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The Top 10 Most Popular Languages for Gambian Students to Study Abroad in 2023

19 Jul 2023

           Many Gambian students go abroad for studies and jobs and send money to Gambia to support families. The best thing Gambian students can do to broaden their horizons and develop into truly global citizens in 2023 is to learn a second language. Learning a new language has been linked to enhanced memory, focus, and creativity. 

If you learn the best languages, you'll be more equipped to succeed in today's multicultural society. The most widely spoken languages are not always the most useful to learn; you might want to learn a less widely spoken language to stand out among your peers. 

The best foreign languages to learn will inspire you and help you communicate with people around the world. This year, immerse yourself in a foreign culture by taking part in a language study programme there. You'll learn the language more quickly and gain practical experience. These are the languages that will be most useful in 2023.

Top 10 Most Popular Languages to Learn for Gambian Overseas Students

Chinese (Mandarin) 

More than 1 billion people speak Chinese (Mandarin), as you may not be aware. That roughly translates to one-seventh of the world's population. Learning Mandarin can undoubtedly open up a whole new world of opportunities for those who study it. It is the second-most used language online and a highly valued skill in business.

Although Chinese (Mandarin) has a reputation for being challenging, largely due to its unique writing system, there is no need to be concerned. Mandarin is actually quite similar to English in terms of grammar and sentence construction. The number of people learning Mandarin is increasing more than ever, and if they can, so can you.


Almost always, Spanish is ranked highly on these lists, and for a good reason. With over 550 million speakers worldwide and 477 million native speakers, it is the official language of over 20 nations. In the United States, where 13% of the population speaks Spanish at home, it is also an unofficial second language.

Finding practice material shouldn't be difficult even if you aren't taking in-person classes because there are many additional Spanish resources online. You can hone your comprehension skills by watching one of the many Spanish-language programmes available on Netflix, such as the audience's favourite Money Heist. Once you become more proficient, try watching without English subtitles.

If you know Spanish, which is one of the most commonly spoken languages worldwide, your expat life becomes easier. Where it helps you do several day-to-day tasks easily, you can communicate with natives and ask for the best methods for a money transfer to Gambia from abroad if you work part-time and earn as a foreign student.


With over 75 million speakers, Korean is the 18th most widespread language in the world. The language's significance will only increase if Korea exerts such strong political and cultural influence on the world.

A lot simpler and more logical to learn than Chinese is Korean. The Korean alphabet, known as Hangul, is composed of only 24 letters, each of which was purposefully created to be pronounced as they are written. The logical structure of written Korean makes it one of the simplest languages to learn to write.

In addition to the cultural significance of K-pop and other Korean entertainment, some of the biggest corporations in the world have their headquarters in South Korea. Anyone looking to increase their value at work or who may want to pursue international education will undoubtedly find having a basic understanding of the language useful.


According to survey data, approximately 23% of students prioritising learning a foreign language picked a country where English is the official language of study. Although Mandarin Chinese and Spanish have more native speakers overall, including non-native speakers, English has the most speakers overall in the world.

English, which is a recognised official language in 55 nations, is the most common language used in trade and business. The likelihood of getting a job at a multinational corporation is increased for students who enjoy travelling and living abroad. If you decide to enrol in an English-language programme, you'll be one of the majority of language learners. The world's most popular foreign language for study is, by far, English. 


German may seem more familiar to English speakers than other languages, though it's still not easy. This is because they belong to the same language family. It is spoken not just in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland. For those who like strict grammar rules, German is a fantastic option. Before English took place after World War I, German was regarded as "the language of science." Even so, German continues to have a rich academic and scientific literature tradition, making it a fantastic language to learn if those topics interest you.

Since German is the first language most widely used in the European Union, countless travel options are available. German is a useful language for business, as Germany is the world's third-largest exporter and has the fourth-largest GDP. German is still a top language in science, art, philosophy, and literature, and it has produced some of the greatest thinkers and artists ever. If you want to send money to Gambia online, you don't have to worry about learning multiple languages because ACE helps you to choose your favourite language. 


Are frigid temperatures, simple architecture, and delicious baked goods your thing? Or perhaps you'd prefer to work in a nation that values workers' rights highly? Swedish could be the key to your success! It's possible that people don't choose to study Swedish as their first language in school. 

However, Sweden has a reputation for being a progressive, hospitable nation. As a result, it is a very popular location for living, working, and studying abroad. Even after moving here, many immigrants decide to pick up the Swedish language. The Swedish themselves are passionate language learners.


Italian will feel the most familiar for English speakers looking to improve their language abilities. Thanks to their shared Latin roots, there is much similarity between the sounds and words of Italian and English. Italian enrollment in US high schools and colleges is also increasing fastest, overtaking Spanish and German. Italian-speaking households in the US have steadily decreased since 2000, despite an increase in course enrollment.

Italy is a travel destination rich with professional opportunities and culturally immersive experiences because it has one of the most culturally significant populations and one of the world's most developed economies. Exposure to Italian will enhance the impact and authenticity of your trip to Italy. Learning multiple languages can be beneficial in finding you a job as a translator in any country; this is how you will be to support your family with your money transfer to Gambia financially. 


French is very popular because it is the only language besides English taught in every nation. Those who want to work in international relations will find French especially helpful. Why? In addition to others, it is a working language and an official language of the UN, UNESCO, and NATO. Learning these languages can therefore be very beneficial for Gambian students.


Portuguese is the world's fifth most natively spoken language, with a whopping 200 million native speakers and nearly 270 million total speakers. Portuguese is widely spoken outside of Brazil and Portugal, including in a few African nations like Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Cape Verde. There are ten nations in South America, Africa, and Europe where it is the official language.

Beyond the numbers, however, those who value the arts should seriously consider learning Portuguese. Bossa nova, samba, and funk carioca are just a few of the musical subgenres that have their roots in Brazil. 


Dutch, which has been ranked as the fourth easiest language to learn, is another that you can learn quickly! Many Dutch words resemble their English equivalents quite a bit. Additionally, if learning German is another goal of yours, its similarity to German makes it a simple first step. Additionally, you can learn about educational programmes for Gambian students to study abroad here.

The language that you are most interested in learning is ultimately the one that will keep you motivated to study and practice no matter what obstacles you encounter along the way. Therefore, know that your hard work will lead to a world of opportunities, whether your goal is to close business deals in Mandarin or make friends with the locals in Egypt. Why not pick up a language in 2023?

Bottom Line 

The practice of learning a language is always beneficial and can lead to opportunities. The top ten foreign languages that beginners can shortlist and take into consideration have been listed above, along with timelines for each person that indicate how quickly they can learn the language. If you're earning while studying abroad and want to make an online money transfer to Gambia, please choose ACE Money Transfer's service for quick transfers. 



Which are the top 10 most popular languages for Gambian students to study abroad in 2023?

The top 10 most popular languages for Gambian students to study abroad in 2023 are English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, and Korean.

Why are these languages particularly attractive to Gambian students?

These languages are particularly attractive to Gambian students due to several reasons. English is the official language of Gambia, making it a necessity for international communication and higher education. French is widely spoken in neighbouring countries and is the second most commonly used language in the Gambia. Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, and Korean offer additional opportunities for international business, cultural exchange, and career advancement in various industries.

Are there any specific countries or regions where Gambian students prefer to study these languages?

Gambian students often prefer to study in English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. French-speaking countries such as France, Senegal, and Ivory Coast are popular destinations for studying French. Spanish is commonly studied in Spain and Latin American countries. Germany, China, Arab countries, Portugal, Italy, Japan, and South Korea are favoured destinations for studying their respective languages.

What are the career prospects and opportunities available for Gambian students who study these popular languages?

Studying these popular languages opens up a wide range of career prospects and opportunities for Gambian students. Proficiency in English provides an advantage in many fields, including international business, tourism, hospitality, and academia. Fluency in French can lead to opportunities in international organisations, diplomacy, translation, and cultural exchange. Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, and Korean offer career prospects in areas such as global business, trade, tourism, technology, translation, and cultural relations.

Are there any scholarships or funding options available for Gambian students interested in studying these languages abroad?

Yes, there are scholarships and funding options available for Gambian students interested in studying these languages abroad. Many universities and governments offer scholarships specifically for international students, including those from Gambia. Additionally, organisations such as the Fulbright Program, Chevening Scholarship, and Erasmus+ provide funding opportunities for language studies and cultural exchange. It is recommended to explore local scholarship programs, embassies, and educational institutions for more information on available funding options.

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