sending money to relatives, investing in a business, or just making a charity gift. You will look at the complexity of international money transfers to your loved ones in this detailed guide, assisting you in navigating the hurdles while keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Why Send Money to Your Family and Friends from the United Kingdom?

Before getting into the specifics of charges, let's look at why you would want to send money from the UK. Ghana is a culturally rich country with a thriving economy, and many Ghanaians residing in the UK send money home for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Supporting Your Loved Ones: Sending money to loved ones in Ghana provides them with a lifeline. It assists in covering important daily expenses such as food, utilities, and transportation. Furthermore, it promotes family members' educational goals by ensuring that they have access to quality education and educational materials.
  • Business Investments: Ghana's burgeoning business sector offers several investment options. Investing in Ghana from the United Kingdom may provide significant advantages as you become a part of the country's economic progress, possibly generating long-term financial benefits.
  • Contributions: Many people in the United Kingdom have a close connection to Ghana and donate to philanthropic causes and organisations in the nation. These donations are vital to projects in education, healthcare, poverty reduction, and community development.
  • Emergency circumstances: Because life is unpredictable, emergency circumstances can occur at any time. When you send money to Ghana, it enables you to give urgent financial help to family members or friends in times of distress, ensuring that they receive the support they require when it counts the most.
  • Education Aid: Sending money for educational reasons is a long-term investment. It enables family members to seek higher education, obtain tutoring, and acquire educational materials, ultimately leading to greater professional chances.
  • Real Estate Investing: Ghana's expanding real estate sector provides appealing investment opportunities. Sending money from the UK to invest in property can result in capital appreciation and rental income, making it a wise long-term financial decision.
  • Medical expenditures: Healthcare is a basic necessity, and contributing money for medical expenditures guarantees that your loved ones have access to appropriate healthcare services and that the costs of doctor's appointments, drugs, procedures, and hospital stays are covered.
  • Festivities: Ghanaians take pride in their cultural history and celebrate a variety of festivals and special occasions throughout the year. Sending money enables your Ghanaian relatives to actively participate in these traditional events, cultivating a sense of belonging and conserving traditions.
  • Business Ventures: Financing new business endeavours or expanding existing ones may have a significant influence on the Ghanaian economy and provide job opportunities. Sending money to assist these initiatives benefits not just your family but also the country's economic prosperity.
  • Elder Support: By providing financial assistance to older family members, you may ensure that they have a comfortable and dignified retirement. This assistance can cover living expenditures, healthcare demands, and other necessities, allowing them to live out their golden years with security and peace of mind.

Whatever your purpose, knowing the expenses of transferring money to Ghana is critical.

Banking Fees & Charges: A Maze of the FinTech World

Currency Exchange Rates

When making online money transfers to Ghana from the UK, the currency rate you obtain might have a considerable influence on the amount your receiver receives. Banks frequently provide lower rates than specialised money transfer businesses like ACE Money Transfer, which can result in significant losses over time.

Transfer Charges

Banks and money transfer businesses incur transfer fees when moving money abroad. These fees might vary greatly, so it's critical to research prices from several suppliers to ensure you're receiving the greatest deal.

Payment of Fees

The recipient's bank in Ghana may demand fees to receive the payments in specific instances. These costs might reduce the amount your receiver receives, so check with their bank for more information.

Surprising Fees

Be wary of hidden costs in the tiny print of your banking or money transfer provider's terms and conditions. Fees for intermediate banks or currency conversion may be included.

Transfer Speed

Fees for faster transfers are frequently higher. Consider your transfer's urgency and whether a less expensive alternative with a little longer delivery time will suffice.

Currency Conversion Fees

When converting your pounds to Ghanaian cedis, banks frequently impose a margin on the exchange rate, resulting in additional fees that might considerably alter the final amount received by the receiver.

Minimum Transfer Quantities

Because certain banks and financial institutions enforce minimum transfer quantities, you may be required to make money transfers to Ghana than you intended to fulfil these criteria, incurring greater costs.

Policies of Recipient Banks

For receiving international transfers, the bank in Ghana, where your beneficiary has an account, may have its charge structure. To avoid unexpected deductions on the recipient's end, it's critical to understand their rules.

Exchange Rate Fluctuations

Exchange rates are constantly changing. If you are not cautious, you may wind up transferring money at an unfavourable rate, which means your recipient will receive less value for the transfer.

Transfer Speed Alternatives

Some banks provide varying transfer speeds, with quicker alternatives typically costing more. Make careful to choose a pace that fits your demands and budget.

ACE Money Transfer: A Reliable Partner

ACE Money Transfer is your reliable partner when it comes to sending money to Ghana from the United Kingdom. ACE Money Transfer makes it simple to send money to Ghana while minimising the cost of your transfer by offering competitive exchange rates, straightforward fees, and a dedication to safe transactions.

Bottom Line

It can be difficult to navigate the maze of banking charges when transferring money to Ghana from the UK. However, with the appropriate expertise and the help of a reputable money transfer service like ACE Money Transfer, you can simplify the process and guarantee that your hard-earned money arrives at its destination at the lowest possible cost and with the most ease.


How long does it take to send money to Ghana from the UK using ACE Money Transfer?

The transfer time can vary depending on the payment method and destination. In most cases, ACE Money Transfer offers fast and efficient transfers to Ghana.

Are there any hidden fees when using ACE Money Transfer for international transfers?

No, ACE Money Transfer is committed to transparency, and there are no hidden fees. You'll know the exact cost of your transfer upfront.

Can I track the status of my money transfer to Ghana with ACE Money Transfer?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer provides tracking options so you can monitor the progress of your transfer in real time.

What payment methods can I use with ACE Money Transfer for sending money to Ghana?

ACE Money Transfer offers a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and more, making it convenient for you to send money.

Is ACE Money Transfer regulated and secure for international transfers?

Yes, ACE Money Transfer is regulated and complies with all necessary security protocols to ensure your money is transferred safely and securely to Ghana.

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