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Understanding the Role of Currency Exchange Rates in International Money Transfers

06 Sep 2023

For several reasons, tracking and understanding exchange rates is a good idea for anyone who frequently makes online money transfers across borders. When converting money between currencies, the amount you send or receive depends on the exchange rate provided by the bank or specialised currency provider you are working with. In international money transfers, currency exchange rates are of utmost importance. 

The process of converting one currency into another is usually involved when sending money from one nation to another. The exchange rate determines the value of one currency to another, which also affects the recipient's financial gain. Based on supply and demand, exchange rates fluctuate constantly. Whether one currency is more sought-after than another depends on how valuable people perceive it to be as an investment or as a means of exchange.

What Are Currency Exchange Rates?

The cost to exchange one currency for another is known as the exchange rate. An exchange rate indicates how much of a given currency you could purchase with one unit of another. Exchange rates are, therefore, presented as currency pairs.

One Euro, for instance, could be converted into $1.07. On the international foreign exchange markets, where a lot of currencies are traded, this exchange rate fluctuates constantly. Along with the US dollar, the pound sterling, and the Japanese yen, the euro is one of the most traded currencies.

What Is The Role Of Currency Exchange Rates?


Currency Conversion

When making a global money transfer, your local currency must be changed into the recipient's currency. The ratio of the two currencies' conversion depends on the exchange rate. If the exchange rate is favourable, you will get more of the currency of the recipient for each unit of your own. In contrast, a poor exchange rate results in a lower payment.

Calculating Costs

The total cost of a money transfer can also be calculated using exchange rates. Money transfer companies may impose fees or increase their quoted exchange rate by a margin in addition to the exchange rate. This may have an impact on the recipient's overall financial award. When contrasting various transfer options, these costs must be taken into account.


Some variables, such as economic indicators, geopolitical developments, market sentiment, and governmental policies, cause exchange rates to fluctuate constantly. These changes can take place instantly or gradually over a longer time. Therefore, between the time of initiation and receipt, the transferred amount's value may change. Since potential gains or losses can result from volatility depending on the direction of exchange rate movements, volatility presents risks and opportunities.

Choices For Hedging

Different hedging options are available for people and companies dealing with frequent international money transfers to reduce exchange rate risk. These include future contracts, options, and forward contracts that let you fix an exchange rate for a specific time. By guarding against unfavourable currency fluctuations, hedging can offer stability and certainty.

Economic Variables

Interest rates, inflation, trade balances, and political stability are just a few economic variables that impact exchange rates. The relative strength of currencies and, as a result, exchange rates can change in response to these variables. Making wise choices about money transfers can be aided by examining economic indicators and comprehending their potential effects on exchange rates.


Timing is everything when it comes to sending money abroad. Exchange rates can fluctuate significantly over time, making it difficult to predict how they will change in the future. Monitoring exchange rate trends and aiming for a favourable rate, if you can choose when to transfer your money, may help increase your transfer's value.

Exchange Rate Service Providers

You have a variety of currency exchange options when sending money abroad. Banks, specialised money transfer firms, and online marketplaces provide services for currency exchange. To get the most for your money, comparing exchange rates and service charges between different providers is essential.

Statistics Of Currency Exchange Rates Role In International Money Transfers

Indicators of the influence of currency exchange rates on international money transfers include the following statistics:

Exchange Rate Costs

According to the World Bank, the average cost of sending remittances globally in 2020 was 6.5%. Currency exchange rates greatly influence the overall cost of sending money overseas.

Exchange Rate Volatility

Exchange rates can fluctuate drastically and quickly. An average daily change of 0.61% was observed in the euro/dollar exchange rate in 2020. With an average daily change of 0.81%, the Japanese yen/dollar exchange rate was even more unstable.

Currency Flows 

In 2019, the foreign exchange market's daily average currency flow value was roughly $6.6 trillion. The large number of currency exchanges illustrates how crucial exchange rates are for international money transfers. If you're interested in learning more about Exchange Rates, check out our comprehensive guide on how are exchange rates determined by remittance companies.

Hedging Techniques

According to a survey by HSBC in 2021, 71% of businesses engaged in cross-border trade used foreign exchange hedging to reduce currency risk. This demonstrates the significance of managing exchange rate risk in cross-border business transactions.

Impact on Developing Nations

Developing nations that depend on remittances as a source of income may experience significant effects from currency exchange rates. The World Bank estimates that remittance flows to low- and middle-income countries can increase by 4.8% for every 10% increase in the exchange rate.

These figures show how vital currency exchange rates are to international money transfers. Understanding exchange rates' dynamics is important for making wise choices when sending money abroad because they can greatly impact the price and value of money transfers.

Information on exchange rates can be found in a variety of sources. Your bank or the company that handles your money transfer's website may have the most recent exchange rate data. The currency converter from ACE Money Transfer is a user-friendly online tool that lets you keep track of exchange rate fluctuations over time.

Bottom Line 

To confidently make global money transfers, it is crucial to comprehend currency exchange rates. To make sure that you get the most out of your international money transfers, keep an eye on exchange rate fluctuations, look into providers, and weigh the costs involved.


Why Are Currency Exchange Rates Important To Take Into Account?

The costs you pay for imported goods are greatly influenced by exchange rates. The cost of purchasing foreign goods will typically increase significantly if the domestic currency is weaker. The price of imported goods may consequently be somewhat lower with a stronger domestic currency.

Why Is It Necessary To Convert Transactions Made In Foreign Currencies To The Reporting Currency?

You will use various currencies in your business operations if your company has operations in other nations. Your financial statements must, however, be recorded in a single currency when it comes to accounting. You must, therefore, perform currency conversion in foreign currencies.

When The Exchange Rate Rises, What Happens?

As a result, a rise in the exchange rate indicates a genuine appreciation of the domestic currency. In the face of currency appreciation, producers raise their output because they expect the cost of imported intermediate goods to decrease.

Does The Inflation-Adjusted Exchange Rate Increase?

The value of a nation's currency typically declines when inflation is higher. This is because rising inflation makes the currency less valuable, which makes it less strong relative to other currencies. Typically, rising inflation harms currency conversion rates.

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