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Top 10 Benefits of Participating in Local Volunteer Opportunities While Studying Abroad that Pakistani Students Must Know

Top 10 Benefits of Participating in Local Volunteer Opportunities While Studying Abroad that Pakistani Students Must Know

10 Nov 2023

Consider going abroad to school and earning a good amount to send money to Pakistan online. Thinking about volunteering some of your time while you are on this life-changing journey would be a good idea. Youth volunteerism is desired by 93% of them, according to a study. A small percentage of them succeed, however. Volunteering has many advantages, which makes this unfortunate. These can include enhancing your physical and mental well-being, expanding your professional network, or making lifelong friends. 

These are not the only advantages, so you want to learn more about them. While volunteering abroad allows you to improve people's lives and communities worldwide, it also allows you to advance your professional aspirations. Here are ten great reasons why Pakistani students should volunteer while they study abroad. 

Volunteer and Study Abroad

When you hear the phrase "studying abroad," you likely picture idyllic scenes of canal cruising in Amsterdam, club hopping in Barcelona, high-fiving on a red double-decker bus through London, or exhilarating hiking through the lush, mountainous terrain of the El Yunque in Puerto Rico.

While volunteering is a significant potential aspect of studying abroad that is frequently disregarded, it is still a rewarding and highly recommended experience. Sadly, the US is frequently accused of not having a global perspective. Finding study abroad volunteer programs, however, can help in this area since typical study abroad students frequently hang out with other classmates from their home country rather than immersing themselves in a foreign culture.

Instead, it elevates that standard course, providing fantastic opportunities to understand and absorb your environment fully.

Benefits of Participating in Local Volunteer Abroad as a Pakistani Student 

Here are some benefits of participating in local volunteer abroad as a Pakistani student: 

You'll Build Deeper Relationships With Locals Abroad

Your study abroad program can be enhanced by including a volunteer component to help you better understand yourself and your international neighbours while preparing you to live and work in a deeply connected world. Additionally, you'll develop a greater appreciation for the local way of life by participating in it. Instead of engaging in the expensive nightlife that most Westerners can only afford, you'll have a unique experience helping a local community and experiencing cultural immersion.

You Can Return The Favor To The Community You Are Visiting

The opportunity to support the neighbourhood you're staying in is one of the main advantages of volunteering. According to a 2011 study by The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Studies, there are 20.8 million full-time jobs equivalently filled yearly by global volunteering. Additionally, the value of this unpaid labour to the world economy is about $400 billion. You can do much for the neighbourhood where you study by volunteering your time, even a few hours a week.

Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

You might be spending your only time there in your entire life for this brief period in another country! If all you do during the day is go to class, study, and hang out with your friends out of fear of stepping outside your comfort zone, you must broaden your horizons more. 

Volunteering will teach you more than you could ever imagine, develop meaningful relationships with locals, and develop fresh viewpoints. Not to mention that you can reward yourself for helping others. ACE Money Transfer takes very well care of your comfort zone and provides secure ways to make money transfers to Pakistan

You'll Be Happier Overall If You Volunteer Abroad

You can, surprisingly, raise your happiness levels by helping others! In a study of American adults, the London School of Economics found that their happiness levels increased directly to their volunteering. The happiness trifecta, a trio of feel-good chemicals released by the body in response to acts of kindness, is to blame for this. Because of this, helping others comes naturally to you. Taking care of your local community is essential, and this is yet another good enough reason to do so.

You Get a Sense of Purpose from It

Volunteering has benefits for you as well as the local community. Volunteering can give you a sense of purpose, especially for a cause you're passionate about. You might still be a young person attempting to determine your life course. Despite this, there will undoubtedly be something you feel strongly about. These include social justice, the environment, and eradicating world poverty. You can contribute to changing the world in the particular areas where your passions lie by volunteering.

Increase Your Chances of Employment

You'll engage in sincere and sincere conversations with staff members and other volunteers while you're out in the field volunteering. You never know when one of these discussions might introduce you to the ideal hiring person, whether abroad or at home. You're forming connections in a different, better way with your service abroad, so forget about awkward trivial networking events.

Why not use your volunteer experience to help your resume stand out to employers? Employers will be even more impressed if they learn that you took the time to assist those in need during your free time while studying abroad. You can read the top benefits of studying abroad as well.

Additionally, you've probably acquired skills while travelling that you couldn't have learned at home, like intercultural communication abilities or a foreign language (they're like bling for CVs). You'll gain a better understanding of what your significance entails and its global trends by volunteering in a capacity related to it. This will impress employers in interview situations and be a great conversation starter.

Your Stress and Anxiety Levels Drop When You Help Others

Young people, particularly teenagers, experience stress regularly, according to the American Psychological Society. Long-term stress can result in more serious mental problems like anxiety and depression and physical problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. 

According to studies, volunteering can help you use your time more purposefully, which is good for your mental health. After all, what sounds better: spending time at home or meeting new people and helping others? And even in good or bad times, don't forget your families and keep making online money transfers to Pakistan to support them. 

Your Self-Esteem Can Rise By Volunteering

Not only does volunteering abroad make you happier, but it also boosts your self-esteem. With 20% of teens experiencing depression before they turn 18, low self-esteem is a significant problem many young people face. You acquire a fresh outlook on life when you volunteer abroad. After all, you can't truly appreciate all you have until you see the world differently.

Volunteering Keeps You Fit

Volunteering while studying abroad has many physical advantages in addition to mental ones. A serious issue that can lead to later problems in life, such as heart attacks, is obesity in young people. You're moving around and getting up by volunteering. Moving boxes, tending to a garden, or even helping to construct something could all fall under this category.

Volunteering Can Help You Learn New Skills

You can learn various new skills, just one of the many benefits of volunteering. This can range from learning an entirely new language or construction methods to learning practical skills like cooking and cleaning. Even a few hours a week of international volunteer work can give you valuable real-world experience that will help you in the future, particularly in your career.

When you participate in study abroad volunteer programs, you do more than just the typical touristy things to experience a country's surface culture. Instead, you'll better understand the culture, making your time abroad even more meaningful. You will emerge from the experience as a much more capable, resilient, educated, modest, and well-rounded global citizen.

Bottom Line 

There are many benefits to volunteering while studying abroad, such as making a difference and enhancing your physical and mental well-being. What, then, is stopping you? Yes, you can send money to Pakistan using ACE Money Transfer services if you land a job there and want to support your family back home.


What Role Does Volunteering Play In Networking? 

You'll get to know various people from various backgrounds and professions worldwide. It's a great chance to network because of this. It may enable you to make contact with other experts. If you apply for jobs, you might even be able to ask one of them to provide a reference for you.  

Can I Volunteer While I'm Studying Abroad?

Absolutely! Ask your program coordinators, study abroad advisors, and professors as soon as possible if there are any local volunteer opportunities available as part of your program if you decide to enrol in a regular study abroad program.

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