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Top 6 Ways to Ensure Secure International Money Transfers to Pakistan from Italy

19 Dec 2023

Are you worried about making a safe money transfer to Pakistan from Italy? Pakistani expats working in Italy face challenges in finding ways to send money to their loved ones. Most of the people working overseas not only build their future but also try to support their families in Pakistan.

Security is one of the biggest problems that comes in the way of transferring money at the international level. While making huge transactions, people fear getting fraud or money stealing. To overcome the issue of security, always look for a reliable money transfer service, such as ACE Money Transfer, to get facilitated in all the ways.


Explore the best company, verify its details, and then use it to make your transactions. Almost every company charges some amount for transferring money internationally. So, compare the facilities and ensure security before making any vast transactions. This article will teach you how to make secure money transfers from Italy to Pakistan.

Ensure Secure International Money Transfers

In 2021, Pakistan stood 5th among the top countries receiving remittances. In 2021, Pakistan received remittances that were 500 times larger in value compared to the country's outward remittances.

There are many ways to make online money transfers internationally, but looking for their authenticity and validity is essential. Following are some ways to ensure safe international money transfers:

Choose Recognized Company

Many companies provide the service for international money transfers, such as PayPal, MoneyGram, and ACE Money Transfer. They are authentic and renowned websites facilitating customers by providing them with multiple benefits to send money from Italy to Pakistan.

Rules & Regulations

Learn about all the rules and regulations for transferring money. Make sure to fulfill all the requirements. Verify that the companies are legal and anti-money laundering. Check if all the terms and conditions required by the companies are valid. Ask them for their surety for not sharing your sensitive information.

Ensure Cybersecurity Measures

Robust cybersecurity measures are popular to protect users against hacking and cyberattacks that could compromise the security of international transfers.

Transfer Duration

Another thing that matters the most is the transfer duration for money transactions. Many companies offer convenient and timely money transfers. Usually, it requires 4-5 days to send money online to Pakistan from Italy, but ACE Money Transfers make transactions within a few minutes.

Phishing Scams

Be aware of phishing scams. Anonymous messages or emails may hit you to require access to your banking details or other sensitive notes. Verify the authenticity of the means of communication before providing sensitive information. Always check the sender's credentials to stay away from any scams.

Update Accounts

Keep a record of all your transactions as proof. Update your accounts and keep your documentation safe. Clarify all the errors and manage your account yourself.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Secure Money Transfer Company

As a Pakistani expat in Italy, you can send money online from Italy to Pakistan in many ways, such as bank-to-bank and online money transfers through mobile applications or websites. Many international companies offer secure services along with low exchange rates. One of these companies is ACE Money Transfer, which provides you with many benefits such as:

Global Coverage

ACE Money Transfer allows you to send money worldwide. They have access to multiple regions, making it easier for you to send remittances safely. Read top essential security measures to ensure safe money transfers globally. ACE Money Transfer is a recognized international company known for its convenience. They can transfer money to the desired country anytime by following a few steps.

Cost Effective

ACE Money Transfer is cost-effective for both sender and receiver. It charges a low transfer fee even for larger money transactions, which facilitates the sender to save more money. It offers a reasonable currency exchange rate, which benefits the receiver because it helps them receive more money in their local currency. 

Exchange Rate

To send money from one country to another, you need currency conversion. If you're converting currency during the transfer, be aware of the exchange rates the money transfer companies offer. Compare the exchange rates of different services. Rates can vary, and some companies may charge higher fees for currency conversion. But ACE Money Transfer aims to provide the lowest currency conversion rates.


This company is trustworthy because many institutes have recognized it. It is best for handling large remittances worldwide. Moreover, it ensures the security of its customers by encryption and through many other ways. It protects its client's sensitive information.

Fast Service

ACE Money Transfer offers the highest transmission speed. It usually takes a few minutes or hours to send money from Italy to Pakistan. Their customer service is available 24/7, and individuals can directly ask them for help anytime. So, expats can transfer money without worrying about time differences and with fast speed.

Tricks to Avoid Scams while Making International Money Transfers

To protect yourself from online scams is very essential. Following are some tricks to avoid online scams;

  • Always use a secure Wi-Fi connection while international money transfers to avoid leaking sensitive information like reference numbers and credit details.
  • Never give access to your bank account to anyone.
  • Use strong passwords
  • Never share personal information.
  • Use credit cards for security
  • Update your credit history
  • Set two-factor authentication

To make your remittances secure, make sure you have enough knowledge about the ways of transferring money. Carefully provide all the information about the receiver, and do not share or give access to your account to anyone else. Choose a well-reputed company that ensures security and offers the fastest transmission with fewer charges. Choose a company by getting all the information and then compare the facilities to make a successful money transfer.

Nowadays, maintaining the security of your accounts is effortless because many new protocols have been introduced in the world of technology. Two-factor authentications, strong passwords, and verification codes have quickly secured the accounts. As a Pakistani expat in Italy, try to get all the information about successful money transfers from authentic websites. 

Build your trust by sending a small amount of money, then go for a large transaction. Never give anyone access to your account to avoid phishing scams. Ensure the information provided is accurate, and update your account after every successful transaction.

Bottom Line

Security issues while transferring vast amounts of remittances are a concern of all the individuals working overseas. Trying to get settled in a well-developed country like Italy while supporting your loved ones in Pakistan can be challenging for expats. Another issue that comes in the way is time difference, which becomes a barrier in transferring money because banks in all countries have different working hours and days.

With the help of a money transfer company, you can enjoy the benefit of sending money from Pakistan online from Italy. ACE Money Transfer facilitates the sender and the receiver in all the maximum ways. They offer easy transmission through mobile apps and websites. Their customer service is available 24/7 to resolve the queries and issues of the customers. Moreover, you can track your money transfer process information online on your mobile using the ACE Money Transfer App.


How long does it take to send money from Italy to Pakistan?

It usually depends upon the service type you choose to transfer money. The time duration of every company varies. If you are transferring from bank to bank, it might take a day or less. The last period offered by remittance companies is a few minutes or hours.

How can I keep my account secure?

Apply two-factor authentication, use strong passwords, avoid using public Wi-Fi, and do not share your personal information with anyone to keep your account secure. Moreover, keep checking the activity of your account to stay updated about all the updates.

What facilities are offered by ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer gives you multiple benefits, such as making the first transaction to any part of the world free of cost. You can send money at any time of the day with the help of your mobile application.

Is it possible to track the process of remittance?

You can check the status of your money transfer process by tracking it from your mobile phone or the website. For further assistance, you can also contact customer support.

Which details are required for international money transfers?

Companies need the recipient's details, such as an address, mobile number, name, and account ID, along with the actual identification documents of the sender and personal contact details.

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