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Understanding the Healthcare System in a New Country as a Ghanaian Expatriate

22 Jun 2023

Becoming an expatriate can be an exciting journey filled with new experiences and opportunities. However, as a Ghanaian expatriate, navigating the healthcare system in a new country can be a daunting task. You might be one of the nearly 4 million Ghanaian diasporas, most of whom earn in foreign countries and send money to Ghana for financial support. Understanding a foreign healthcare system is critical for every expatriate worker to ensure a smooth life in their country of residence. But do you find it complex? Don't worry; this guide is here to help you understand and manoeuvre through it all.

Knowing How the Health System Works in Your New Country - General Guidelines


Research of the Healthcare System

It's important for Ghanaians living abroad to do an extensive study about the healthcare system in their new country. Knowing the healthcare system's structure, including its public and private healthcare providers, insurance requirements, and the availability of specialised medical services, is a good place to start. Learn about the laws, rules, and cultural nuances that may affect how medical services are delivered where you reside.


Getting Health Insurance

Accessing healthcare in a foreign nation requires having health insurance. Make sure you are aware of your alternatives for health insurance when living abroad. Investigate the various insurance companies, their policies, costs, and any unique requirements for expatriates. Getting health insurance that covers your current place of residence as well as offers worldwide coverage, including healthcare in Ghana, is advised.


Locating with Healthcare Professionals

Finding qualified healthcare providers is the next step after you have a firm knowledge of the healthcare system and have obtained health insurance. In your local healthcare system, look for hospitals, clinics, and physicians that are reputable and accredited. Ask for referrals from other ex-pats, check internet reviews, and think about how close the healthcare facilities are to your home. When you need care, having a list of reputable healthcare providers will guarantee you get it.

Having Conversations with Medical Personnel

Effective communication is essential when you see healthcare specialists in your new country. Despite the fact that English may be widely spoken around the world, it is still a good idea to acquire some fundamental words and medical terms. You'll be able to explain your problems, comprehend medical advice, and establish a connection with healthcare providers as a result. 


If you can ensure good mental and physical health in a foreign country, you can work and earn better and ensure timely financial support to your family with a quick money transfer to Ghana whenever they need your help.

Being a Ghanaian Expatriate


What Does it Mean?

An expatriate, or expat for short, is a person who resides in a country other than their native one. As a Ghanaian expatriate, this means you're living and potentially working in a foreign country.


Challenges Faced

While the prospect of experiencing a new culture and environment is thrilling, it's also accompanied by certain challenges. One such challenge is navigating the healthcare system of your new home, especially if it's vastly different from what you're accustomed to in Ghana.


Exploring Healthcare in a New Country

Differences in Healthcare

The healthcare system in your new country might differ in many ways from the one in Ghana, such as in structure, delivery of care, cost, and accessibility. It's essential to understand these differences to optimise your healthcare experience.


Understanding Your Health Coverage

Knowing what health services you're entitled to as an expatriate is vital. Your health coverage could be influenced by several factors, such as your immigration status, employment, and whether you have health insurance.

Tips for Navigating the Healthcare System

Researching the System

The first step to understanding the healthcare system is doing thorough research. Learn about the healthcare policies, insurance plans, and local health providers available in your new country.

Knowing Your Rights

Understanding your rights is crucial when accessing healthcare. Make sure you're aware of your entitlements as an expatriate, including access to emergency services and treatments covered under insurance.


Communicating with Healthcare Providers

Establishing a good relationship with your healthcare providers can be extremely beneficial. They can provide valuable advice and guidance, helping you navigate through the healthcare system more effectively.


Besides looking for the best healthcare options, what are your primary concerns as a Ghanaian expatriate? If finding a trusted remittance solution comes to your mind, you aren’t alone. Most expatriates remain worried about finding a trusted remittance partner to let them transfer funds securely and economically. In this regard, making an online money transfer to Ghana using ACE’s remittance solution is recommended since most expats trust its services, given competitive exchange rates and the lowest transfer costs that the firm offers.


Role of Health Insurance


Importance of Health Insurance

Health insurance plays a key role in managing healthcare costs. It helps cover the cost of medical care, including hospitalisation, prescription medications, and preventive services.


How to Get Health Insurance

Insurance coverage varies by country. It could be provided by your employer, purchased independently, or you may be eligible for government-provided healthcare. Research different health insurance plans and choose one that best suits your healthcare needs and budget.

Seeking Out Community Support

The Value of Community

Connecting with fellow Ghanaians or other expatriates can be a tremendous source of support. They can provide first-hand insights and advice and help you adjust to the new healthcare system.

Connecting with Other Expatriates

Join local expat communities, attend events, or participate in online forums. Sharing experiences and information can help reduce the anxiety of dealing with a new healthcare system.


Preventive Measures and Healthy Living

Importance of Preventive Care

Preventive healthcare, such as regular check-ups and vaccinations, can help detect health issues early and improve health outcomes. It is an important aspect of healthcare to prioritise.

Healthy Living in a New Environment

Adapting to a new environment also involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Balanced nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and mental wellness contribute to overall health and help prevent diseases.

The Way Forward

Understanding a new healthcare system as a Ghanaian expatriate can be a complex process. But with thorough research, an understanding of health insurance, community support, and a focus on preventive measures, you can successfully navigate it. Remember, the adjustment process takes time, so be patient with yourself, and soon enough, you'll find yourself becoming more comfortable and confident in managing your health in your new country. While you have learned how to find the best healthcare facilities for you, it’s time to simultaneously find out the best method to transfer funds back home from abroad. Choose ACE Money Transfer and send money to Ghana online at the best exchange rates with low transaction fees.




As a Ghanaian expatriate, am I entitled to healthcare in my new country?

It depends on several factors, such as your visa status, duration of stay, and the country's healthcare policies. Researching the country's healthcare system or consulting with a legal advisor can provide clarity.


What should I look for in a health insurance plan?

Look for coverage that meets your specific health needs, fits your budget, and is accepted by healthcare providers in your new country.


How can I connect with other expatriates?

Online forums, local expat communities, and social media platforms are great ways to connect with fellow expatriates.

What preventive healthcare measures should I take?

Regular check-ups, immunisations, health screenings, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and following local health advisories are some preventive measures you can take.


Why is it important to understand the healthcare system of my new country?

Understanding the healthcare system of your new country will help you access the medical services you need, know your rights and obligations, and manage healthcare costs effectively.


Tips for Expatriates

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