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Top 5 Wonders in the UK that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) Must Know

25 Jul 2023

More than 12 million Filipinos live abroad, out of which nearly 2 million are overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), who work, earn money and support their families back home when they regularly make a money transfer to Philippines from abroad. Over 200,000 Filipinos live in various parts of the United Kingdom for better education, work opportunities, or career prospects. There are many breathtaking natural wonders in the UK that these Filipinos must witness. It can be a blessed relief in these fragile times to find comfort in the fact that countless sites throughout the UK serve as monuments to Mother Nature and the relentless march of time. Life doesn't always revolve around human effort. 

With that in mind, here are the Top 5 UK Wonders that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) Must Know.

Top 5 Wonders in the UK You Must Know

Fingal's Cave

The most well-known Scottish cave and one of the best examples of volcanic basalt columns can be found on the uninhabited Isle of Staffa in Argyll, where Fingal's Cave is located. The interior walls of this visually stunning geometric sea cave, which rises 227 feet (69 meters) above the water, are made entirely of hexagonal basalt columns that have been neatly shaped into six-sided pillars. 

It was produced by the same ancient lava flow that also produced the Giant's Causeway in Ireland, which is located directly across the water, about 60 million years ago. Take a cruise ship to Staffa and the stunning Fingal's Cave, where you can go puffin-spotting in the summer and experience the extraordinary acoustics that inspired Mendelssohn to compose his Hebrides Overture and follow in the footsteps of historical figures like Queen Victoria and Sir Walter Scott.

Liechwedd Slate Caverns, Snowdonia, Wales

At the Llechwedd Slate Caverns in the heart of Snowdonia, social and cultural history coexist with natural history, even though it is now merely a tourist destination. The cavern at Llechwedd, which is home to some of the world's finest slate and was once a hub of industry in the 19th century, was created when clay-rich mud was compressed and squeezed at high temperatures during continental shifts 300–400 million years ago. 

To view the magnificence of this natural phenomenon, you can now descend 660 feet underground on Britain's steepest cable railway. Visit Snowdonia's untamed landscape, which includes Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr, as well as Snowdon, while hiking simultaneously. Check out the top priorities of Filipino expats in foreign countries if you're curious in any way.

Luskentyre Sands

Luskentyre Sands is a small piece of heaven on earth, known for its miles of white sand and stunning green-blue waters. At high tide, it is submerged and turns into a portion of the Sound of Taransay, which faces the Isle of Taransay.

This flawlessly curved crescent of fine shell sand is reminiscent of an exotic beach and is located on the Isle of Harris in the northwest of Scotland. Luskentyre certainly knows how to hypnotise its visitors. Its visitors are lapped gently by azure water and backed by sand dunes with grass that ripples in the wind. Its remarkableness is only enhanced by the surrounding mountains, the slopes of Ben Luskentyre, and the North Harris hills across the sound in the background.

Consider that Luskentyre was named one of Britain's top beaches and that Harris and Lewis's islands took home the top prize in the category of Best Island in Europe at the 2014 Travelers' Choice Awards, which were presented by TripAdvisor. It's hard to find better coastal scenery than this.

Giant's Causeway, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The impressive Giant's Causeway rock formation, which consists of 40,000 joined basalt columns with a majority of hexagonal shapes and is located on Northern Ireland's wild Antrim Coast, was created in the distant past when the Irish giant Finn McCool threw rocks into the Irish Sea to allow him to cross to Scotland and fight his comparably sized Scottish rival Benandonner.

That's what some people may say, I suppose. In actuality, a volcano 50–60 million years ago caused this UNESCO World Heritage Site to form. Many hiking trails lead to this incredible sight, but the most appropriate is the stunning 10-kilometre coastline walk from Runkerry House to the cliffs of Hamilton's Seat above the Causeway. This wonder can be soothing and will temporarily relieve your frustration as an OFW who is overworked trying to earn enough money to make an online money transfer to Philippines to loved ones. 

Scottish Dark Sky Park

The first designated Dark Sky Park in the UK and Europe, covering about 75,000 hectares of land, is Galloway Forest Park in Dumfries and Galloway. It frequently appears on lists of the world's darkest locations offering the best conditions for stargazing. There are so few residents of the forest park, resulting in little light pollution and truly pitch-black nights.

Among those who enjoy stargazing, its darkness is legendary. The forest park receives a score of close to complete darkness, with a Sky Quality Meter scale reading of 21 to 23.6 on a scale of 25.

Visit the park in Scotland's southwest, where you can observe meteors when they are present and see more than 7,000 stars and planets with the unaided eye. A bright band of the Milky Way can frequently be seen arching across the sky when visibility is good enough. As we circle the sun, our view of the stars constantly changes, so each night is a brand-new show.

The UK is home to numerous areas of outstanding natural beauty, including long coastlines, secluded coves, misty mountains, and everything else a nature lover could want in between. You won't have to go far in the UK to find nice places because it has hundreds of breathtaking natural landmarks. Now that you have a list of the best ones, pick your top pick.

Bottom Line 

Incredibly beautiful natural wonders can be found all over the UK, from rocky coastlines to underground caves. Hopefully, you can use this compiled list of the top 5, each strikingly different but undeniably stunning, to help you decide where to go on your next vacation. And yes, the good news for Filipino workers is that ACE has their back no matter where you are in the world, making it simple to send money to Philippines online through ACE.


What are the Top 5 Wonders in the UK that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) should know about?

The Top 5 Wonders that OFWs must know about include Stonehenge, the Tower of London, Roman Baths, Edinburgh Castle, and the Giant's Causeway. These locations hold a rich historical and cultural value that offers a unique perspective on UK history and heritage.

How can OFWs access these attractions? Is there a need for advance booking?

Access to these attractions may vary. For some, like the Tower of London and Edinburgh Castle, it is usually recommended to buy tickets in advance, particularly during peak tourist seasons. For others like Stonehenge, both advance booking and on-the-day tickets are generally available. To ensure convenience, it's always best to check the specific site's official website for the most up-to-date information.

Are there any discounts available for OFWs when visiting these Wonders?

Discounts largely depend on the specific policies of each site. Some locations may offer discounts for group bookings, while others might have special rates for certain times of the year. In general, no specific discounts for OFWs are known, but there might be general discounts applicable to all visitors regardless of their background.

What are the operating hours of these attractions? Are they open year-round?

The operating hours and open days for these sites vary and are often subject to change based on the time of year and special events. Generally, most of them are open throughout the year, with limited hours during winter. For the most accurate information, it's recommended to visit each site's official website or contact their customer service.

What are the recommended ways for OFWs to enhance their experience while visiting these Wonders?

Engaging with a local tour guide or using audio guides can enhance the experience and provide a deeper understanding of the site's history and significance. Reading up on the site's history beforehand can also enrich the visit. Additionally, checking out reviews and tips from fellow travellers online can give practical advice and reveal lesser-known attractions within or near these sites.

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