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Top 10 Tips for a Smooth Expat Life in Canada as a Bangladeshi

10 Aug 2023

According to a report by the High Commission for Bangladesh, Ottawa, Canada, about 100,000 Bangladeshis are living in Canada. The same report said that Bangladeshi professionals started migrating to Canada in the 1960s from what was then East Pakistan. Since then, and after the country became independent in 1971, Bangladeshis have been travelling to Canada for better employment opportunities. So that they can earn a living and send money to Bangladesh from Canada to their families to support them financially. Do you know how can every Bangladeshie expat in Canada ensure a smooth, peaceful, and successful expat life? Keep reading to get a handful of effective strategies and tips. 

A report by Pilot Guides said that the Bangladeshi diaspora is one of the largest worldwide with over 7.5 million migrants living in different countries. They have been contributing substantially to the Bangladeshi economy through the remittances they send back.

According to a World Bank report, Bangladeshi migrants sent back $21.5 billion in inward remittances to Bangladesh in 2022. This amount gives a boost to the country’s economy and also serves as a financial lifeline.

Of the many foreign countries, that Bangladeshis travel to, Canada is the most sought-after expatriate destination.

Do you know why is Canada such a big attraction for migrants from across the world including Bangladesh? Why do job-seeking migrants wish to travel to Canada for jobs? And most important of all, how can migrants lead a smooth life in Canada?

Because the reason for going to Canada is to earn a living and support your family back home. Right?


Imagine if your life in Canada as a Bangladeshi migrant is not smooth. What will happen? How will it affect you?


Remember that if you are facing challenges in your life because of which you feel restless, it will have a direct bearing on your health which can affect your professional performance.


Therefore, this blog will try to cover all of these areas and will guide you about leading a smooth life in Canada. So, let’s start.

Prime Reasons for Travelling to Canada

Before learning the tips to lead a smooth life in Canada as a Bangladeshi migrant, let’s first look at the reasons which pull you to Canada. So that acting upon those tips becomes easy for you.

Financial Support

Remember that the primary reason is to find a reasonable employment opportunity to earn a living and support your family through a money transfer from Canada to Bangladesh from Canada or any other country for that matter.

Welcoming and Friendly People

Canadians have earned a reputation for being friendly, and it seems they live up to it. If you travel to Canada, you will feel as if you know the locals for a long time even though you would meet them for the first time in your life.

High Quality of Life

The quality of life in Canada is pretty high. The country ranked 12th out of 189 countries, on 2018’s Human Development Index. Canada came 3rd worldwide in the latest rankings of Quality of Life, according to a report published by US News and World Report.

State-Funded Healthcare Services

Canada takes pride in offering one of the best healthcare services to the natives and expatriates alike. It includes primary and secondary healthcare with doctor visits and referrals to specialists free of charge.

The Robust and Thriving Economy

  • The World Bank said that the nominal GDP of Canada in 2022 was $2.14 trillion.
  • Another World Bank report said that the GDP per capita income in Canada in 2022 was $54,966.5.

Such a robust economy shows that the country has an expansive job market which can accommodate job seekers in different fields.

Top-Notch Education

The education quality in Canada is one of the best worldwide. You can find every course you wish to study and that too at a much lower cost compared to other Western countries without compromising the quality of education.

Take a look to learn how to find the right study program abroad while moving from Bangladesh.


Let’s now learn the tips to live a smooth life in Canada.


Tips to Lead a Smooth Life in Canada

The following tips will help you live smoothly in Canada as a Bangladeshi migrant.

Act Politely

You are in Canada to earn a living and support your family through an online money transfer to Bangladesh from Canada. Right? So, be polite to the locals and use expressions like ‘please’, ‘sorry’, and ‘thank you’, frequently. It will help you connect well with the locals which you need during the course of your stay.

Observe Punctuality

When in Canada, try to be punctual. Because in Canada, punctuality is a sign of respect. And besides, one of the keys to excelling professionally abroad or in your native country is punctuality.

Create Network

Canada is a huge and diverse market capable of offering jobs to you in any field or recognizing your talent of any kind. You can tap this potential optimally only if you have a huge network and connections with people.

Understand the Culture

Keep an open mind and know that cultural difference is a challenge to cope with. But if you try to understand the local culture of Canada with an open mind and adopt it, you will be more comfortable with it than if you adopt a resistant approach.

Try to Volunteer Often

In Canadian culture, volunteering is an integral part. Children are taught and encouraged to do it while high school students have to complete mandatory volunteering hours. So, try to volunteer as much as possible in Canada.

Give Tips Frequently

Giving tips for different services is a well-rooted practice in Canada. Make sure to give tips for the services you get frequently. This way, the locals will feel pleasant about you and connect better.

Prepare your Documents Properly

Canadian employers are pretty conscious about how you make your resume and the cover letter while applying for a job. Therefore, customise your resume professionally according to the position you apply for and draft a catchy cover letter with it.

A few other useful tips include the following:

  • Learn the slang locals use frequently
  • Get a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Get health insurance and a driving license

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Do you not think that a smooth money transfer is also an integral part of your smooth expatriate life in Canada? You do think. Right? So, try to send money from Canada to Bangladesh online with ACE Money Transfer to enjoy a swift and smooth transfer with live and competitive exchange rates, safety, wider access and a lot more for a low fee from just one stop.


Why do I have to travel to Canada from Bangladesh for jobs?

You travel to Canada from Bangladesh because Canada offers you jobs with better economic prospects. Such financially viable job opportunities are hard to find in Bangladesh regardless of your education, degree, and experience.


What challenges can I face in Canada as a Bangladeshi migrant?

A few challenges you face after reaching Canada include fitting in the new country, the language barrier, job hunting, accommodation worries, financial management, loneliness and homesickness, adapting to the new culture, and establishing a network.


How do I lead a smooth life in Canada?

You can lead a smooth life in Canada if you understand the local culture and norms with an open mind, be polite to the locals, volunteer often, give tips, say sorry, thank you, please frequently, be punctual, and understand some of the popular slangs the locals use often.


What should I NOT do while in Canada?

Making assumptions about Canada, not knowing your city fully, delaying in opening a bank account, fewer preparations for the Canadian job market, insufficient credit history, delays to set up important social services, not creating a network, and making high expenses initially.


What are some of the benefits of living in Canada?

Some of the advantages of living in Canada are free healthcare services, top-notch education, high wages, an expansive job market offering several opportunities, and a fine work-life balance.


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